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TSC Barcode Printer C # routines (Tsclib.dll call)

TSC Barcode Printer C # routines (Tsclib.dll call)----Program.csUsing System;Using System.Collections.Generic;Using System.Windows.Forms;Using System.Runtime.InteropServices;public class Tsclib_dll{[DllImport ("TSCLIB.dll", EntryPoint = "about")]public static extern int is about ();[DllImport ("TSCLIB.dll", EntryPoint = "Openport")]public static extern int Openport (string printername);[DllImport ("TSCLIB.d

TSC Barcode Printer Problem Solving method

paper TSC ttp-243/243e/342 machine? Turn on the Feed+pause green light alternate flashing red light calculate a reincarnation, operation three rounds can; Press and hold pause key to test paper; 8. What is tearing off mode, stripping mode? Rip off mode is our usual mode, stripping mode is to print out the label can immediately use external accessories to put the label next. Generally used on the assembly line How to correct the operation of the

Java calls the TSC printer for printing

nobackfeed(); Int windowsfont(int x, int y, int fontheight, int rotation, int fontstyle, int fontunderline, String szFaceName, String content); } Public static void main(String[] args) { System.setProperty("jna.encoding", "GBK");// Support Chinese SimpleDateFormat df = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"); String time = df.format(new Date()); String qrCode = "PD102011"; TscLibDll.INSTANCE.openport("TSC TTP-244 Pro");//

TSC B-2,404 Barcode printer label print position on the not allowed solution!

Taiwan half Company carefully launched TSC B-2,404 code printer has a low price, excellent quality, to provide a variety of optional accessories, fully meet the requirements of users! For users often encounter the TSC B-2404 print each label position on the situation, Shenzhen Trust constant science and technology based on the actual work experience, Sorting out

TSC TTP-342 Printer Installation tips and steps

TSC TTP-342 Pro Barcode Printer Installation steps are mainly divided into equipment and PC connection, label paper installation, barcode Ribbon installation, label paper detection several steps, the following Shenzhen mutual trust and constant technology to teach you how to complete the installation of the barcode printer! First, the product internal descriptio

How does a Samsung printer download drivers and software?

If you do not have the driver, your printer will not work. If we lose the printer driver we purchased, we can download a printer driver from the Samsung official website, the following is a demonstration.Open the Internet Explorer, enter www.samsung.com.cn, and log in.2. Click the magnifier icon.3. Enter the product model to download the program in the search box

LJ2208 small new printer medical system software printed license order when the print content is abnormal

LJ2208 small new printer, when the medical system software to print the test sheet when the content of the exception, as follows: Solution: In printing preferences, change print settings from image to text, which can now be resolved.

How to use HP printer with software scan under Win7 system?

Officejet576 series Win7 with the software to achieve the scanning settings (USB connection) 1, open "HP printer Assistant" 2. Run "scan documents and photos" 3., select Source file source, as needed, choose Save type A. Save as PDF 1 PDF has 2 file types: PDF and searchable pdf. The first PDF cannot be edited, copy. The second searchable PDF can be available for copy. But it ca

How do I connect to a printer scan using the WORD2007 version software?

after the scan driver is installed , In addition to the use of the self belt Smarthru Scan, you can also use other software scans. (for example, in the case of version 2007, for different versions of the software version, check the software version to help with the operation.) ) 1. open WORD and choose to insert clip

[Software tools] SQL pretty printer

The SQL statements in these logs are heap into a heap, which is hard to identify. So I want to have a tool that can display messy SQL statements in a structured way. A software called SQL pretty printer was found on the Internet. The remaining features are not available for trial, but the functions I want are already very good. For example, the SQL statements copied from the Profiler trace are crowded

Epson Epson Printer Clear 0 Software

EPSON R210 For example, other models are similar, you can cooperate with the translation software to see (such as PowerWord). When there are two lights alternating flashing, the general situation is the waste ink counter is in place, need to reset again. Select the printer and the appropriate online port When the number shows more than 20000, the waste ink bin on the alarm, there is a cleaning

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