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Iis Server prompts http Error 500 Internal Server Error Solution

This article will introduce to you how to solve the problem that the iis Server prompts http Error 500 Internal Server Error. If you need such a problem, refer. Troubleshoot The first error prompt is: HTTP 500-Internal server error, but after I

Website periodic Error 500

The website server is developed in nginx and php. The website has encountered a 500 error every weekend, and the nginx error log is not recorded. Generally, it appears when the POST form is submitted, and access to other pages is normal. Note: There

Zhimeng cms cannot update the article space exceeds the upper limit or the permission causes dedecms to generate the article report 500

1. Folder permissions may cause dedecms to report error 500For example, if the directory generated by your article is/a/20136/xxx.html, if the folder a has no write permission, the error 500 will occur.In the beginning, I thought it was another

Php+redis How to troubleshoot HTTP 500:internal Server error in real-world projects

The rapid increase in user volume, the number of visits in a short period of time doubled, due to previous capacity planning done better, hardware resources can be supported, but the software system has a big problem: 40% of requests will return

EACCELERATOR+PHP54 causes Smarty Update template 500 error

Issue background After updating the smarty template for the Business , multiple Error Records appear on the server . errors in the PHP error log are as follows: [16-may-2016 15:46:01 Asia/shanghai] PHP Fatal error:call to undefined

Troubleshoot MySQL consuming IO too high

1, the performance impact of the log:The direct performance loss due to log logging is the most expensive IO resource in the database system. MySQL logs include error log (errorlog), update log (updatelog), binary log (Binlog), query log (querylog),

Troubleshoot mongodb connection failure

Troubleshoot mongodb connection failure Install mongodb, add the administrator root and test Database User rex, and enable user authentication. Follow the instructions to connect to the mongodb Database: $ mongo = new Mongo ("mongodb: // rex: 123456

How to set up the PHP runtime environment and troubleshoot web servers under IIS

How to build the PHP runtime environment and troubleshoot web servers in iis I. php page completely inaccessible 1. check whether it is a php issue or a problem with servers such as iis. Method: Place a static file in the directory and use a

IIS server prompts HTTP Error Internal server error solution

Troubleshoot problems The initial error was: HTTP 500-internal server error, but I removed the "Show friendly HTTP error message" and got a more detailed error code. I also encountered many people have HTTP 500-internal server error message in the

IIS verbose error codes and explanations

When a user attempts to access content on a server that is running Internet information Services (IIS) through HTTP or File Transfer Protocol (FTP), IIS returns a numeric code that represents the state of the request. The status code is recorded in

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