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Internet product Research: why can't blogs do community?

Article Description: interactions, relationships, and blogs why not be communities. Wedge The technical manager of the Department discussed it with me one night. Recommend (or share God horse's) This interaction why in NetEase blog can't do? The big point is that everyone is consistent: the reason for the crowd. To think about this actually touches some of the basic community. NetEase blog of the crowd does not fit, then the specific reas

Ceph Related Blogs, websites (256 OpenStack blogs)

Official documents: CEPHFS file system)Ceph official Chinese Documentation: in OpenStack:, etc.: Architecture30

Using Python to back up Sina blogs and using python to back up Sina blogs

Using Python to back up Sina blogs and using python to back up Sina blogs This article describes how to back up Sina Blog using Python. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Python2.7.2 is implemented, and it is recommended to run in IDE. #-*-Coding: UTF-8-*-# ''' Created on 2011-12-18 @ author: ahan ''' import reimport sysimport osimport timeimport socketimport localei

Python implements batch download of Sina blogs, and python implements Sina blogs

Python implements batch download of Sina blogs, and python implements Sina blogs This example describes how to download Sina blogs in batches using python. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: # Coding = UTF-8 import urllib2import sys, osimport reimport stringfrom BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoupdef encode (s):

Write blogs-php & amp; MySQL practices, write blogs-php_PHP tutorials

Write blogs-php amp; MySQL practices, and write blogs-php. Squeeze time to write a blog-phpMySQL practice, write a blog-phphi should eat hot pot at night, squeeze time to write something, don't be discovered by the boss. 1. PHP and MySQL. 5. after the article is published, enter the blog-php MySQL practices, and write the blog-php. Hi If you want to eat hot pot at night, just take some time to write some

Blog beautification (3): mobile phones browse blogs perfectly, and mobile phones browse blogs.

Blog beautification (3): mobile phones browse blogs perfectly, and mobile phones browse blogs. This article is based on his blog The browsing effect of the blog garden on the mobile phone is not very good, so let's modify it in two steps. Step 1: Add js Code to the top html code 1 Step 2: Modify css code You can use Google's f12 browser to browse the Mobile Phone mode and then modify it. 1 @ media screen a

Sort out your blogs and blogs.

Sort out your blogs and blogs.Algorithm Entry to string hash Shocked! Vector two lines of code to reverse order, six lines of code through the normal balancing tree 8. Solution to digital Problems Discretization Template With the Modified Mo team Algorithm Analysis of stack in Tarjan and implementation of SLT StackNumber Theory Three methods of reverse element (with detailed proof) √ N evaluate the single-valued Euler's Function Matrix deriva

Link Exchange between recruitment blogs and headhunting blogs

June 22 Have you ever thought about exchanging links with "looking at the world? The opportunity is coming. From now on, anyone who intends to exchange links can leave a message or send an Email to dacare [at] "NOTE: add this blog link to the VIP homepage to show friendliness 』FAQWhy do we need to exchange links? Since this blog is not for yourself, it cannot be used by no audience. Swapping links can increase pagerank and search engine crawling rates. Bring new friends and g

Blogs Change the web media

Blog is the personal Internet publishing way, like the BBS as simple and easy to use, usually as a regular update of the Web page. In 1998, Mr Draghi used his blog to report the first Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in the world, and hundreds of individual blogs in the 2001 event became an important source of media news; In 2004, U.S. presidential candidate Bob Graham, Joe Lieberman, Howard Dean, John Kerry and so

Seven "sins" of mobile blogs"

It is an interactive platform for personal publishing and sharing of information, which is based on the mobile industry, blogs, and personal information. At the end of 2005, the mobile Blog Summit Forum was held. Mobile blogs, a new symbol of grassroots culture, are attracting people's attention, it combines existing value-added Internet and communication service

To the rookie--the knowledge of blogs to know

About the blog's Chinese name, has been the focus of the domestic blog site discussion, so the blog in China also has a blog, blog, newspaper, tribe and the name of the blogger. In the absence of a definitive conclusion, I would prefer not to change its name, direct use of English blog, but also implied that the exchange of ideas without Borders. Literally, blog is the abbreviation of weblog, weblog is "Web" and "Log" combination, log Chinese meaning is "nautical log", extended to any type of wa

47 Blog Tips for the best blogs in the world

because they don't use the Internet. • Since my site began, my grandmother has been watching, so I always regard them as a part of my important audience. It made me focus on what I wanted to share with them and cut down on the mess. I want to make the site acceptable to a wide range of people. • One of my rules is "do not delete any diary." So before I write anything, I have to think about it and make sure I don't put anything I regret in the future.

On the current situation and development of Chinese blogs

Blog birth time is not long, the domestic commonly used English dictionary can not even find the word, but recently through the Internet to highlight the personality of the blog personal theme site by the media attention and hot up. Blog is the last two years in the United States, and quickly swept the world of a new form of network media. The so-called blog, that is, Web log (web logs, referred to as "blog") merged the evolution, mainly in the form o

Blogs should not cater to readers to write

to meet the needs of the reader is enough. And those portals and aggregated web sites just cater to their needs, offering a huge and excellent personalized content that is free. Sometimes I wonder when China's Internet environment can become as good as the United States, all the problems are solved, to that time, China will certainly emerge a large number of high-quality original blog and blog team, the entire In

A full introduction to blogs and RSS

places. It remains to be seen whether Atom will be accepted in the future. In addition to defining a new digest format, Atom also wants to define a standard file format and a standard blog editing API (Atom API). For the Atom detail specification and other atom resources, visit the Atom Project.   What is Blogroll? Blogroll is a collection of blog feeds, and most bloggers (blogs) provide blogroll on their personal weblog. This allows the reader to co

Search engines like but don't necessarily prefer blogs

mode, vbulletin and traditional ASP Web site is not much different. If our blog site traffic has 60% from the search engine, you can say that search engines prefer blogs. But the relationship between blogging and corporate success is not that simple.  achieve better integration of search and operating systems A few years ago, I was sure Microsoft would adjust the search market because it dominates the desktop operating system market. This concept ori

What can we do on the blog (blogs)?

The trend has been formed 1995 years or so in the country, when you ask about your friends around you, how much of your e-mail, probably few people will say that they have used the "new gadget." Because the domestic network has not been fully popularized in that era, let alone the popularity of e-mail. And when the time comes 2007 years, you can send a post on the network casually, do statistics, how many people have played the blog. The usage rate of the answer may be astonishing, more or less

Post of the series of blogs on the road to LINQ

covers from the IT service industry overview to the corporate culture, from the formation of personal professionalism to the collaboration of teams. Her lecture style is very lively and interesting. It can fully mobilize the enthusiasm and attention of the listener, which has greatly changed my views on new people training such activities. The lecturer's story about the "Tower of learning" in the course directly aroused my enthusiasm for opening my blog.Learning Tower The Learning tower present

Best C # blogs (highly recommended)

needed a way to keep track of software development over time-whatever I am thinking about or working on. I can research things I find interesting, document my research in public with a blog post, then easily find and refer to these blog posts later. "(recent post: HashTables, pigeonholes, And birthdays) Joel on Software By Joel Spolsky, a software developer in New York City. since 2000, Joel has been writing about software development, management, business, and the

Learn about PHP's noteworthy people and blogs

share learning PHP technology experience, here to collect and collate the most comprehensive learning materials, learning PHP starting from here. This blog covers many tutorials and involves all aspects of PHP. If you are learning PHP or have been learning PHP for some time this blog will be a good choice for you. From zero-based to in-depth and corresponding tutorials are provided.Blog Main directory Summary (for details, please click on the appropriate blog)PHP Foundation _php BlogPHP Functio

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