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ARM Development Board embedded Linux system and host PC transfer files via serial port

This article is reproduced from Linux system and host transfer files via serial portI think if you want to download from the PC to the board embedded Linux system, many people will first think of TFTP SFTP and other network tools to download from the network port. But if the network can not

Micro-letter Computer version of File Transfer assistant How to use? Micro-trust PC version File Transfer assistant usage

File Transfer Assistant use method: 1, in the computer login micro-letter and then use the phone sweeping a scan to their own micro-letter (open the micro-letter, and then use the micro-letter scan can be logged in), and then open the "File transfer assistant" in the computer 2, then we find in the computer to upload micro-letter files, such as t

Arm-linux notes 3:arm-linux PC File Transfer method Summary (4 most common methods)

arm-linux notes 3:arm-linux pc File Transfer method Summary (4 most common methods)1 transferring files using a serial terminal2 Transferring files using FTP3 Transferring Files using NFS4 Using a U-disk copyThe advantage of the serial port is that the method is simple, does

ARM development board embedded Linux system and host PC transmit files through serial port

File transmission through serial ports between the embedded Linux System and the host I think if I want to download something from my PC to the embedded Linux System of the Development Board, many people will first think of using network tools such as TFTP SFTP to download it from the network port. But if the network is not used, what should I do if I can only download it through the serial port? At this time, there are two tools that can help you:

Linux uses serial ports and Windows to transfer files __linux

In daily work, the need to transfer files between Windows PC and embedded Linux development boards is frequently encountered, and the following provides a method: Rz,sz is a command-line tool for Linux/unix Zmodem file transfer with Windows. First of all: The Windows side installs Zmodem TELNET/SSH clients (such a

How the Windows 7/windows 8 system uses Bluetooth to transfer files

Before the Nokia mobile phone is to have a PC suite, the computer after the installation of the transfer of files and so on functions can be used, but currently only certain models partial version of the special modified ROM can be supported, most of it is not supported, this is now the computer and Android system temporarily incompatible situation, So you can on

How to Use xftp to transfer files between Windows and Linux

Xftp is an sftp ftp file transmission software that securely transfers files between Windows pc and Unix/Linux. When you use xftp to transfer files from Windows to Linux, you must first create an FTP site: Name: enter a meaningful name; HOST: Fill in the Linux IP address (the IP address query method is to enter ifco

How to transfer values between HTML files in WebView within the Android system

Before doing the transfer of the value between the HTML, using the suffix question mark method, namely: a.html?id=1 this form.Then work hard to finish all the pages and after the PC-side browser debugging success, packaged into Android, put all the HTML files into the assets folder, and through the WebView to access the homepage index.html. With Android studio co

Two ways to transfer files wirelessly from a mobile phone to a computer

In our daily work and life, it is inevitable that there is a need for file pictures in the mobile phone and the computer transmission between each other, and the traditional users will choose to use the data line to transmit, in fact, we can not be so troublesome, only the use of QQ and micro-letter of either kind of client, you can achieve the computer and mobile files between the transmission function, Here is a small series for everyone in detail u

How to Use OBEXFTP to transfer files to Nokia mobile phones in Linux

In Linux, how to use OBEXFTP to transmit files to Nokia mobile phones-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information is as follows. Recently, mobile phones have developed rapidly. Whether it is accessing the Internet, shooting videos, sending and receiving text messages, MMS, e-mail, or listening to music or radio, mobile phones have become the most indispensable devices. This article will teach you how to connect to the Pop-Port i

Use SideSync 3.0 to transfer files between Samsung mobile phones and tablets

1. After connecting the mobile phone to the Tablet PC, click "Application" if the tablet is on the standby page. 2. If you need to transfer the file application icon is blocked by the cell phone, you can click and hold the phone at the top of the blank space do not let go. 3. Drag the phone to the right position and then let go. 4. Here to tra

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