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CD-ROM drive troubleshooting confluence

first, the CD-ROM common troubleshooting methods   Common Failure One: the optical drive work when the hard drive lights always flashing Fault reason: This is an illusion, in fact it is not so. The hard drive light is blinking b

USB flash drive, mobile hard disk inserted into the CD-ROM or CD-ROM why a card on the crash of the correct reason for analysis _ Application skills

A friend asked why the CD-ROM disc will appear card dead phenomenon, in fact, did not panic, just because of the poor quality of the CD-ROM or optical drive laser aging caused by. When the optical drive to read some of the optical

Mass production teach you how to make the U disk into a CD-ROM, after the installation can do not bring a CD and optical drive 0

English letter X, No problem ). Manufacturer: enter your U disk vendor. I copied it from chipgenius. Enter apacer and write USB flash drive. Select "Auto Detect ". This is because you manually enter the correct information. The following pattern, select 21 (meaning: Make the U disk into a CD-ROM and a removable disk ).* Note: in fact, the mode field is required.

The system cannot find the CD-ROM drive solution _ Hardware Maintenance

. When the optical drive is lost, you should first check the optical drive data cable is connected to the reverse (red and red), whether there is loosening. If you are sure that there are no problems elsewhere and the data cable for the optical drive is constantly moving, you should try replacing a data line. 2. Jumper settings conflict with hard

How to programmatically get a CD-ROM drive letter

[Ask questions] Recently I was developing a program that reads files from CD-ROM, such as video and audio files. Because the situation on each machine is different. How do I know what the CD-ROM drive is? Troubleshooting First,

Computer optical drive cannot read the solution of the CD-ROM introduction

I believe most people have come across a computer disc and can't read it, in the optical drive, the computer can not read the CD-ROM, the optical drive emits a "squeak" sound, some CD files and directories cannot be read, or the entire C

USB flash drive Installation Ubuntu14.04 Server version prompt solution to not mount CD-ROM data

Today, ready to install Ubuntu14.04 run Docker, go to the official website to download a good image, using the Chinese cabbage iOS mode directly burned on the U disk.Boot into the BIOS, set up a USB flash drive, go in after all the way smoothly, but chose the language and keyboard mode, always hint that the CD-ROM can not read, whether retry?The solution to this

Notebook system under CD-ROM drive without letter or Red Fork solution

Lenovo 7, 8 series notebook computer, after entering the system, a period of time will appear optical drive is not available, sometimes the CD-ROM icon has a red fork, and sometimes the optical drive icon disappears, there are two phenomena when the Device Manager does not have an optical

Notebook system under the CD-ROM drive does not have the letter or Red fork of the phenomenon shows

Failure phenomenon: Lenovo 7, 8 series notebook computer, after entering the system, a period of time will appear optical drive is not available, sometimes the CD-ROM icon has a red fork, and sometimes the optical drive icon disappears, there are two phenomena when the Device Manager does not have an optical

Solution to the problem of CD-ROM drive inability to read disk

One, all discs cannot be read : All discs placed in the optical drive are not readable 1-1. Whether there is a letter in the system : Open the Computer window to see if there is an optical drive letter icon 1-1-1, there's a letter in the system. : Opens the Computer window, inside can see the optical drive letter 1-1-1-1, re-identify the optical

How do I set access permissions on a computer CD-ROM drive?

On a multi-user computer, how do you set up a computer if the administrator wants to restrict other users from using the CD-ROM drive but only by the administrator? To solve such problems, you can go to the registry, find the CD-ROM driv

USB flash drive installs Ubuntu Server "No CD-ROM drives was detected"

USB flash drive installs Ubuntu failed. The most common problem encountered during the failure process is that although the installer is booted from the USB stick, the CD-ROM is checked and the installer is not checked until the system is installed in half, and the installation cannot proceed.Later is the check USB also open, in order to properly install it!Note:

How to set the BIOS CD-ROM drive to boot

First, the way to enter the BIOS according to the type of BIOS is also different, the most commonly used is the boot has been holding down the "Del" key to enter the BIOS, the interface is mostly the following figure: Mobile ↑↓←→ cursor keys can be selected, the general set up the boot sequence of items in the "Advanced BIOS Features" This option (right figure red box). The following screen appears when you enter: Computer knowledge In the box above, four are the fi

USB flash drive Installation Kali CD-ROM cannot mount resolved

Install Kali Linux with U disk in the process, there is a CD-ROM can not be mounted phenomenon, Baidu pit than Ah, drunk.Below the pro test successAfter a failure to mount, select Execute shellFirst step: df-mYou will see the mount information at the bottom of the/dev/***/media indicates that the USB flash drive device is attached to the/media, which prevents the

Delphi Programming Implementation Popup, turn off CD-ROM drive

If you want to be a CD player, that's the trick. This is a way to control the pop-up and shutdown of the CD-ROM drive door, first you need to add MMSystem in the Uses section, then add two TButton buttons, write the following statement in the button event, remember that when the call is complete must show or Judge Retu

With the "Virtual CD-ROM drive" with Windows subst command _ Application Tips

Do you know that there is a relatively safe and efficient virtual optical drive software in every day of dealing with Windows? Then he is a pure DOS command subst, its usage is: Subst Letter: path (to virtual path) For example: Subst h:e:\english. After such a setting, then H disk corresponds to the e:\english under the file. However, every time you start your computer, all of the "virtual optical drives" will disappear without a trace. This is what y

The solution to the CD-ROM drive in the notebook computer

1. Wipe the laser head with a dry swab Press the eject key of the optical drive to open the optical drive. Gently wipe the lens of the laser head with a cotton ball or cotton swab. Even if not for a long time, due to the internal ash of the notebook, the optical drive lens will accumulate a lot of dust, in the CD-

Lenovo ThinkPad E420 loaded SSD to the CD-ROM drive bit, the BIOS can not find, PE to find SSD

Lenovo ThinkPad E420 installed SSD to the CD-ROM drive bit, the BIOS can not find, PE to find SSD. Download old peaches PE version installed to U disk, start with U disk, enter WinPE, install system to SSD hard drive, reboot, BIOS can't find SSD hard drive, so will not st

U disk installs Ubuntu server 14.04 and no CD-ROM drive is detected error

U disk installation Ubuntu Server 14.041: Download the ISO image file for Ubuntu Server142: Download UltraISO u disk image making tool;3: Use Ultra IOS to write the downloaded ISO system image file to the USB flash drive;Write mode: After the write is successful, copy the iOS image to the U packing directory for the next copy5: Use the USB stick to start the computer and start the instal

Procedures to enable the CD-ROM drive of VM machines

on device Manager, Uninstall thecd-rom Device and Scan for hardware changes.650) this.width=650; "title=" 111.jpg "style=" Float:none; "src=" Wkiom1ieidodrqwcaadrvwzfmvi504.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1ieidodrqwcaadrvwzfmvi504.jpg "/>Set the Tag to 3, Start to 1650) this.width=650; "title=" 112.jpg "style=" Float:none; "src=" Wkiom1ieidow36dlaabrwz_fhkq610.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1ieidow36dlaabr

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