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New version installed on the National Day: two major Linux releases released new version

Install the new version on the National Day: the new version of the two major Linux releases-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. Read the following for details. Fedora and Ubuntu are also known as the two major Linux distributions. Their user base accounts for more than 70% of the total Linux users. The latest versions of Fed

Apple releases OS X 10.10.3 beta add new trackpad API brand-new emoji expression

A week after the launch of the OS X 10.10.3 Beta, Apple launched the OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 beta3 for developers early this morning, one months apart from the first OS X 10.10.3 beta release. The release of the Beta 3 compiler is 14d98g, developers can be completed through the Mac App Store update or download in the MAC Developer Center! OS X 10.10.3 Beta3 compiled with 14d98g, developers can complete updates via the Mac App Store or download them at the Mac Developer Center. In addition,

Ubuntu releases the new version, Firefox continues to be the default browser

Based on transparency, choice and trust, Mozilla is committed to enabling Firefox to span multiple platforms, multiple devices, or multiple operating systems, in addition to providing a great experience. and Mozilla and Canonical today updated the relationship between the two sides, let Ubuntu continue to Firefox as its default browser. Mozilla is honored to have partnered with Ubuntu for more than 10 years. Canonical's background is similar to that of Mozilla, and is open source and relies on c

Sony releases 4K TV new products thinnest 4.9mm min 43 inch

It is reported that the 10 4K new TV size across 43 inches to 75 inches, of which the X9000C series fuselage thinnest thickness of only 4.9mm, is the current LED backlight 4K TV in the thinnest products. According to Sony's official introduction, the series uses the "Floating Style" suspension design, extremely thin fuselage, supplemented by a borderless screen, the appearance of fusion is very high. Complementary is its unique wall hanging way, can m

Differences in support for the new C + + standard for several major releases of GCC

; 4.9 ISO C11: _atomic A New Implementation of std::string is enabled by default, using the small string optimization instead of Copy-on-writ e reference counting.A New Implementation of Std::list is enabled by default, with a O (1) size () function;Unbelievable list insists not to cache size until version 5.0 ..... Full support for c++11, including the following new

Intel releases new intel®Inde 2015 tool suite

-party software tools into a single product to simplify tool management and compatibility. In addition, you may also notice that we mentioned arm * above *. Yes, Intel inde not only supports intel X86 architecture, but also supports running the android * arm * platform. In the future, I will spend some time discussing details about arm * Support in my blog post. Subsequent steps Please visit the Intel inde homepage to download the free intel inde primary edition and write code immediately to lea

WindRiver releases new commercial Linux versions

Article title: WindRiver releases a new commercial Linux version. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Wind River has released the latest commercial Linux version: Wind River Linux 3.0, which is currently the most popular Linux platform for Wind River. Wind R

Ubuntu8.10 releases a new topic because of the pressure on Windows 7.

I think Ubuntu8.10 releases new themes and wallpapers before release mainly from Microsoft's latest OS Windows 7. We didn't see the change in Ubuntu8.10 in the previous version, this is not like Ubuntu's style of work, Because Ubuntu is stable, and Ubuntu8.10 itself is positioned to be stable, so that users can use it without any pain. Related reading: Ubuntu8.10 new

iOS Development Weekly: New IPhone may cancel headphone jack, Facebook releases TvOS SDK

local album to get photos and crop them. Getting photos and cropping is an essential requirement when a user sets an avatar or uploading a photo, usually we need to verify/request permission to determine the user's device availability before filming and cropping. Although the whole process and logic is not complicated, it also takes time to encode and test. This framework provides us with a "ready to open bag" solution that can be used as a reference or alternative implementation of this featur

Castle releases new version

a group member said last night that castle has released the latest version. Let's check it out. However, not as a whole, Castle has released a new version, but its core projects, such as core, monorail, activerecord, and Windsor. anyone who pays attention to Castle may think that the updating of Castle is too slow. A monorail developer here explains why monorail2 has spent so much time. Let's take a rough look at the changes they have made: 1. core

Microsoft releases a new Windows Administrator tool

The new Windows Management Framework 3.0 CTP 1 provides a new tool for Windows administrators, with these tools, we can manage Windows 7 SP1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, and the Windows 8 platform to be released more easily. The framework has three main components: Windows PowerShell 3.0, WMIWindows Management Instrumentation) and WinRMWindows Remote Management ). This framework has been included in Microso

Red Hat performs major upgrades and releases the new enterprise-level Linux

According to the comprehensive news, RedHat officially launched its enterprise-class Linux product, RedHatEnterpriseLinux (RHEL) 5, in San Francisco in March 14. This is the first time that Redhat has made a major upgrade to its flagship Linux product in more than two years. RedHat said that the new version of Linux was developed in collaboration with the customer over two years. In addition to helping users Reduce software purchase and management cos

QQ2012 Beta2 (q+) releases new live weather and calendars

June 20 News on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, q+ send gift--qq2012 beta2 (q+) wonderful release, I hope you "dumplings" Italy! Add real time weather and calendar, make your desktop more close to life; a variety of lattice skin free choice, so that the desktop more distinctive; New mail binding function, real-time push to send fresh email; New application market, a variety of interesting, practical ap

Google releases new mobile search engine

According to foreign media reports, in order to be able to use hand-held devices to easily find information on the Internet, the search giant Google released a new mobile search engine. Google said that by using a mobile browser to log on to the HTTP://WWW.GOOGLE.COM/M?UIPREF=3 website, it could get the new search engine released in Tuesday, with a custom feature. You can choose the weather forecast, news,

IBM Rational releases 7 new products

This month, IBM Rational released a major set of new products and updates for the IBM software development platform, a complete and modular platform for teams who build business applications, embedded systems, and software products. the new tools and enhancements make it easier for development organizations to build, extend, integrate, modernize, and deploy software and software-based systems in an on deman

Microsoft New York releases Vista

Ballmer said he expects that the initial sales of Vista will be 5 times that of Windows 95, and the sales of Vista will be twice that of XP. Dell head Run After accepting orders from the Vista system last weekend, Dell's website traffic has increased by 20%, said Guan rawlin. Microsoft completed the development of Windows Vista three months ago, but its marketing machine was just starting to run fast. Microsoft uses Space The dance show kicked off the two-day Vista r

The datechooser control releases the new version of ASP. NET 2.0 (the second stage project of my ASP. NET 2.0 control development book). [please pay attention to version updates and download the latest version]

Upgraded version:Datechooser ASP. NET 2.0 Ultimate EditionPlease pay attention to version updates and download the latest version. ASP. net 1. version X was released two years ago. Two years ago, Asp. the world of net has undergone great changes. In the past two years, many users have also raised many datechooser problems. However, due to the limited power of individuals, so I have been neglecting it for a long time, so that I have accumulated a lot of problems on datechooser.Now I am using AS

Mozilla releases new Firefox 3.5 RC version (RC 3)

Mozilla's update to Firefox 3.5 this past few days is fast enough, today, a new RC version (shown as RC 3) again released. Firefox 3.5 RC 3 is mainly based on user feedback on previous versions of the revision. Interestingly, the author in its dialog box did not find the RC words, but the official version number, which may indicate that the Firefox 3.5 official version is about to launch. Firefox 3.5 RC 3 delivers versions of platforms such as Linu

Apple releases Mac OS X10.9.4 new beta

One week after the last release of the OS X10.9.4 Mavericks beta, Apple released a new version to developers in Thursday, with the latest edition bringing bug fixes and minor tweaks. The latest OS X10.9.4 Mavericks (version number 13E25) Beta continues Apple's usual weekly update interval. The previous beta version number is 13E19. The beta release of Thursday requires that developers focus on testing content unchanged, including graphics driv

Microsoft releases the new version of Silverlight 4 and updates Silverlight tools and SDK.

Microsoft updated Silverlight 4 in September 1, and also upgraded the SDK.Tim HeuerOn the blog, I explained the upgrade and fixed the following problems: SDK feature to enable add new row capabilities in DataGrid Control (adds the new row function for the DataGrid Control) Improving Startup Performance of Silverlight applications (Improving the Startup Performance of Silverlight applications) A

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