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Share a practical knowledge aggregation tool-you can aggregate articles from different sites and blogs (CSDN, blog Park, Sina Blog, QQ space, etc.) to the blog garden, Sina or WordPress

Share a personal-developed free knowledge management tool-bean John blog backup expert. This software is completely free, powerful blog backup tool, blog remote Publishing (blog remote one-click release to Sina, Netease, blog Park, WordPress) tool,

Sync to multiple blog sites with API interface for MetaWeblog Technology (verbose)

Very early on this idea: I sometimes use a number of blogs, some blog on a website after writing, to sync to other blog sites, their own can only copy and paste, feel particularly boring, copy and paste numb. have been thinking of what technology can achieve a blog, multi-station synchronization. Recently searched onli

Word-of-mouth Marketing to the blog, Web sites, businesses bring three win

already! A river lake is bound to have Shangjian walking warrior, will add legendary color, they road see uneven, comes, showing a pair of heroic spirit of indomitable. And for the web, the emergence of the blog filled this gap, every blog is like the "warrior", they see the ugly reality, they are the sword, touch the keyboard, for the country, for the people's livelihood, for the world to speak, everyone'

Yang Zeyi: Add Classic quotes to your wordpress blog for all PHP sites

\social.php. "Yulu"> Of course, in order to show a little more beautiful, you can add CSS code in the current topic begin: Style sheet (style.css) of the blog, such as: #yulu { border-left:5px solid #2f889a; border-right:5px solid #2f889a; Background-color: #ebebeb; Padding:10px;text-align:center; Color: #095AD4; margin:5px 0 5px 0; } Well, to your WordPress blog to

How to use blog sites to optimize SEO

back to think that your station with well-known sites have links, will improve your weight and ranking. A lot of things are very simple, but you have not to do, "blog station group method to do SEO optimization" In fact, it is simple, just need your time. A site group is a collection of interconnected web sites that can be shared and presented to a group of dat

How do I deal with other sites malicious crawler Blog Park, I hope you like (second play)

This article is copyright Mephisto and Blog Park is shared, welcome reprint, but must retain this paragraph statement, and give the original link, thank you for your cooperation.The article is written by elder brother (Mephisto), SourcelinkRead Catalogue Introduced Phenomenon Copyright Processing Upgrade This article is copyright Mephisto and Blog Park is shared, welcome reprint, but m

How do I deal with other sites malicious crawler Blog Park, I hope you like

. Because the crawler can not put you this site's CSS and JS all crawling over to you, the whole site is very bloated, there may be problems, so there are two ways to deal with.One is JS processing, the other is the CSS processing. I think the CSS processing is relatively simple, also does not affect the speed, took the CSS processing.First, we can customize the CSS code on the page, blog settings----options, as follows:Add this segment to the CSS (Re

Dropbox + farbox high-speed creation of free blog sites

Create your own Dropbox account (skipped from an existing account) Note producer address: click the link in Dropbox to add producer, so easy; After the account is successfully renewed, you can download the synchronous client (available for Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android ), to facilitate blog writing, we recommend that you download and install the most frequently used synchronization client (of course, you can also use it without downloading and ins

China's top ten software testing sites and related testers blog

some test-related articles are shared, and there is more information about the exam and training. Popularity is not high, ranked 7th.No.8: The way of testingWww.testtao.comSome resources, articles, and online free training information. Resource information and other updates are not diligent, the popularity of poor, ranked 8th? It could be even lower.No.9: China test Platformwww.chinatesting.cnChina test platform, to provide some testing resources download, industry news information. The name is

How to set up two blog sites for WAN network virtual hosting?

] Rewritecond%{request_uri}!^/com/ Rewritecond%{request_filename}!-f Rewritecond%{request_filename}!-d rewriterule ^ (. *) $/com/$1 [L] #重定向首页到 the/com/file directory. Rewritecond%{http_host} ^ (www\.)? abc\.com$ [NC] Rewriterule ^ (/)? $ com/index.php [L] #以上是设置 http://www. access to the/com/file directory, #以下是设置 http://www. access to the/cn/file directory. Rewritecond%{http_host} ^ (www\.)? abc\.cn$

How Web sites start GUI programs in the background

A few days ago research crontab, has been unable to start the GUI program regularly.Baffled, and later in the processing of a customer case, the whim, find the method as follows:The GUI-initiated port can be redirected by adding the following statement before the scheduled startup script.Xhost +Setenv DISPLAY up, haha.This article is from the "Seaside Space" blog, please be sure to kee

Add WIN8 applications, Web sites, etc. to "start"

We can easily access them by fixing the most common WINDOWS8 system applications, Web sites, and other items to the start screen. There are several ways to do this. To cancel a fixed item from the Start screen, you can swipe down or right-click the item, and then click or click Remove Fix from Start screen.

Use ASP to start/stop specifying Web sites _ Application Tips

'============================================================= Function Adminwebsite (Computer,websitenum,dowhat) On Error Resume Next Set objserver = GetObject ("iis://" Computer "/w3svc/" Websitenum) If err.number Response.Write Now ". Error code: " Hex (ERR) "-"" could not open the specified site End If If Dowhat=1 Then ' Start the site with start Objserver.start If err.number Response.Write "Can

[Start from 0 to build tornado sites] group chat

Main Code of the group chat front-end: {% Block content %} Background code: Class chathandler (tornado. web. requesthandler): def get (self, num): # num Page name = self. get_cookie ('hackername') chats = showchat () n = Len (Chats) if n % 20 = 0: pages = N // 20 # Total pages of pages else: pages = N // 2018.1self.render('chat.html ', cookiename = Name, content = chats, pages = pages, num = num) def post (self, num): name = self. get_cookie ('hackername') if not name: return # deduce in Jav

Google searches for new "Penguin" algorithms to start cleaning up "overly SEO" sites

   Google last February launched a new algorithm called "Panda", which aims to crack down on "content farm" sites with low quality information. And recently they are on the line of a new algorithm known as "Penguin", whose goal is to improve the rankings by way of overly SEO. In fact, between the pandas and penguins, they also have targeted the line over an algorithm to combat the text in front of a large number of advertising

"Super-Detailed tutorial" uses Windows Live Writer 2012 and Office Word 2013 to publish articles to the blog Park Comprehensive Summary of the first: Start Test 002 ()

better, it is recommended to use a word code highlighting plug-ins, is a Chinese writing, the function may be somewhat lacking, the main problem is style conflict, although you can set the "CSS custom style" to solve, but once you change the blog skin, This code shows that it may not be normal.Refer to the original author's blog for Specific usage methods:Using the code highlighting plugin in WordFor examp

Start a new blog journey

My blog started with csdn. after half a year, I began to be very interested.ArticleI started to get lazy, and I got fewer and fewer articles. After that, I was too busy with my work. I was so ashamed that I didn't take care of my work for 1 or 2 months. In fact, if you have a world on the internet, you still feel comfortable. If you want to write whatever you want, post whatever you want, or have any readers, you should entertain yourself, so I start

[Blog recommendations] How to obtain the C language function start address and return address

[Blog recommendations] How to obtain the C language function start address and return address This blog post is from the Bkjia blog gmxydm blogger. If you have any questions, go to the blog page for an interactive discussion!

Continue to blog, start the full development of familiar with net development

VS2017 had been tossing for several days, and finally straightened out theNow basically can be developed on the basis of the originalOpen a blog today, Daily Record of learningSummarize the previous lessons learned:1, VS2017 only with the selection of a basic Windows Form installation can, just 1-3g space, a bit is finished, also enough, now do Windows development2, because the program is interoperability, and now I also want to have a solid foundatio

Start from scratch iOS8 Programming "blog companion source code download portal Special stickers"

Shimen the main contribution, respect the work of the author, please do not reprint. If the article is helpful to you, you are welcome to donate to the author, support the Shimen, donate the amount at random, ^_^ I want to donate: Click Donate Cocos2d-x source Download: Dot I teleport Start IOS8 programming from scratch This column steps through the basics of iOS 8 app development, starting with building a development environment,

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