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"Android App Development technology: Media Development" audio

get the audio focus of the audio stream it will use. By using the Requsetaudiofocus () method to get the desired audio focus, the method returns audiofocus_request_granted if the request succeeds.When requesting the focus, we need to determine which focus type is requested, as follows: Short Focus Lock: When you expect to play a short

Android Advanced Audio App

When it comes to audio applications, the first thing to think about is the music player. Some players can play streaming media, and some can play local music files. With the evolution of the Android platform, more advanced audio APIs are needed. Fortunately, Google has added this API to support low-latency audio streaming and recording.The Android

Experiment 6 play audio and video in the app

Lab Report Course Name Mobile Internet development based on Android platform Date of experiment 2015.4.16 Name of the experimental project Experiment 6 play audio and video in the app Location of the experiment S30010 Type of experiment -Verification Type √ design type-comprehensive type Hours 2 The purpose

Audio voice use steps (for Androidstudio): Voice to text:

Foreword: Recently did the project to use to the voice fly speech, thus has made a simple tutorial, for everybody to use. Audio Voice use steps: Voice to text:1, first to the Flying Open Platform ( registration, Account:2, login after registration:3, click Select My Voice Cloud:4. Click on the left sidebar to create a new app:5. After creatin

High-performance graphics and text frame, the framework of the smooth iOS app-B

)lw_addLinkForWholeTextStorageWithData:(id)data linkColor:(UIColor *)linkColor highLightColor:(UIColor *)highLightColor; Abandoned the method- (id)initWithFrame:(CGRect)frame maxImageStorageCount:(NSInteger)maxCount;Now, the Lwasyncdisplayview will automatically maintain a reuse pool, you can set a nsstring* type of identifier for Lwstorage, and then use the relevant uiview inside to simplify the API. Fixed a bug that conflicted when adding links to

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