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PS Mill Skin Filter Topaz Installation Tutorial

Topaz is a super filter of Photoshop, said it "super" is not how many of its functions, but because its processing effect is super Excellent, its sharpening, noise reduction, scaling and other functions would not need to plug Photoshop can do, the key is the image processing algorithm is different. Of course, a 3 million-pixel photo interpolation to 6 million or interpolation, image information can not be out of thin air, but the use of

Topaz filters using and cracking graphics tutorials

The Topaz filter attracts countless non-mainstream PS players in its particular style. The Chinese version of this filter I am based on the use of the habit of translation, some places is not the English original intention, the deficiencies please forgive us. 1, download topaz original to install. 2, installed to the PS Filter directory (CS version For example, other versions of similar)

How does the Topaz filter work?

First, find the Topaz filter from the Internet and download it to your computer, and then double-click to open the Topaz filter to the Photoshop filter directory. The second step, into the PS of the filter directory under the topazvivacity directory, delete all files (note: Do not have to delete, because this filter too much, just afraid that everyone in the use of the time is not clear what kind of

PS-Pull Plug-in topaz remask filter to use the graphics and text tutorial

Today after this filter, is not used, looking for a long time also did not have a detailed description, had to go to the official website to learn a bit, the hardest is to separate the middle color, I used several times may be the net diagram is too small, are not too ideal. So it's much simpler to send a simple one, if it's a blue background. Preparation: Install Photoshop Cs5,topaz remask (click here to download) and register well. 1, open the pi

Using Photoshop's Topaz function to make non-mainstream pictures quickly

This article is the use of Photoshop tool software an additional function to make non-mainstream pictures, we look at the following effect picture to know that this Topaz feature system to make the Non-mainstream photo is very good oh. Final effect 1. Open original image Press CTRL + J copy one layer Select Topaz F

HTC Diamond 2/Topaz/diamond2 rest, three-color screen and hard start Method

This is the rest of Diamond 2/Topaz/diamond2.1. Reset (soft-reset) When the system is started, extract the pen and paste the RED reset key in the pen slot ".It doesn't make sense when the instance is shut down. Ii. Three-color screen (bootloader Mode) Method 1: when the device is shut down, press the volume key and press the power key until the screen is displayed" Method 2: Press and hold the "volume down key" and press the red "Rest key" with a

How to adjust the computer resolution? What if the computer can't adjust the screen resolution?

How to adjust the resolution? Maybe a friend said, this simple question is still used to say, today's discussion is the resolution of a variety of adjustment methods, as well as the inability to adjust the resolution and adjust the resolution problems, I hope to help the novice friend. Say in front: Resolution is also called resolution, the general understanding

How does Windows 8 adjust screen brightness? win8 Adjust screen brightness method

Method One In the first method, the "taskbar" in the lower right of the computer will see a system tray icon, we can use it to adjust, the following steps: We found the power supply icon in the system tray diagram at the bottom right of the taskbar, then we right-click and " adjust the screen brightness " in the pop-up menu. In the open adjustment screen brightness We can

Js allows you to adjust the font size of a webpage. js allows you to adjust the font size of a webpage.

Js allows you to adjust the font size of a webpage. js allows you to adjust the font size of a webpage. This document describes how to adjust the font size of a web page in JavaScript. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: //var tgs = new Array('div','td','tr');var tgs = new Array('td','tr');//Specify spectrum of different fo

Centos7: how to adjust the LVM size in XFS format and centos7 to adjust xfslvm

Centos7: how to adjust the LVM size in XFS format and centos7 to adjust xfslvm Prerequisites: XFS is a pre-installed centos7 operating system. XFS can only be expanded but cannot be reduced. Therefore, xfsdump/xfsrestore must be used to back up and restore data when lvm must be reduced. The results of this experiment are as follows:1,/dev/mapper/centos-home only 500 GB;2. Allocate the space allocated by/hom

How does win7 adjust the screen brightness? How to adjust screen brightness in win7

When using a notebook, as the surrounding light changes, the brightness of the notebook screen may appear lighter or darker, here are some ways to adjust the brightness of the screen: Method One: 1. Adjust the brightness of the screen directly by pressing the keyboard "Fn" + "F2"/"F3" key combination. 2. Early models can adjust the bright

Samsung S5 How to adjust font size? Galaxy S5 Adjust Font size method diagram

1. Under normal circumstances, we will not need to adjust the size of the phone font, the default font can be, we click on the phone "application."2. Click the "Set" icon option to enter.3. In the setting open window, we click "Show" to enter.4. Again we find inside the "Font" button to enter.5. Click on "Font Size".6. Select the font size you want, and here is an example of "big".To set the front font size effect chart:To set the effect of the font s

Automatically adjust the height of the input text box in iOS, and automatically adjust the text box in ios

Automatically adjust the height of the input text box in iOS, and automatically adjust the text box in ios // Automatically adjust the height of the input text box -(Void) textViewDidChange :( UITableView *) textView { Float height; If ([[[UIDevice currentDevice] systemVersion] floatValue]> = 7 ){ CGRect textFrame = [[self. textView layoutManager] usedRectFo

How to adjust screen brightness in Windows 7 win7 adjust screen brightness using power options

As you use your notebook, the brightness of your notebook screen may appear lighter or darker as the ambient light changes, and here's how you can adjust the brightness of the screen with the Power options:1. Open the Control Panel and select power Options. 2. Select "Samsung optimization Mode" and click "Change plan Settings". 3. Adjust the position of the brightness bar below to select the appropria

Use the winform control in the webpage and adjust its size (using winform control in ASP. NET and adjust its size)

Difficult customer, time-consuming, depressing ing The method for using the winform control has not come yet: Http:// Http:// Http:// Adjust the size using JS CodeIt is based on

Win8 adjust the microphone volume? How to adjust the microphone volume

1. We use the notebook so as shown below "WIN" + "X" and then click "Control Panel" as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we found the "sound" option on the open page, as shown in the figure click to enter. 3. OK, click the "Record" option in the Voice dialog and enter as shown in the picture. 4. There will be a "microphone" option, as shown in the picture: 5. Now we right click on it, that is, face Kat "Microphone" and then click "Properties" as show

WINDOWS10 system Word can not adjust the input method how to do not adjust the Input method solution

Specifically as follows: 1, new Word (here is to prevent the loss of useful files, first save the shutdown is not necessary), and open. Click on: File-option. 2, advanced-Remove the hook Input Method control is active-OK. 3, you need to restart Word at this time. It's good to test the IME after reboot. The above content is small series for everyone to bring to the WINDOWS10 system Word can not adjust the input method problem solution. Users w

Adjust screen brightness, adjust font size

In our development of the project, we often encounter such a function, such as adjusting the brightness, or adjust the current screen font size,In fact, this function is very well implemented,The specific code is as follows:First, declare member variables1 {2 UIView *_view; 3 BOOL Ishidden; 4 UISlider *_slider; 5 UISlider *_twoslider; 6 float value; 7 UILabel *_label; 8 Nsinteger fontSize; 9 }Second, create the font you nee

How to adjust volume A7 Adjust volume tutorial on Samsung A7 mobile phone

Samsung A7 Mobile phone is able to adjust the ringtone, media, notifications, the volume of the system below the small series to give you a demonstration of it: 1. Click "Apps" in the phone below, click "Set" and then open the entry, details below. 2. Then we find the following "My Device", select "Sound" Here you can start to set the volume. 3. After that we found the "volume" in the Open interface as shown in the following figure.

Samsung Note4 How to adjust the brightness of the screen? Samsung note4 Adjust screen brightness

Method One: 1. On the Samsung Note4 desktop we slide the top sliding slider to the left and right with our fingers to adjust the brightness of the screen as shown in the following figure. Method Two: 1. Back to Note4 Mobile Desktop we find "Application"-"set"-"Device"-"show"-"brightness" and then enter the adjustment after the same click "OK" on it oh. This article describes the two ways to adjust t

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