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Care for your OS X Apple Computer operating system

It's often seen in Apple's forums that the novice user, who buys an Apple computer for the name and brand of Apple, has a face. But after a period of time, it started shouting, "The speed has slowed down", "The system appears the strange problem".

Black apple-start of IOS learning, black apple-IOS Learning

Black apple-start of IOS learning, black apple-IOS Learning Nine months ago, because I learned ios and was shy, I entered the trap of installing a black apple !!! I know that it is not easy to install a black apple. Here I will write a tutorial on

Apple Computer system First Aid introduction operation Common sense

Apple Mac OS X was developed by Apple in response to Apple's hardware requirements, and is based on UNIX systems. Thus, it is a very powerful and very stable operating system. However, a good system is not perfect. There are a number of

Ebook download: classic book of computer science (41 books in total) (Part 2)

10. c ++ primer 3rd Author: Stanley B. LippmanAmazon reviews: Amazon.comBook info: This book combines Stanley Lippman's practical experience and Jos é e Lajoie's deep understanding of ANSI/ISO Standard C ++ to fully and accurately describe the

Computer troubleshooting experience

Recently, there have been many things, and the mobile phone joystick is broken. Because it is something aging and cannot be repaired, I want to change my mobile phone. I 've been hesitating between the iPhone and gphone. The iPhone's industrial

IOS 6 programming practices

Original Title: iOS 6 programming pushing the limits Author: (US) ROB Napier mugunth Kumar [Translator's introduction] Translator: chen xiaoliang Wu Haifeng Deng Qiang Zhou Qingcheng series name: Turing Program Design Series Press: People's post and

itunes Restore iphone system unknown error 2/1602/13 problem Solving method

itunes restores iphone firmware to unknown error 1602 solution Problem Description: Some users upgrade or restore the iphone, ipad, or ipod touch with itunes, the update or restore process may stop, and itunes displays a warning message

OS X Mavericks system based

OS X Mavericks system basedVision Forum Black Apple ZoneBeginner's Guide to common troubleshooting and the necessary knowledge to popularize postsPlease use the Forum search function to carefully read the tutorial in the top post and the

The path for network administrators to grow

With the rapid development of information technology, network formation has become the only way for every modern enterprise. In most small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the use of the magic tool network is still very limited, the main

Overview of Mac OS X spotlight

Document directory Other methods: Overview of Spotlight on Mac OS X Spotlight is one of the highlights of the Apple OS X system. Its quick search is hard to find by other systems such as Windows. It has the following features: It is fast, fast,

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