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If you send a marketing email to a customer, can you find out when the customer opens the email and view the content? Is this reasonable? What is the principle? -

As a foreign trade company, we need to regularly send some marketing emails to our customers, about several thousand in batches. A few days ago, I attended a training session where sales people sold their foreign trade software to us. One of the features was to send development emails to customers. The advantages described in this article are as follows: 1. the email format is HTML .., so the mail is small

Email Marketing: 5 preparations to replace a new platform

In September 2014, Webpower released a new e-mail marketing platform V10 version, and many marketers consulted about this email marketing platform with leading technology and convenient experience. It also raises the question to webpower email marketing technology and strate

Golden rules of email marketing

Text/Phillips-Mahler Companies that send advertisements via email face a bright but dangerous path (for example, sending emails to an unwanted customer) it may all ruin the company's reputation overnight. However, if the company uses email properly, it can not only establish contact with customers, but also obtain excess profits, the cost of direct mail is only a small part of the cost. -->

5 of the world's most cutting-edge email marketing tactics

Most brands use e-mail marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. But in recent years, consumers have become more and more bored with the generic, one-size-fits-all promotional email, and if you do, then you need to update your tactics immediately to keep the message in the customer's inbox.Real-time value: Continue to deepen the real-time triggering

Wang Baosen: Free Gift of A5 member's email marketing strategy

(big sites do is the user experience), from here it is not difficult to see the value of Tencent mailbox marketing is very large. 2. Mail marketing title is very important e-mail marketing can not only be a corresponding resource platform, when we are making marketing, we must first choose a good content, then with

Email marketing terms and definitions: PEM, uce, opt-in, double opt-in, opt-out

In English articles about email marketing and email lists, there are often some professional words or abbreviations, which are common: PEM, uce, opt-in, double opt-in, opt-out and so on. Some of these terms may not have very appropriate Chinese words. According to the author's personal understanding, in the book "email

Sharing the nine success stories of effective email marketing

Nowadays, more and more enterprises are adopting e-mail marketing methods. If this method is used properly, marketers can immediately establish contact with thousands of potential customers, its cost is much lower than that of mail marketing. However, the blind Implementation of email marketing poses a huge risk. Use

10 A/b test Tips "detonate" e-commerce email marketing

About A/B testing, the world's leading intelligent marketing services agency, Webpower, is defined as sending a list of email addresses into several sections in a specific situation, while comparing the recipient's feedback to different versions. Typically, test variables have elements such as Subject line, sender name, send time, or e-mail content. This test method is valuable in e-mail

15 Email marketing Tips Growth "subscribers"

Recently, HubSpot published an interesting research marketing database, using simulation to discover that the business database naturally decreased by 22.5% per year. And marketing Sherpas's research shows that the monthly data decay rate is 2.1%, compared with 22.5% per year. Research data from Webpower, the world's leading multi-channel, intelligent Marketing S

EDM email marketing revolution in the big data age

According to research, this year's EDM Mail Marketing has increased by 63% compared with last year. Many methods can collect user data for you, which can help enterprises improve their precision in marketing, relevance and execution. A recent study shows that more than half of China's top 800 enterprises still use their past experience and intuition to make decisions. Only 11% of enterprises use data to su

Four-point prediction of EDM email marketing in the future

In 2014, emails were rapidly changing. As we all know, email is an old technology. In 1971, raytomlinson sent the first email, but this technology is currently facing this personalized change. 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" four-point email prediction "alt =" wkiol1qels7buxefaag2_r

Do you know 5 elements of email marketing?

e-mail Marketing is a long-term continuous intensive marketing approach. From a professional point of view, Focussend will answer 5 elements of e-mail marketing, including strategy, data, content, tools, and reports, to a marketing practitioner with a profile outlining email

Email Marketing: 18 title modes to please users

What makes you really want, think without hesitation, open an email? E-mail Thousands, any enterprise that carries out mail marketing may be your competitor, then the question comes, how to kill the thousand objects in seconds? The pressure is great, but the method is not. Webpower, the world's leading multi-channel, intelligent Marketing Service agency, introduc

How to monitor email marketing results

Unsubscription Rate After you click the unsubscribe link in the email, the email address of the subscriber will be deleted from the database. The email marketing system background should record the email address. Mail delivery rate The total number of sent mails minus the nu

What are the essentials of a high-force email marketing platform?

  New Year atmosphere, let us in the field of e-mail marketing continue to forge ahead Mengjin. As we all know, 工欲善其事 its prerequisite, do marketing first thing is to find the most appropriate bulk mail tools, what kind of tools for you? Let's take the industry-renowned service provider U-mail email marketing platform

Email marketing EDM template creation specifications

links in the template must use absolute paths. The link length of an email sent by EDM mail marketing cannot exceed 255 characters, and cannot contain spaces or Chinese characters, otherwise, the connection may fail to be traced; do not use tags for image links; otherwise, the email client may regard the link as spam, or even be directly blocked by the

Email marketing 10 "do not"

1. Email abuseSome experts suggest that there are two constant rules for unauthorized emails:First, do not send;Second, if you plan to do this only once, see the first execution.You can only send email marketing tools to those with prior permission (there are many ways to get the recipient's permission, such as membership,

Email marketing steps

E-mail is one of the commonly used communication methods in the network, while E-Mail Marketing officially uses the advantages of convenient, fast, efficient, flexible, and cheap e-mail, through online advertising planning and production, hou Qinglong instantly transmits online advertisements to any corner of the world and analyzes the email marketing methods and

Email Marketing 4 Major cognitive errors do you have one?

About e-mail marketing, has been, not only a variety of software on the market is not discriminating good and evil, but also flooded with a lot of specious concepts, some marketers think is not just casually find a free mailbox, to send a message to customers, which have so many mystery need to go through the trouble? And so on, so u-mail email marketing platform

How email marketing creates brand Effects

In actual email marketing, how should we use email to create brand effects. This topic is studied in depth in the practical work of the bloggers. The following is a brief introduction by the bloggers. Hotspot graph technology is very important to use in emails. This is mainly used to test whether the mail brand is outstanding. By comparing the different impressi

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