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Policy-based routing in Linux

Article title: policy-based routing in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Author: Matthew

Network Packet Troubleshooting Guide-class Linux Platform

Network Packet Troubleshooting Guide-class Linux platform background informationI've been testing k8s recently, and if you know or get in touch with Docker, you know that most of the networks associated with Docker are on bridging, routing, Iptables.

The development status of Policy Routing Technology

The Policy Routing Technology in China has developed very rapidly. Here we mainly introduce the terms of the Policy Routing Technology, including the functional features of the Policy Routing Technology. The rapid development of the Internet

Ip command Manual II

Summary This section describes how to use IP commands to manage system routes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------By nixe0n 7. Route table management 7. 1. Abbreviations Route, Ro, R 7. 2. Object Route

Linux Policy Routing Basics

The basic strategy of Linux Policy Routing refers to the routing of IP packets based on the policies set by the network administrator. For example, we can have A policy like this: "select X path for all packages that come directly from Network A;

Example of Policy Routing configuration based on message address

"Experimental Topology" The switch used in this paper is H3C Simulator, the download address is as follows: Http:// mod=viewthread&tid=109740&highlight=h3c%e6%a8%a1%e6% 8b%9f%e5%99%a8 Interested friends can download on the

The-JUNIPER-SSG series of PBR (Policy Routing) configuration finalization

Okay, everybody.This weekend seems to have been very fast, because there are too many customers after-sales problems need to actively cooperate with the processing, in short, the time for engineers to do a good job of technology has gone, many times

Dscp QoS cos

  Ensuring service quality is one of the most advanced topics in the network technology field. Packet Switching is an inevitable trend in the development of network technology, as it overpowers circuit switching and IP networks over traditional

WebService java Send mail Interface summary

Java send mail, the main use of the jar The jar package used Mail.jar Xfire for Web Service General ideas and steps 1. Define Mail Delivery interface 2. Configure the mail thread pool 3. Record Log Entity Mailbean The code is

policy-based Routing in Linux environments

Summary This article based on a large number of instances based on the Linux2.2 of the powerful routing function, it provides the routing function is a lot of router products are unmatched, if considering its free, its performance price ratio is no

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