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Vista is too slow. laptop manufacturers tend to be Linux dual systems.

Article title: Vista is too slow. laptop manufacturers tend to be Linux dual-systems. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. To solve the problem of

The reason why the old laptop is slow

Description: A notebook computer that has been in use for 5 years (Lenovo B450) has been significantly slower than before in the last year. The initial decision is the hard disk aging problem. After swapping the old notebook's 512G HDD for Samsung 250G SSD hard Drive, the problem is solved. It turns out that using a 5-year hard drive, even if it's not bad, slows down. This article

How to solve the slow response of the win8.1 laptop System touch function

How to solve the slow response of the win8.1 laptop System touch functionLaptops are equipped with touch screens, so they become more intelligent. In order to experience better touch effects, Windows 8 and later versions of the operating system are required. When using win8.1, you will inevitably encounter touch problems, some users have reported that the touch function of the 32-bit win8.1

Slow laptop boot speed

This article is about to solve the laptop boot speed slow: notebook boot speed slow is a normal phenomenon. In general, laptops and desktops that are configured at the same level are slower to boot than desktops, but are not as normal, and we can use some settings to impro

What should I do if my laptop battery is charging?

software to correct the battery at this time. To the author of the BenQ S42 notebook For example, after two years of use, battery life is only about 50%, when connected to the AC adapter, the battery can not be charged until. 1. Run the Batcal tool and click on the "Set Slow Discharge" button to select the slow discharge mode. 2. Click the "Begin Calibration"

When the laptop is turned on, only the battery lights are on, and the working sound is heard, that is, the screen does not respond. Why?

the active drive after the power failure (slow for n seconds), and then he can no longer get the money to find Uncle Js. (If you smell the smell, immediately cut off the power supply, and then open the chassis to find the reason, but do not open the display, can only be handed over to professional repair, it is highly piezoelectric, never joke with your own life.Transferred from skynetWhen using computers,

The phenomenon that the laptop hard drive is broken

We all know that notebook hard disk than desktop computer hard disk is more likely to be bad, because the laptop easy to move, convenient, in addition to accidentally fell caused by bad hard disk, some netizens prefer not to shut down the machine but standby, and then casually bring the notebook to take, do not cherish their own computer, so the laptop hard drive

What if the laptop battery is not satisfied?

down automatically after discharging, then the AC adapter will be charged. Method Three: Use the third party software to revise the battery What if the laptop doesn't have a built-in battery modifier? At this point, you may wish to use the Batcal (point name can download) software to correct the battery. The author of BenQ S42 notebook as an example, the use of two years, battery endurance only about 50%, at this point, connect the AC a

Question about the FN key function after Sony laptop svs131100c is reinstalled

Sony laptop svs131100c purchased the pre-installed operating system win7, it feels good to use, but after a long time, the C disk space is getting smaller and smaller, and the operation is also slow, it is necessary to reinstall the operating system. After the Windows 7 OS

Network connection is normal, network speed is fast and slow

other kind of situation is starts the net speed to be normal, but after some time, the net speed slows down. The latter situation is evident on desktop computers, but the speed at which the computer is checked with a laptop is normal. For this problem I have been found for

How can I cancel the computer network speed limit when the computer network speed is slow?

1. Press Win + R. After "run" is displayed, enter "gpedit. msc" and click "OK", as shown in the following figure;2. After entering this page, we will go to the group policy: computer configuration-management template-network-QoS packet scheduler, find and double-click "limit retainable bandwidth", as shown in the following figure;3. After entering the page, find "enabled" on the page. In the options be

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