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How to convert a scanned piece into a Word document

How to convert a scanned piece into a Word documentApproaching will go to a variety of banquet dinners ensued, usually everyone is very busy, and take this opportunity to give you a party reason. Dinner will be less than a few cups or booze, this no strict rules, is so-called drink many forget things, I am this kind of person, on Friday rushed to the party, the Secretary will send a document to me, the mind

How to transfer a scanned file to a Word document

To insert a scanned image in a Word 2007 document, follow these steps: Open Word 2007. Click Insert and select Clip Art. In the Clip Art pane, click a clip in your organization. On the File menu, click Add Clips to the organizer and then click From a scanner or camera. Select the scanner's device and resolve the quality, and then click Insert. Wait until the scan is complet

How to convert a scanned PDF file into a Word document

How can I convert a scanned PDF file into a Word document? As a general PDF file, the file size between It is not large enough, and common conversion functions can be operated. If the file is too large, you need to scan the PDF to convert Word, so what is its operation? Take a look at the small series of methods to learn about it!1. For the above question about converting PDF to Word documents, you can firs

Translate the whole English document in Word2007

Word2007 itself does not have the built-in ability to translate the entire document, but Word2007 can help users translate the entire Word document with the services provided by the WorldLingo Web site. As an example of translating the entire English document, the following

How to translate an entire English document in Word 2013

WORD2013 does not have the ability to translate the entire English document, but Word2013 can send English documents to Microsoft's official online translation tool Microsoft Translator to help users translate the entire Word document. According to the author's personal observation, the translation of this way of trans

How do I translate Chinese into English in a WPS document?

Graduation thesis, Foreign Office and so often need English and other foreign languages, the following is a brief introduction to the WPS document how to translate the original language into the target language Computer Method/Step 1, open the content to be translated 2, find the toolbar review-translation 3, click the "Translate" but

Umbraco (6)-creating more Pages Using the Master-part 2 (translate document)

have an empty page.Let's add two simple fields- pagetitle (type = textstring) and bodyText (type Rich Text Editor). If you don't know how to add a field, you can create it by following the instructions for creating the document type for the master page. Then connect these fields-if this is not your second nature, you can edit the template under homepage. "ContactUs Generic Properties (Common attributes)""ContactUs Template with Data fields"Now add

A quick way to translate text from a book into a Word document

In the daily study life, when we in a book to see some of the more beautiful statements or information value of the statement, many people will have to do the habit of taking notes, but, handwriting to do notes more time-consuming, on the computer A word input is also very cumbersome. Is there any easier way to do that? Today, I want to teach you a way to make the text of the book into Word documents! Tool Preparation: Hardware: A computer, digital camera; Software: word2003 (other version I

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