top vc firms in silicon valley

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Coming back from Silicon Valley -- you only live once

Since being preangel, I have spent one or two times a year in the United States, mainly to meet local friends in Silicon Valley (Bay Area, they mainly include VC, entrepreneurs, heads of student entrepreneurship organizations at Stanford and Berkeley, and heads of various organizations in the wireless technology field, I have been trying to gradually understand t

The most famous gang in Silicon Valley: If you don't know the PayPal mob

billion. )David Sacks and Mark Woolway,yammer (purchased by Microsoft for $1.2 billion). )Chad Hurley and Steve Chen,youtube (Google buys for $1.65 billion). )Peter Thiel and former PayPal employee, Palantir (valued at $15 billion). )Reid Hoffman and former PayPal staff, LinkedIn (IPO, market capitalization of $31.5 billion. )Elon Musk,tesla (IPO, market capitalization of $26.1 billion) and SpaceX (valued at $12 billion). )  VC and AcceleratorPeter t

The most famous gang in Silicon Valley: If you don't know the PayPal mob

Silicon Valley these past few years, and you'll know why they're so amazing, and if the new startups they invest in will be even more impressive, such as the $500,000 angel money on Facebook, which is led by Peter Thiel, Reid Hoffman also invested in Airbnb, Flickr and other well-known startups.  Shin Chong Co., Ltd.Jeremy Stoppelman and Russel Simmons,yelp (IPO, Market capital of $3.5 billion. )David Sack

The Hangzhou government built up a website to build a paradise in Silicon Valley

the introduction of the "Venture Capital Guidance fund Management measures", by the mayor Cai Chi set up a government venture capital Guidance Fund Management Committee, expressed the hope that this guide more enterprises to participate in Hangzhou "Paradise Silicon Valley" construction, cultivate more Alibaba and business treasure, The formation of a more large-scale internet sector. According to the intr

Video tutorial of Silicon Valley Power Institute

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