triangular moving average

Learn about triangular moving average, we have the largest and most updated triangular moving average information on

3D Math Primer for graphics and game development

Triangular mesh (Triangle mesh)in the simplest case, a polygon mesh is just a list of polygons, and a triangular mesh is a polygon mesh that consists of all triangles. Polygonal and triangular meshes are widely used in graphics and modelling to

Machine learning--Linear Algebra Basics _ Machine Learning

Original address Mathematics is the foundation of computer technology, linear algebra is the basis of machine learning and deep learning, the best way to understand the knowledge of the data I think is to understand the concept, mathematics is not

Short-term Black horse stock selection stunt

One setting of basic technical analysis parameters I have made some necessary changes to the technical parameters of the Money Dragon dynamic. : 1, EMA system Parameters Day candlestick three 5, 10, 30 is changed to 10, 15, 21. 30 the three 5,

UI Design Tutorial-Interface Design composition

Nine Gongge composition, center point radial composition, triangular composition, SF-shaped composition.1. Nine Lattice grid compositionThis layout is mainly used in the classification of the first level of the page, play the role of functional

Solar and solar system planetary data

The sun, the central celestial body of the solar system, is the source of light and heat of the planet. It is an ordinary star in the Milky Way. It is located about 10 thousand seconds from the silver heart, about 8 seconds north of the silver road

A cost-effective recommender system for taxi drivers

a recommendation system for the effective cost of taxi driversSummaryGPS technology and new forms of urban geography have changed the form of mobile services. For example, the rich GPs trajectory of taxis makes it possible to do a car rental in the

Time series correlation algorithm and analysis steps __ Time series

First of all, from the point of view of time can be a series of basically divided into 3 categories: 1. Pure random sequence (white noise sequence), this time can stop the analysis, because it is like predicting the next coin which side is as

Overview of three-dimensional reconstruction technology

The three-dimensional reconstruction based on vision refers to acquiring the image of the scene object through the camera, analyzing and processing the image, and combining computer vision knowledge to deduce the three-dimensional information of the

Basic concepts of Signal Processing

Http:// Sensor Type:The sensor can be divided into different types according to the different working modes of each component of the sensor. The relative and absolute (Inertial) types can be divided

Z buffer and W Buffer

Almost all current 3D display chips have Z buffer or W buffer. However, we can often see that someW buffer has some basic problems, such as the usage of Z buffer, Z buffer and W BufferOr accuracy issues. The purpose of this article is to briefly

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