transfer pictures from android to mac

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QQ for Mac 3.1.2 New features: Support Discussion Group transfer file

QQ for Mac is an instant messaging software based on Mac OS X platform, which is dedicated to making you feel good about communication through a simple interface, practical and efficient instant communication, and a smooth operating experience. In fact, communication can be simpler! Update content: -Support discussion group transfer files Space Preview

Cocos2d-x and Android mixed encoding for "avatar pictures"

Recently, I took over the personalized features of players, but it is hard to handle this problem by replacing the player's "Avatar" operation. After searching, we finally found the solution. If you change the player's "Avatar" operation, you can call the local images in the android servers service, select and crop the images, and crop the images to upload them to the server, this allows you to change user portraits; Then, we need to use JniHelper to

Cocos2d-x 3.2 project source code from Mac packaging to Android tutorial, cocos2d-x android

, and OC can not do this, so only 1.1 points of writing can be, but the logic is the same, but like the network connection thing, you need to implement it in a cross-platform manner.Because Java is cross-platform, you should be able to compile the android version of the source code on the mac system, but jdk, sdk, ndk, eclipse and other tools are required to install eclipse, otherwise, how can I compile the

Android uses post to upload pictures to the server method _android

splicing, implements the parameter transmission and the file transfer * * @param URL Service net address * @param params text content * @pa Ram Files Pictures * @return String result of Service response * @throws ioexception/public static String PO St (string URL, map The example invokes the second way of uploading: Final map For more information on And

Android client passes pictures to server (using HTTP protocol)

content. content-length:3693, 3693 Here is the total length of the file to be uploaded. The green font part is the data that needs to be uploaded, can be text, it can be pictures and so on. Content-disposition, Content-type, and content-transfer-encoding are required in front of the data content. The final purple part is the end of the protocol.Note This line:Content-type:multipart/form-data; boundary=----

Android Basics-Transfer data between activity (bitmap and Map objects)

Original: project needs to use in the 2 activities between the data transfer, before doing are some strings and other things, the results of this card for a long time, tossing an afternoon.First: Pass bitmapThis problem is very wonderful (probably my Android level is not enough), incredibly do not error, I am directly using bundles or intent extra

Android Sliding components nesting general ideas, multi-tasking gesture ideas, touch transfer ideas, "example" ListView nested Viewpager

In the development of Android UI, we often encounter this requirement:Two components that support sliding, such as the ListView nested multiple Listview,listview item is a Viewpager or gallary? or ScrollView nested ScrollView and so on.In general, you may also need to support several features such as:¤ Two-layer components can slide¤ Do not let two components slide at the same time, or let two components sliding simultaneously and can adjust themselve

"Android" Android Studio3.1 Mac version set project Desktop icon

Set icon selection path there can not choose their own icon, and then for a long time, the icon has been set not successful, finally I chose the path of the picture on my Computer path, and then found that the right picture no longer show the default icon is my own icon, and then click Next, Click on the Finish,app icon to set it up.Say the main pit point, icon image has been copied and pasted under the project, but in the selection of pictures to go

"Android" Mac under Android Studio Settings App launch page

First put the start page in the project resource, the picture is generally 1080*1920 jpg.Create a new activity,After the creation is successful, open the activity you just created to write the code:public class BZLaunchActivity extends AppCompatActivity { private final int SPLASH_DISPLAY_LENGHT = 2000;//两秒后进入系统,时间可自行调整 @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_bzlaunch);

Transferring files between an Android device and a Mac computer

Unlike Windows and linux,android devices that don't see the mounted directory on your Mac, how do I transfer files between an Android device and a Mac computer since I can't see the Mount directory for my Android device?Original

How Mac directly manages Android phone files

Connect my HTC One on the PC, install the software, and open a virtual machine every time I want to copy the point xx.Now that you've finally found something good, your MAC can open the memory card directly. It's easier than using a PC.Android File transfer-Official website: ... oidfil

Migrate your company's main project from Eclipse to Android studio for Mac Environment

-android:1.21.0 ') {Exclude group: ' '}Compile (' ') {Exclude group: ' '}Compile (' ')This process needs to be downloaded.Where exclude represents the exclusion of previously compiled packagesCompile ' '6. So file, since no SVN setup can download. So files, I copy the pastAt first, there was no d

Android IOS WebRTC Audio and Video Development summary (76)--a discussion on the live low latency low-flow fan-to-Mac technology

user requests to participate in the interaction, the moderator agreed to a user's request;3 The user participates in the live broadcast, the user and the host's interactive process live to all other fans;So how do you achieve a function like this? Today we will introduce several methods of implementation;The first way is through two RTMP streams to achieveThe current live protocol is commonly used by the RTMP protocol, which is an adobe implementation of a proprietary protocol for audio and vid

Mac Android APK anti-compilation

To decompile android apk on Mac OS system, the following 3 files need to be prepared first:1, apktool:, Dex2jar:, jd-gui:http://jd.benow.caOnce downloaded, it's time to start our anti-compilation path:1, install Apktool: Will download the Apktool.jar and apktool.txt (may not download the name can be modified), apktool.txt need

Android APK anti-compilation tool use and tool download (MAC)

-gui folder is opened, and the tool is opened before the Classes_dex2jar.jar file, you can see the source code, the effect is as follows:(The name of the class file and the name of the method inside will be a,b,c ...). Style naming).By decompile, you can learn about the third-party library files that the app uses, how the code is written, and so on. However, if the APK is obfuscated, then the name of the class file you see and the name of the method inside will be a,b,c .... Style naming, so y

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