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Sticky notes also name notes Win7 small functions in the life of the magical

Life is bound to have a lot of things, but many times when we use the computer to play games and so on, playing crazy forget the time, when we can use the small note this function 1 Features of Sticky notes Users can set the text of the note, change the color, resize, flip the notes, and so on. The Sticky

Special Permissions-suid,sgid,sticky Learning notes

the other fileSticky: Instance test in the same directory, users can create files and modify each other, but cannot delete their files[[email protected] project]# chmod o+t/tmp/project #给/tmp/project Add Sticky permissions (original execute right T, otherwise t) [[email protected] Project]# ls-lddrwxrwsr-t. 2 root developteam 4096 July 9 02:42. [[email protected] project]$ rm-rf a.hbase #用 hadoop user to delete hbase user's files, delete failed (only

What is the red rice mobile phone memo? How to use the sticky notes?

1. In the red Meter mobile phone I open "sticky note application" Inside has a note, as shown in the following figure. 2. Let's take a look at the new sticky note, as long as we use the "touch pad" button on the screen and then move on to the slide to open the "New note" feature, as shown in the following figure. 3. To the sticky note interface, we can do t

"Sticky Notes" sign in App Android client (open source)

, connected to WiFi} }Else{return 3;//Return 3, no connection. }return 3; }//Get IP PublicStringgetlocalipaddress() {Try{ for(Enumeration for(Enumerationif(!inetaddress.isloopbackaddress ()) {returnInetaddress.gethostaddress (). toString (); } } } }Catch(SocketException ex) {LOG.E ("IP address is:", ex.tostring ()); }return NULL; }//Get Mac PublicStringgetlocalmacaddress() {Wifimanager WiFi = (wifimanager) getsystemservice (Context.wifi_service

[Visual c ++] 10 basic animation display of Game Development Notes (3) Implementation of transparent Animation

This series of articles was written by zhmxy555. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Http:// Author: Mao yunxing mailbox: welcome mail exchange programming experience "Transparent Animation" is a basic technique that will be used in the game. It uses the continuous display of the pattern and the transparent processing of the backgro

IONIC3 Study notes (eight) make iOS, Android Navbar Transparent

This article is original article, reprint please indicate the sourceTo make iOS Navbar transparent, you only need to ion-navbar add transparent properties, but there will still be a border on the Android side, so ion-header add the no-border propertiesIf there is any improper, please correct, thank you ~IONIC3 Study notes (eight) make iOS, Android Navbar

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