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Analysis of the characteristics of computer speciality in 15 famous universities __ Database

With the advent of the IT era, almost all colleges and universities have established computer systems. A lot of computer professional fields, although for undergraduates, is basically a wide range of comprehensive training, but because there are the characteristics of various schools, students tend to have more in the field of strong gains. Tsinghua University: A

Computer Science and technology learning methods

existing theoretical knowledge to deduce a number of inferences, But one: The problem is not entirely likely to be a false inference, and the other: his inference in real life can not find a prototype, can not guide the practice. Strictly speaking, I am not an idealist, the theory of political science and practice has always been to guide me to learn scientific and cultural knowledge of the beacon (at least I think that

Favorite websites-authoritative ranking of computer schools of all universities nationwide

The following lists the authoritative ranking of computer colleges in China. **************************************** **************************************** ***********National University of Defense Science and Technology 1 University 2 University 3 of computing technology, Chinese Emy of Sciences 4 http://www.i

Non-famous universities, non-computer majors, self-taught, from novice to project management, five years of program life

, we thought about the steps and replaced them with a function. The main function only controls the process of step-by-step functions. In this way, the code of the main function is greatly reduced, and the logic becomes very clear. Then you can complete each partial function just like filling in the blanks. Then, the sub-functions can be divided into sub-functions. Later, we found that many functions can be called by other functions. Achieve the purpose of reuse. I remember that I was excited wh

Ranking and introduction of computer majors in American universities

Convention: cs = computer science (department ). In general, the first 20 cs can be divided into three waves: One or four of the best CS program: Stanford, UC. Berkeley, MIT, CMU 2. The first 10 of the six others: uiuc, Cornell, U. of Washington, Princeton, U.Texas-Austin and U. of Wisconsin-Madison, among which uiuc, Cornell, U.Washington and UW-Madison almost never made the top 10. 3. Other excellent Cs:

Computer science should be a cross-domain binary or multivariate Science

( Reprinted)Computer science should be a cross-domain binary or multivariate Science Author: Li guojie Source:National People's Congress Economic Science Lab 1 . Find the interrupted "communication chain" The division of modern science disciplines is meticu

Computer science and technology learning experience

to point out that before learning every course, you must first understand the learning purpose of this course. This courseThe application area of the Section. According to the learning status of my peers and lower-grade studentsFew people know the purpose of learning a subject, and they do not know what to do when the final examination is over. This is the loss.Go to the meaning of computer science. Of cou

Thoughts on Computer Science

administrative management, but may cause confusion. This is another reason why I do not like the word "computer science. The work of some "computer scientists" may also be called computer experimental science. However, mathematicians and hackers at both ends are not doing

Why is computer science?

, computer programming, software engineering, and computer engineering, but it is often confused, although there are different degrees of crossover and coverage between these disciplines .""Computer Science, rooted in electronic engineering, mathematics, and linguistics, is the crystallization of

A ramble on computer science

In this blog post, I'd like to talk to you about my understanding of computer science. The current undergraduate stage of computer science teaching involves all aspects of computer science, the classification of complex, sometimes

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 1)

The following is a dedicated download link for eMule. You must install eMule before clicking download. Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [Classic book on computer science]. Addison. Wesley.-. Valid tive... More. Valid tive. c ++. []. CHM Bytes Bytes Bytes Bytes [] ]]].John.lions.unix.v6.commentary,.typescript.1977.[].pdf .pdf [Classical Books on

Statistics on the research direction of Computer Science

Computer science is generally called Computer Science and Technology in Chinese universities. Although it is often referred to as CS (computer science), in a sense, CS outside China sho

Computer science and computer technology

Tags: working time algorithms, application technology, computer games, mathematics I read an article on zhihu, and I am very touched. What is the use of the computer that I learned at school. All things that I learned at ordinary times belong to computer science. Such as compute

Self-developed computer-the essence of Computer Science

What is a computer? Is computer science very advanced? You may think of integrated circuits, assembly languages, operating systems, and so on. However, a real computer is essentially very simple, and you can do it yourself, the so-called integrated circuit is only one way to implement a

Top 50 computer science blogs

ArticleDirectory Computer Science Computational Complexity and Theory The juncture of physics and Computer Science In 2007, computer science lecturer Neil McBride argued that

Personal views on the difference between software engineering and computer science

The core courses of software engineering are mainly related to the development of softwares, such as software requirement analysis, UML modeling language, software architecture, software project management, software testing and so on. In contrast, the course of professional science is more of the breath of science and technology courses, among which software does not include: assembly language, digital circ

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

upgraded to a new version, Introduction to MS-DOS and how to coordinate with your computer hardwareA complete guidance on understanding and using MS-DOSA command Manual contains definitions, examples, and tables to help you quickly find information!----------------------------------------------------------------18. Computer Graphics C version 2nd ed Author: Donald heam, M. Pauline BakerPublisher: Prentice

There is no way ahead: the Way Out for computer science graduates

line, and the lines pass through Rome. Indeed, people have their own strengths. Remember that the East is not bright, the West is bright, and the South has the north. Never be dispelled by the current setbacks. This is just a start for life. China's IT industry has been in its infancy for ten years and is very young. Fresh things and sunrise industries are always attracting much attention. This is the reason why computer majors have quickly become po

[Reprinted] Computer Science and Technology Review

Computer Science and Technology this science has deeply attracted our students who have been in the computer system for nearly three years and have made some thoughts, I have always believed that the computer science and technolog

Academic Search-How to find academic papers in computer science

academic research trends. Also reflects its academic influence to a certain extent. The author's personal page has also recently added personalization features, such as the author's research interests, embedding the author's list of papers in other pages such as personal pages, RSS feeds, and the latest information about the author. Homepage update the most popular authors and papers in real time A Visual view page that gives a diagram of the collaborators associated with an author,

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