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Use Bing Translate API translation API to implement multi-language translation for websites

A few days ago, I published an article titled using Google Translate API to implement the multilingual translation function of the website. But some people tell me that Google is about to close some APIs, including Google Translate APIs. The

AngularJS Internationalization--angular-translate

Read Catalogue i18n and l10n Angular-translate Practice Reference For a user group of global-oriented applications, we have to consider the internationalization of the problem. Of course, even if it is just

Getting started with python web crawler (2) -- using python to call Google Translate

Getting started with python web crawler (2) -- using python to call Google Translate I have been reading documents outside China recently. I don't know some new words. Google Translate is used for understanding, and F12 is used to view the source

The correct way to translate PSD template designs into HTML templates

In fact, the standard network production completed the actual work is: PSD to HTML, under normal circumstances, we will get the art of PSD, this time differentPeople will have different ways of doing it:1. Turn on fireworks to export the picture cut

Use Google Translate API to make your own translation script _php instance

PHP Code: Copy Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/php-q /** * PHP Script for Google Translate * @author: Yishan Wang * @version: 1.0.0 */ Class Google_api_translator { Public $url = "";

Integrate Google Translate with jquery

Easily integrate Google Translate into your web App with jquery.1. [Code][javascript] Code?1?2 [Code]loadscript, setting the path?? 1LoadScript (ScriptPath + "jquery-blockui.js");2LoadScript (ScriptPath + "jquery.translate-1.4.7.min.js");3LoadScript

Deformation--displacement translate ()

Deformation--displacement translate ()The translate () function moves the element in the specified direction, similar to relativein position. Or, in a simple sense, using the translate () function, you can move an element from its original position

Google Translate PDF documentation

  Google Translate PDF documentation   Although there are many translation software, there are very few software that can be used for full-text/full-text translation, Documents involving professional technologies and human resources competent

PHP Google's Translate API code

CODE: Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ");Class google_api_translator{Public $opts = Array ("text" => "", "Language_pair" => "En|it");Public $out = "";function Setopts ($opts) {if ($opts ["text"]!= "") $this->opts["Text" = $opts

PHP Google's translate API code _php tips

Create a new ANSI PHP file, and then make a class: Copy Code code as follows: Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 "); Class google_api_translator{ Public $opts = Array ("text" => "", "Language_pair" => "En|it"); Public $out

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