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Sorrow of Chinese online games! Destroy seven disgusting settings of Chinese online games

Introduction: online games made in China are growing up. Many representative settings of online games made in China are available. Although on the surface it is convenient for gamers, these settings may also destroy the cancer of Chinese online

One of the online development of ghost-hunting games, the development of ghost-hunting games

One of the online development of ghost-hunting games, the development of ghost-hunting games Friends who have seen a well-known mango TV program should be "who is undercover" will not be unfamiliar: N people involved, N-1 people get the same word (such as steamed buns ), when one person gets another word (such as Steamed Stuffed Bun), N people can only see their

What bandwidth router is used for online games? Online Game router recommendation (1)

The online game Broadband Router referred to here mainly refers to products that have made low-latency optimizations for online games. It improves the real-time performance of online games to a certain extent, in other words, it makes on

Use Adobe Flex 3 to develop massively multiplayer online games

Introduction This article briefly introduces how to use Adobe Flex 3 technology to develop multiplayer online games. I talked about why I chose Adobe Flex 3, the issues I pay attention to during development, and a simple process for development. It is helpful for anyone who wants to know about Flex 3 in game development. There are a few other words in the middle, so I can't think of how to express them bett

Server Architecture Analysis of well-known online games

Http:// Similar to QQ games, millions of concurrently online servers are added to favoritesAuthor: sodimethyl this Article Source: Disclaimer: This article can be reproduced without the consent of the author. However, it is not necessary to retain the copyright, author, and source information of the first two lines of the

Free online Games "Free" is a set

This is a "free online game" of the era, almost all online games have played a "free" or even "permanent free" signs. But whether it is really "free" is not easy to say, many of the young players trapped in the "free online games" is a huge expense, even many of them to play

Can wearable devices bring new opportunities for online games?

650) This. width = 650; "class =" aligncenter size-full wp-image-4183 "alt =" 1 "src =" "width =" 548 "Height =" 368 "style =" height: auto; Vertical-align: middle; Border: 0px; margin: 0px auto; "/> Online Games in Dilemmas I haven't played online games for many

Online Games-Dispute

Backed by the big tree, let us see the storm and win over Sina As the leading Internet portal in China, Sina has accumulated a large number of user groups. Sina games, with more than 10 years of experienceThe industry has also laid a solid user base. Over the past few years, Sina has made various attempts in online games, and has also received much attention in

Online games to the left Grand to the right

The controversial Chinese online games industry, the wealth of the hurricane to conceal the shadow. June 16 Afternoon, Beijing. In Mii specially called a high standard online game internal meeting, the Grand Chairman and CEO Chen Tianqiao to "daily economic news" said, "The Grand box, will not have built-in legend and other large-scale

Summary of Wu Gang's best practices on mobile online games

The following are some of my own arbitrary statements, which can be used without being clear, but are actually practical. Let's make a reference. 1. Mobile Online Games may not require public beta at all.If you expect to officially charge fees after Public Beta, you will lose a lot of users. However, the existing monthly subscription or hourly billing model may not be feasible at all. 2. Mobile

886wan: Open a new era of online games

2004 a hot "entertainment to death" proclaimed this is an era of entertainment. Entertainment is full of all aspects of our lives, film TV, needless to say, the emergence of the online game is to occupy the majority of our leisure time of Jiangshan. And the online game is a mixed bag, some beautiful picture, the operation is extremely unfriendly to the new, some bent to the money, so that non-Krypton player

How can I make money on online games? How to earn money without technology

Task. Blame. In particular, the excitement of getting rid of rare things has deeply attracted me. Every day I get off work and immediately turn on my computer to access the Internet, because I don't know anything. Materials do not know how to use, so the online game currency on your body is enough to buy a little blood blue, watching others with the best equipment I feel very envious.Online games can ma

Application Guide: Use vro settings to make online games smoother

It is very important to know about vro settings. Many people may not know how to use vro settings to make online games smoother. After reading this article, you will surely have a lot of GAINS, I hope this article will teach you more things. Shared Internet access through a Broadband Router has become the first choice for most organizations. Each workstation that accesses the Internet through this method is

The concept of "free" is revolutionizing online games

consumption psychology of different groups, let alone the development of new requirements. With the further development of online games as a mass entertainment mode, online games will inevitably learn from the experience of developing various peripheral value-added products in the film and other entertainment industri

Why go language is suitable for developing online games server side

Personally think Golang is very suitable for the development of the server side of the game, write down this article to summarize. From the point of view of online games: To successfully operate a online game, to a large extent depends on the player's spontaneous formation of the community. Only the player spontaneously form a stable ecosystem, the game can conti

Analysis on IPv6 application in online games

The gaming industry is a huge industry, with only the U.S. game market reaching $10 billion. Online Games are an obvious development trend in the gaming industry, allowing players to compete with their partners across regions, rather than confined to the same room. Online Games are one of the most technically feasible

How to find free online games with huge investment?

How to find free online games with huge investment? Currently, happy digital has just ended its marketing campaign for millions of free cursors, this has led to a dramatic increase in online users of three online games, namely "BCC", "Destiny II", and "Rainbow Adventure.

Exquisite online games accelerator how to use

Exquisite online games accelerator by the Zhengzhou Long Ling Technology Co., Ltd. Research and development. In the domestic first-line cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other regions to deploy accelerated nodes, the purchase of exclusive international fiber optic broadband to solve international export network congestion, leasing overseas core nodes, access to game servers. Solve the domes

[Posting] implementation of the simultaneous online server architecture for QQ games for millions of users

Qq games support simultaneous online server architecture for millions of users ------ Author: Blog Http:// In the past few days, QQ games finally broke through the goal of millions of concurrent online users and moved toward a more ambitious goal, which eclipsed many other traditional chess and card

Basic Problems in online games

Two types of online games with high latency requirements: first-person shooting (FPS) and instant strategy (RTS ),Latency less than MS is tolerable in RTS games, and latency between MS and MS is tolerable in FPS games.In real-time online gamesAlgorithmTo avoid the impact of network latency on game playability.1. Main P

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