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Swifthttp request. How to return True or false in get

Tags: http io ar sp for div on HTML asvar request = Httptask () request. GET ("Http://", Parameters:nil, Success: {(response:httpresponse) in if response.responseobject! = Nil, let data = Response.responseobject as NSData let

is 1 true or false in C + +?

Tags: style blog http io color os java SP divToday would like to look at the reference C + +, and then see the online question C + + 1 is true or false? With vc6.0 is a bit, is true. vc6.0 should be non-0 is true,0 to false. Java I have also tried,

VC++,MFC, when executing SQL Server statements with ADO, and an example of whether the return value is true or FALSE, the bool type

Tags: ExecuteSQL MFC VC + + SQL Server countMFC VC + + in the database to query the table to determine whether the SQL statement execution successIf there is a return bool value of TRUE (1), if the failure returns a bool value of FALSE (0).The

PHP empty function to determine 0 return TRUE or false?

Label:In recent projects, a field is encountered that is "enabled" if the value is 0,1 when the query is not writtenif isset ($args _array[' USEFLG ']) &&! Empty ($args _array[' USEFLG '])) {..... }So I did not find the time for 0, think

JS to judge true or false

Tags: Type judging nbsp res result false Else ROM pageresult["Pagefrom"]= (formtype== ' payment '? true:false);{{#if pagefrom}}<p>1</p>{{Else}}<p>2</p>{{/if}}JS to judge true or false

Each of the jquery uses return TRUE or false instead of break or continue_jquery

Copy Code code as follows: function MethodOne () { .... $.each (Array,function () { if (condition set) { return true; } }); .... } In a function, there is a each, and in each case a condition is set, the function retu

Instanceof is used to determine whether a PHP variable belongs to an instance of a class class and returns True or False

Tags: BOOL CDATA Data amp EOF Instance screen not example <?phpClassMyClass{}Class Notmyclass{}$a = new MyClass;Var_dump($a instanceof MyClass);Var_dump($a instanceof notmyclass);?> The above routines will output:BOOL (TRUE)

2016.8.01 "" Null undefined NaN 0 Special comparison is true or false

Label:In the JavaScript world, whether it's a function, an array, an object, or a string, a number, or a Boolean type, there are always a few maverick in these data types, and then there are some nasty bugs that are dispensable.The reason these

A class with a built-in type in Python and a magic method that defines __nonzero__ can be interpreted as true or false in an if statement

Label:1>>> a =[1,2,3]2>>>ifA:3 Print('I found something')4 5 6 I found something7>>> B = []8>>>if notB:9 Print('Empty')Ten One A Empty ->>> B = [] ->>>ifB: the Print('Empty'

[Android Warning] Androidmanifest.xml warning should explicitly set Android:allowbackup to TRUE or false

Tags: android style blog http color usingAndroidmanifest.xml Warning in AndroidShould explicitly set Android:allowbackup to True or False (it's true by default, and that can has some security implicat Ions for the application ' s

True or False? And why??? Java HashSet Contains

Label:note   use    Reason    man   java    imp   bsp    section    elements    Import Java.util.HashSet;

Judging the Explorer.exe process is true or false

1. What is the Explorer.exe process Open the Task Manager of the computer, you can see this process, occupy little memory, about 10MB. After the process is finished, several open windows are closed,

Change the registration form, see through True or False Panic _ registry

Computer crashes, I believe that we are not unfamiliar. A discovery of the crash, the novice computer friends will usually direct hot start or reset start, but who do not know, sometimes the computer does not really crash, but is in a state of suspen

How does the iphone identify parts that are true or false?

A simple step to identify the true and false Apple headphones In fact, do not need to say more, we look at the picture can be, through the diagram of 1, 22, if the sound has changed, it is the original headset, if the sound after blocking, it is

The future of interactive interface: to return to basics or true or false difficult to distinguish?

October 11, 2010, Windows Phone 7 was officially released. Microsoft has announced that the rebirth of the system has not only improved its intrinsic performance, but also highlighted its appearance:

Python returns fake (true or false) tips _python

In yesterday's blog about substring has the following code: Perhaps you've found that in Python 3 there is a way to complete a function in just one line: Copy Code code as follows: >>> def isSubstring2 (S1,S2): Return True if S2

Kingston notebook Memory How to identify true or false?

The simplest way is to call the official phone number, the output of the query, must call the official phone, can not dial the memory of the printed phone number (of course, if it is really printed is

Site traffic is true or false to judge there is a good way

We do network promotion, especially the marketing of advertising, the most worry may be false traffic, false traffic not only can not bring us any customers, will continue to waste our advertising costs, but also to the server or virtual host to brin

PHP self-taught no00004 data type Boolean true or False

The above describes the PHP self-taught no00004 data type Boolean true and False, including the aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful. 

Python returns a false value (True or False) tips

In yesterday's blog about substring has the following code: You may have found that in Python 3 there is a way to complete a function in just one line:Copy the Code code as follows: >>> def isSubstring2 (S1,S2): Return True if S2.find (

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