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Kdj metric analysis usage highlights

Kdj Metrics The Random Index was first proposed by Dr. George Lane and is a very novel and practical technical analysis index. It was first used for the analysis of the futures market, it is widely used in the middle and short-term trend analysis

24 basic indicators (12) -- Trix

Trix The indicator is also called the triple index smoothing moving average. Its full name is "Triple exponentially smoothed average". It is a long-term technical analysis tool for studying stock price trends. Section 1 principles and calculation

The best time-sharing mean purchase point, the time-sharing mean operation method)

You can use the following methods to buy the best time-sharing line:I. Support of the moving averageSupport for moving average is divided into three types: proximity, intersection, and breakAverage support-the average price line supports the trend

24 basic indicators (4) -- Cr

Intermediate willingness indicator-Cr CR indicators are also called intermediate willingness indicators. They have many similarities with Ar and BR indicators, but they also have their own unique analysis and determination functions, it is a medium-

24 basic indicators (6)-CCI

Homeopathic indicator-CCI CCI indicators are also called homeopathic indicators. They are all called "commodity channel Index" in English and are made by US stock market analyst Donald? What Donald Lambert created is a stock market analysis tool

24 basic indicators (16) -- DMA

Parallel line difference indicator-DMA The DMA indicator is also called the parallel line difference indicator. It is a medium-and short-term indicator in the current stock market analysis Technical indicator. It is often used for the analysis and

24 basic indicators (22)-ADR

Increase/decrease ratio index-ADR The ADR index is also called the increase/decrease ratio index. Its full name is "advance decline ratio ". Like ADL indicators, it is a medium-and long-term technical analysis tool dedicated to studying stock index

Six analysis techniques of spot silver support pressure positions

First: trend analysis."Price changes with a certain trend" is one of the three assumptions of technical analysis. It can be seen that trend analysis in technical analysis is very important. The main trends are rising and falling. Trend line is one

24 basic indicators (19)-VR

Volume ratio indicator-VR VR indicators are also called turnover rate indicators, quantity indicators, or capacity indicators. They are all called volume ratio in English and are short-term technical analysis tools focusing on the relationship

24 basic indicators (14)-OBV

OBV indicator analysis and determination The OBV index, also known as the energy tide index, is created by US stock market analyst glambi and is a short-term technical analysis tool that focuses on stock market transaction volume

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