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Spring-programmed transaction management and declarative transaction management

parsing Spring Transaction Properties Transaction governance is the key to enterprise application. It guarantees that the user's every operation is reliable, even if the abnormal interview situation, will not damage the integrity of the background

Comprehensive analysis of Spring's programmatic transaction management and declarative transaction management

Transferred from: this tutorialThis tutorial will teach you about Spring's complex, sodium butyrate night-to-day transaction governance functions, including programmatic and declarative

Transaction and transaction isolation levels in SQL Server and how to understand the process and causes of dirty reads, uncommitted reads, non-repeatable reads, and Phantom reads

Originally intended to write about the transaction control process in the SSIS package, it was found that many of the basic concepts needed to be based on the isolation level of SQL Server transactions and transactions. So it took some time to get a

Principles of database Transaction management

A database is a shared resource that can be used by multiple users. These user programs can be executed serially, with only one user program running at a time, and access to the database is performed, and other user programs must wait until the end

Analysis of concurrency control in Postgres and transaction characteristics (Concurrency)

PostgreSQL provides developers with a rich set of tools to manage concurrent access to data. Internally, data consistency is maintained by using a multi-version model (multi-version concurrency control, MVCC). This means that each SQL statement sees

Understanding Spring Transaction propagation behavior and data isolation levels

Transaction is to ensure the atomicity, consistency, isolation, and permanence of logical processing.With transaction control, you can avoid a series of problems, such as dirty data, caused by the failure of logical processing.Transactions have two

The principle and practice of C # database transaction

Data | database What is a database transaction A database transaction is a series of actions performed as a single logical unit of work. The payment process includes at least the following database operations, assuming a single transaction for

Distributed Transaction Series (1.2) Spring's transaction architecture

1 Series Catalogue The Distributed Transaction series (opening) raises questions and research processes Distributed Transaction Series (1.1) Spring transaction manager Platformtransactionmanager Source analysis Distributed

About distributed transactions II: Distributed Transaction Management Model Based on DTC [Part II]

Document directory 1. Phase 1 (Phase I): preparation (Prepare) 2. Phase 2 (Phase II): Commit or Abort) 3. Handling of pending (In-Doubt) Transactions 4. Single-Phase Commit (SPC: Single-Phase Commit) Optimization [Part 1] When LTM-based or KTM-

Material Handling ticket

A request is a series of requests that are required to carry materials within a single organization. Planners and organization administrators can use material handling tickets to request materials to be moved in a warehouse or organization for

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