tufte data visualization principles

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Application of data visualization design in PPT

The display of chart data is the most commonly used function in PPT design. For the audience to quickly understand the content of the PPT data, we need to the PPT chart data for visual design processing. Today brings you to the Visage data Visualization Design Guide, we can

Python Data analysis notes-data visualization

Getting Started with data visualization matplotlib drawingIn order to use Matplotlib to draw the base image, you need to call the plot () function in the Matplotlib.pyplot sub-LibraryAs as npx=np.linspace (0) plt.plot (x,. 5+x) plt.plot (x,1+2*x,'--') plt.show ()Logarithmic graphsA logarithmic graph is actually a graph that is drawn using logarithmic coordinates. For a logarithmic scale, the interval repr

Secrets of data visualization

consists of two aspects. Charts are not equivalent to data. Plotting may affect people's subjective understanding. A qualified data chart should reflect data as objectively as possible. (Of course, a person familiar with the principles of data

Why do we need data visualization and how to use charts to tell stories? [Mandatory for data analysis]

Why do we need data visualization and how to use charts to tell stories? # You often need to do data visualization, and then use PPT to persuade senior executives or make various decisions. Today we will share some PPT tips! Tip: If you want to use a dispatch app to view your friends, please watch them on a Wi-Fi netwo

D3 visualization 02: understanding the true meaning of D3 data driver

Label: style HTTP color Io OS ar Java As mentioned earlier, SVG has been able to easily control its DOM objects by using JavaScript scripting language since its birth. Of course, there are many control methods, including direct control of SVG objects, such as using native JS, and JS class libraries that help you encapsulate a single interface for direct control, such as Rapha ë L. However, as I mentioned in the first article, the important reason why D3 stands out as an intermediate class librar

Python Advanced (40)-Data visualization using Matplotlib for plotting

Python Advanced (40)-Data visualization using Matplotlib for drawing preface?? Matplotlib is an open source project based on the Python language, designed to provide Python with a data-drawing package. I'll cover the core objects of the Matplotlib API in this article, and explain how to use these objects to implement the drawing. In fact, Matplotlib's object syst

Interactive data visualization with R language

JavaScript chart libraries, each with its own strengths. Each chart library has several customization options, most of which are supported by Rcharts.NVD3 is a d3.js project designed to build reusable diagrams and components-it provides the same powerful functionality but is easier to use. It allows us to work with complex datasets to create more advanced visualizations. The Nplot function is provided in the Rcharts package.The following is an example of the basic

Visualization of medical data using D3.js (ii) Legend (Legend) __js

introduce At the end of the previous article, we mentioned a number of areas to be improved on the generated visual graph. Here we will discuss the display of the legend. The main purpose of the legend is to describe the contents and indicators of the symbols and colors represented in the chart. For the line chart we generated earlier, we need to use a legend to illustrate what each curve means. The basic principles of the two-point summary are as fo

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