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Address: Unless you 've been living under a rock, you know that the iPhone is a big deal and it's one of the most popular subjects of development these days. lots of developer

IPhone developers are plagued by App Store plagiarism

By increasing the App category ranking, Apple basically solved the problem of insufficient App Store App display seats that had plagued developers. It is rumored that Apple will set up a high-price software zone, which may further solve the problem of low App Store price lev

iphone open app shows untrusted enterprise developers can't open

After Apple's system has been updated to IOS 9.0, some apps that are not downloaded from AppStore are not open and appear as " Untrusted Enterprise Developers " and have only one " Cancel " button.In fact, before IOS 9 , there was a trust button.Okay, don't talk nonsense.1. First open the iphone's " settings ",2. Click " General "3, down to the following section, click on " Device Management ", on the iphone

A collection of FAQs for new iPhone App developers

IPhone AppThe most common problems for new developers are the content we want to build. Let's just look at the content. ForIPhone AppNew developers summarize the most common problems. 1. How to change the date (note that apple has changed the version and may not need to be modified by yourself. Please be careful) For example, on January 1, September 20, Beijing t

In recent years, iPhone 6 has not opened NFC APIs for developers, that is, it can only be used for support. Now, iPhone 6nfc

In recent years, iPhone 6 has not opened NFC APIs for developers, that is, it can only be used for support. Now, iPhone 6nfcIPhone 6 has not opened NFC APIs for developers recently, that is, it can only be used for support now, but it is certain that it will be released in the future, just like fingerprint sensors, the

Menge: it is not pity for App developers to make them suffer !!, App developers

Menge: it is not pity for App developers to make them suffer !!, App developers[Mo GE has a dry cargo every day, Article 1]Why the title? Yesterday, some people who used to "support" menge saw menge engaged in a paid VIP group. They thought it was immoral to make money for develope

Use Shark to tune your iphone app for performance (using Shark to performance Tune Your iphone app)

Use Shark to tune your iphone app for performance (using Shark to performance Tune Your iphone app)The beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Sun Vulcan's Beautiful Lif

IPhone game developers need to know about 6 suggestions

compromised. In addition, developers should also repeatedly test the bandwidth limit before the game is released. 5. Attaching Importance to infringement and privacy In general, adding some celebrity elements to a game will increase the game's interest. Even so, the iPhone imposes strict restrictions on the appearance of content in the game that spades political figures and celebrities. 6. built-in payment

50 classic open-source applications for iPhone developers

Introduction: for developers, reading other people's excellent code is a great way to improve internal strength. The NTT. CC website, known as Flash/flex tutorials, has recently collected more than 50 open-source iphone software, which is of great learning value. Apple's iPhone App Store has achieved unprecedented succ

Advanced: the top 10 secrets for iPhone game developers

Programming before, so I did learn a lot when developing this game. Many online tutorials have helped me a lot, such as Ray wenderlich's website a lot of free tutorials on iOS programming. Very useful! There are also a lot of resources on Apple's official developer website, such as Outsourcing what you cannot do Outsourcing what you cannot do If you are not a programmer, I think it is best for you to outsource your original good ideas to experienced

Apple advises developers to submit apps to App Store before iOS 7 is officially released

In an email to developers this morning, Apple advised developers to submit apps to the app Store before the September 18 official release of iOS 7. The email specifically mentions the new features of iOS 7, and also mentions new APIs that take full advantage of the iphone 5S features, such as the M7 motion collaboratio

Love encryption from the root to solve the mobile app security issues? Protect app developers ' Dreams!!!

, consumers once set up this miserable user experience, the phone's consumers will be next to any app is suspicious- This is not an application security issue that a development team faces alone, but a market development perspective.What is the main problem of app security that is not conducive to the development of the industry?Malicious embedded adsUsers are free to download two packs of apps, and the ad

IPhone application submission process: how to publish an App to the App Store?

need to read the following text. Let me give you a thumbs up because I have no credit or hard work. Just share it with me! If you find any translation error, leave a message.IOS development Book recommendation IOS developers should first start learning from Objective-C language. Then, start practical development. The following are well-recognized iOS development tutorial books in the iOS development industry: 1. studious Objective-C/Turing programmin

App Analytics_ Apple's new app data analytics feature is officially open to developers

Earlier this month, Apple released a new application data analytics platform that allows developers to learn more about the app's usage data. Initially, the APP Analytics feature was limited to part of the test. Today, Apple is fully open to App Analytics, which is available to all developers.Today, developers receive

About how to enlarge the app status bar under iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 66plus

About how to enlarge the app status bar under iPhone 6/6 plus, iPhone 66plusAbout how to enlarge the content of the app status bar under iPhone 6/6 plus Recently, we found that the company's applications areIPhone 6AndIPhone6PlusWhen running, the content of the status bar i

The reprinted "write for iPhone developers in China after years of development in the United States"

This is an article I saw in the android development circle of the 51cto technology circle. It feels great to share it with you !!Web site: have been developing in the United States for many years and write it to new iPhone developers in China.Although it is intended for iPhone develo

Analysis of famous iPhone application developers

Please reply to the duplicate post to inform the iPhone applicationProgramTranslation errors or suggestions for the book "famous author analysis. Or send an email to the translator's mailbox: Book introduction: The original English version is iPhone for programmer. Amazon 5-star comments Http://

In WeChat applets, The bottoming button is adapted to the iPhone X solution, and the mini-app iphone

, we can infer that the viewport-fit in the applet is covered by default (based on the performance guess), but there is no interface to change it, therefore, the adaptation solution of the web page using viewport-fix = cover and constant (safe-area-inset-bottom) is not suitable for small programs. Currently, no small programs have special interfaces or fields for iPhone X and other shaped screens. The tab bar at the bottom of the applet simply adds a

Ios-iphone System version number-iphone app version number

Reprint: times, we need to get the user's iphone version number, or the app's current version number. Care about the following two aspects: first, the application logic will be based on the iphone hardware version number to deal with the corresponding! Second, we need to get the current version of our app b

Steps and procedures for developing and publishing an iPhone app to iTunes

have the confidence to make them back. After the payment is successful, you can invite other developers in the community to help you test your application. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to get an apple upgrade before the release. Develop an iPhone app for review11. Submit the iPhone

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