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Introduction to WordPress Pingback and TrackBack mechanisms and their optimization

Pingback and TrackBack are both a method used in the blog system to notify other blog posts to be referenced. They allow the blog author to track who is linked to his article. WordPress and other advanced blog platforms have the function of

Optimization of internal website links is the first element of SEO

Before starting the link structure topic of the website, I will first complain. I am sorry to see that many SEOer are engaged in SEO optimization for the search engine ranking. This consciousness leads to the following behaviors: when a SEOer knows

The Real Web 2.0

Scientific techniques and techniques are important to deal with spam on the Web. In the previous installment of this column, I showed you how to use workflows to deal with spam robots, and it's best not to cause any inconvenience to legitimate users.

Web2.0-user experience-based Network Services

What is Web 2.0? There is a website called What's Web 2.0. However, there is no answer. He is just a Community discussing the business, technology, and research of Web2.0. The Web descriptions in Wikipedia are also vague. KESO said: "Web 2.0 is just

WordPress automatically marks comments that contain long links as spam comments

Method One This method is still from Willin Kan (unfortunately he has been out of the WordPress circle), toss is very simple, directly put the following code to the theme of the functions.php file in front of the last?> can: The code is

Wordpress action loop

Preface & quot; loop & quot; is a term that specifies the main process of WordPress. You apply the loop in your template file to present your article to the reader. You can create templates that do not contain loops, but you can only display the

Good things to share: Talk about the system architecture of large high concurrent high load Web sites

Reprint please retain the Source: June-Lin Michael's blog ( url: I have done in the Cernet dial-up access platform, and then in yahoo&3721 engaged in the

A brief summary of the excellent interactive designer "The beauty of the moment"

The first reason to choose to read the beauty of the moment is simply because it was translated by the author who had seen it before, and felt an excellent interaction designer, and his recommended book should also be well worth seeing. It turns out

WordPress index file structure

WordPress directory file structure description & nbsp; Root Directory & nbsp; |-wp-admin |-css |-images |-Des |-js |-maint |-network |-user |-wp-content | -languages |-plugins |-themes |-upgrade |-wp-inc WordPress Root Directory

System Architecture of large, high-concurrency and high-load websites

Reprinted please keep Source: junlin Michael's blog ( P = 71)Trackback URL: P = 71 I have set up a dial-up access platform in CERNET, and I have worked in front-end

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