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Convert 24-bit true color bitmap to 4-bit (16-color) grayscale image (BMP)

The first thing to declare is that this 4-digit (16) color map is special, rather than a 16-color map, it's just a gray-scale map that uses 4-digit 16 colors for simulation. What is a grayscale image? A grayscale image is an image that only contains

C/C ++ BMP (24-bit true color) Image Processing (4) ------ image rotate ,------

C/C ++ BMP (24-bit true color) Image Processing (4) ------ image rotate ,------ After more than a month, CSDN seems to have finally fixed the BUG of returning the reading amount of the article list to zero, so it is almost impossible to put an

Image segmentation with color space

Original address: What is color space? Use color space for simple segmentation Color space and reading images using OPENCV Visualize clown fish in RGB color space

Web color collocation Tutorial: Three practical ways to get the web color design done

Why do you want to organize your design color method?In the application of color design, we understand the different degree of color, affect the performance of the design page, skillfully use color collocation, the design is not more than a

Three rules for maximum image color Temperature setting

The best color temperature setting-Why use color temperature is a panacea for color optimization? The white balance setting is the color temperature setting. The concept of color temperature belongs to the basic knowledge of traditional

C + + BMP (24-bit true color) image processing (4)------Image rotation

After one months, Csdn seems to finally seem to be the article List of reading information to zero bug fixed, and then put the article to do the final work when writing to test the results, but do not like the same as the last article on the Pit dad

The conversion between color image and grayscale image

I. Introduction to COLOR imagesIn the RGB color space, the image depth and color mapping relationship mainly has true color, pseudo-color and color blending.True color refers to the composition of a color image of each pixel value, there are r,g,b

Principle and source code for converting a color image to a grayscale image

In image processing, most of the processing methods need to convert a color image into a grayscale image in advance for calculation and recognition.The principle of converting a grayscale image from a color chart is as follows:We know that the color

Analysis of image formats

The image format is used to store images on a computer. Common storage formats include BMP, JPG, Tiff, GIF, PCX, TGA, EXIF, fpx, SVG, PSD, CDR, PCD, DXF, UFO, EPS, AI, raw, etc. BMP Image File Format BMP is an image file format unrelated to hardware

Using Delphi to quickly find the color of a full screen image 4. Using bitmapdata. Pas

Iv. Use of bitmapdata. Pas(Note: The bitmapdata. Pas file in the above compressed package has a small bgu, mainly because the current background color is not taken into consideration when the mouse pointer is captured. It is always black. The

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