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The compilation of Blender on Ubuntu

, make a debug build, disable features etc,So-want to-skip this-section for-now and come-back-to-it later if you want-to-make adjustments. You can modify the build parameters in different ways: Editing ~/blender-git/build/CMakeCache.txt file in a text editor Using Cmake-gui If your distro supports it Cmake-gui. /blender Opens a graphical interface where can easily change pa

Blender's Splash Code analysis

(image, modifier, brush, Python, node, material, etc.), processing command line arguments, entering the message loop Wm_main () Or the exit loop runs in the background (the-b parameter can be specified for rendering in the background).Bli_argsadd (BA, 1, "-B", "--background", "\n\trun in background (often used for ui-less rendering)", Background_mode, NULL );All applications that have a UI will have a message loop mechanism.

Blender source on Mac OS x compilation (English)

Install Xcode Development ToolsIt's recommended to download the newest Xcode package from the Mac App Store for your system (it's free).For Xcode 4, you need to install the command line tools additionally. This is do by starting Xcode, going to Preferences. > Download and installing them. For Xcode 5 This should no longer is needed.Install CMakeCMake is a tool for generating build environments and it supports make and Xcode (among others). Download CM

Blender script Operator, blenderoperator

Blender script Operator, blenderoperator The addon (plug-in) is used to extend the Blender function. Like plug-in other software, removing the plug-in will not affect the running of the software. The plug-in can be added to the user preference setting directory of the Blender, or in the. blend file you edited. The former requires you to manually enable it. The la

[Unity&amp;blender] installation issue Al Lib: <ee> updatedeviceparams:failed to set 44100hz, got 48000hz instead </ee>

AL Lib: The solution Open Blenderplayer, a command box appears and cannot be opened. The following error occurred while opening Blender.exe AL Lib: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- first check: I don't think the warning to print to the console is because of the crash, and the crash at startup may occur for a number of reasons, so let's check something: Make sure your GPU driver supports OpenGL 1.4 at least to ensure that you have inst

Introduction to Maya: Blender in Linux

Article Title: Introduction to Maya: Blender in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Maya in Linux: Introduction to the Blender development environment for 3D art and game scenarios [Blender] is an open sourc

Blender's localization method!

(you can also download this font online), and then copy it to The. blender file under blender. In this case, the simkai. ttf font file is added in addition to the. bfont. ttf font file.Return to the started blender and click select font. At this time, a bunch of garbled characters will appear.Find the p button and the specified path appears. Then find the simkai

Blender and Its Game Engine

To put it simply, blender is a 3D production software similar to 3 DMAX and Maya. It can be used for 3D animation and 3D game production. It is different from 3 DMAX and Maya's high authorization price, blender is open-source and free, and GPL authorization Protocol. However, this advantage does not seem to be noticed in China, and piracy is rampant. Many people have no idea about the price of software lice

First knowledge of Blender

First knowledge of Blender Blender is a 3D modeling software that I followed earlier. Because it is lightweight, I chose it after measuring it with Maya and 3dsmax. My first blender version was 2.54, and the current blender version has reached 2.66. The most important difference between it and the previous version is

Blender source code compilation

Blender source code path (SVN): Dependent on external lib (SVN): Note: SVN only hosts code of version 2.69. The latest blender code is hosted by git. If you want t

"Figure" Demonstration application of blender in scientific research

Original: blenderget/@congcong009 (Rotsong, "the first person in China Blender"), reproduced more than the original text has changed.Blender is an open source 3D animation production software. Originally, Blender was a video workgroup for the Netherlands NeoGeo with not a number Technologies (NaN) designed for internal use programs. Later, the blender code was op

Blender (V2.74) Simple operation and shortcut keys

Mouse Zuo: LMB (left Mouse Button)Mouse wheel: MMB (middle Mouse Button)right mouse button: RMB (Mouse Button)Key combination operation: For example ' G+z ', press G First, then press ZGeneral operations:Delete: delete/x Delete Delete View Actions Front view (Frontview) Numpad 1 Rotating Up Numpad 2 Delete all Ctrl + x Side view (Sideview) Numpad 3 Down Numpad 8 Scaling

The results of one night's bullet and ogre-related tools-3DS MAX, Maya, blender, and gamekit

The initial goal is simple. Integrate bullet and ogre to find a modeling tool that can generate. Scene and. Bullet files. Tossing bullet and ogre related things for one night, basically like Edison invented the bullet and learned n lessons of failure. The following is a summary, so don't take a detour. 1. I have high hopes for blender and open-source products, but the result is a big disappointment. The weak ogre plug-in of

Install Blender 14.04 in Ubuntu 2.71

Blender is a powerful 3D modeling software that can be used to create 3D animations and interactive creations. It supports many file formats and post-production. The latest available version is Blender 2.71, but it is still in the large-scale development stage. The official version of Blender 2.71 will be released next week. Supports fire smoke rendering, CUDA

Some new blender video tutorials

Blender DVD training 4: Venoms lab!With rapidshare and other comrades, you can go here:Http:// There are also:Http:// /News/comments/blender_dvd_training_4_venoms_lab/ Bytes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In addition, there

A simple way for blender to simulate global illumination

{copy duplication}, click {vertex verts}, tick {rotate rotation};(Copy the Sun light source to each vertex, that is, how many vertices the angular sphere has, there will be how many sun light source, and the direction is angular ball vertex normal direction;If you want more light on a side or corner, you only need to edit the angular sphere, and the selected person's surface area [W] to subdivide the surface.)[F12], rendering viewing effect, if too bright or dark, adjust the sun intensity.Can't

What happened after Openscad, Blender and Textmate\sublimetext met ...

Textmate\sublimetext is a favorite toy for coding geeks. Openscad can construct three-dimensional geometric objects in the form of MDL (mechanically defined language), and in addition to interactive three-dimensional modeling, blender supports the construction of almost any geometric object in Python.Now, the three of them will fit.Is it tough to use Textmate\sublimetext to edit code and then execute it in Openscad and

After the blender is compiled, some UIS cannot be displayed normally.

It is mainly compiled according to the document here.Http:// However, when you run the compiled blender, the basic menu cannot be displayed, System Environment: msvc2008 English version, win7 x32 Chinese version, blender2.57, python2.6 Solution: 1. Change the system language to English: Control Panel --> change the Display language. The "region and language" panel is displayed, In the f

Configure how to use renderman (Pixie aqsis etc.) Rendering in Blender

The original link is here and I found it on the aqsis website. Damit das script funktioniert werden folgende programme Ben ötigt: * Blender AB version 2.33* Python 2.3* Pixie First confirm that you have the above software. Blender2pixie ist ein renderman (. Rib) datei exporter für pixie. Falls notwendig installieren sie eine neuere version dieses raytracers. Blender2pixie is a rib file export tool designed for PIXE. You can install the new v

Transform blender into a small HTTP web server

BLENDER2.73A support Python3.4.2, not only can customize the interface, control process. It can also be used in conjunction with other software through the Python socket function, which is really powerful. such as can be achieved: render server, cluster rendering, external data import, external algorithm solver and so on, so that blender into a super graphics work network.[Change from: BLENDERCN Chinese Forum]The first step: Enter in the

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