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Share the solution to Tumblr hot account can't register

The little friends must know about Tumblr, but Tumblr is down in the Apple Store in China, and I'll give you a detailed explanation of the Tumblr download method and the process of registering for the landing.The first step: Download soup is not hot1. Go to Settings and click on itunes Store with App StoreQ: Where can i download the

Architectural challenges behind the TUMBLR:150 million-month view volume

This article is very eye-opening, reproduced over. English Original address: http://highscalability.com/blog/2012/2/13/tumblr-architecture-15-billion-page-views-a-month-and-harder.html Csdn translated original address: http://www.csdn.net/article/2012-02-14/311806 (Previous article) --------------- Summary: reading Tumblr's monthly page views more than 15 billion times, he has become a popular blog community. The user may like his simplicity, his beau

"Tumload"-TUMBLR video download artifact released

Awesome Tumblr Video Downloader-"Tumload" released. The best use of Tumblr video downloader, can be copied link to thunderbolt download, faster! Download Link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qYw1gte First, the interface One area is the input area, you can enter the link address you want to crawl or the file address where the link is stored. Area second is the control area, you can choose the

Faux Tumblr point like heart Crush Animation in iOS

The recent Tumblr light blog, whether web-side or mobile, is very popular, a simple survey, where the animation is my interest, hereby wrote a faux Tumblr point like heart broken animation;1. First look at the effect:2. The effect that mimics Tumblr is applied as follows:principle: Use the button to click Action to add two events, change the background hidden and

The architectural challenges behind the tumblr:150 of the million-month browsing volume

This article is very open to the eyes of people, over reprinted. English Original address: http://highscalability.com/blog/2012/2/13/tumblr-architecture-15-billion-page-views-a-month-and-harder.html CSDN Translation Original address: http://www.csdn.net/article/2012-02-14/311806 (Last article) --------------- absrtact: The reading of Tumblr is more than 15 billion times a month, he has become a popular blog

Chinese version tumblr: Dot dot net

Xu Chang created the so-called "light blog community" Dot Dot network, and Kai-Fu Lee's Innovation workshop is the site's investors. No one is afraid to discuss this is a Tumblr imitators, it is amazing why plagiarism is so late? It is true that Tumblr has not achieved that astonishing success compared with the heyday of Twitter. But in China this is not a big obstacle, except for a handful of people in the

Sharing features of popular websites abroad: FACEBOOK,TWITTER,GOOGLE+1,TUMBLR, etc.

Recently need to do a few foreign sites on the sharing function, originally thought will and Weibo, space, such as the trouble, what Appkey, Apptoken, API. It turned out that it was not so annoying.Twitter share:https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?original_referer=http://www.microvolts.com/text=MicroVolts%20Surge%20-% 20online%20toy%20shootertw_p=tweetbuttonurl=http://www.microvolts.comvia=microvoltsFacebook Share:Http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=www.baidu.comt=123213123G+1 Share:Https://pluson

30 great Tumblr Photos blog recommended

What does web design spell? The quality of Web design actually depends on the image. Image inspiration is also very important, we all like TUMBLR that kind of clean, simple sense of the subject, coupled with a little bit personalized, excellent charm, can be convenient to display photo works. To find a good gallery is not easy, here is a collection of 30 great Tumblr photo blog, sensitive to photos of fri

Engineer Technology (v): Shell script writing and testing, redirecting output application, using special variables, writing a judgment script, writing a batch add user script

First, the shell script writing and testingGoal:This example requires two simple shell scripts, with the following task objectives:1> wrote a greeting/root/helloworld.sh script that was executed and displayed a phrase "Hello world!! ”2> Write a/root/sysinfo script that can output system information, then output the current version of the Red Hat system, the kernel version currently in use, and the hostname of the current system.Scheme:Standardize the

[Play with writing] Search Engine writing records (1), search engine writing

[Play with writing] Search Engine writing records (1), search engine writing My recent work is not very busy. If I have nothing to do in my spare time, I will sort out the knowledge in my notes and find that I have learned a lot about crawlers and indexes in the past, why don't I write a search engine? Just do what you want. These essays record the ideas and pr

Several writing methods in js: The first writing, record, and js writing

Several writing methods in js: The first writing, record, and js writing --- Restore content start --- 1. jsp page style      // Compare the length of two lists on the jsp page: $ {fn: length (list1) = fn: length (list2 )}, use fn to introduce >Select All: // Add another foreach loop traversal to the input to determine whether each checkbox is selected. if sel

[betterexplained] Writing is for better thinking _ writing

I often summarize what I've learned before I walk and go to bed, think about what's left of it, read and think for a while, and a whole framework of knowledge emerges in my mind. Then I would write it down, however, I was often very surprised to find that when I was writing, the new content still flowed out, just like my keyboard would think. Half a year ago, I have in an article "with Polya learn to solve the problem" written to the question of the t

Writing requirements, process and writing skills of the thesis

Writing requirements, process and writing skills of the thesisIn a broad sense, a work that deals with the content of science and technology is called scientific writings, such as original works (theses), briefings, synthesis reports, progress reports, literature reviews, commentaries, monographs, compilations, textbooks and popular science books. However, only the original works and their briefings are ori

C Language Loops Basic program writing, writing a C programs

C Language Loops Basic program writing, writing a C programsIn this project you'll demonstrate your understanding of loops and if statements by writing a programThat sequentially processes a file of text data. You is also expected to make use of functions (chapters5 and 6) and Arrays (Chapter 7, covered in lectures in Weeks 6 and 7). The sample solution that woul

The method of writing specification and writing order of CSS

The CSS that has been written for so long, but most of the front-end ER did not follow a good CSS writing code to write CSS, which will affect the reading experience of the code, here I summarize a CSS writing specifications, CSS writing order for everyone's reference, these are referred to some foreign articles and my personal experience summed up, I think it is

CSS writing Mode:ie CSS Properties Writing-mode use

The use of this property in the project sets the vertical display of the text, but it can only be used in IE, and there is no good workaround in other browsers. Grammar: WRITING-MODE:LR-TB TB-RL Parameters: LR-TB: Left-right, up-down TB-RL: Up-down, right-left Description Sets or retrieves the intrinsic writing direction of the object's content block. Western languages are left-right, up-and-down

Python logs, support for color printing and file size slices writing and writing to MongoDB

here is a variety of handler objects that have been added to the list by AddHandler), and the handler method of handler calls the Emit method. So you only need to inherit logging when writing custom handler. Handler class, overriding the emit method is possible. If you have special needs to pass in other parameters, you will need to override the Init method in addition to the emit method.So a total of two main design patterns in the inside, logger an

JavaScript writing: The writing of JavaScript classes

A function in JavaScript is a class that uses this to set the public member variables and methods of a class, such as: function MyClass (name) { var str = "private string"; Private field function Privatefn () {//private method alert (str); }; THIS.name = name; THIS.PUBFN = function () { Privatefn (); Call Private method Alert ("MYCLASS.PUBFN"); } } Create an object with new when used: var obj = new MyClass ("123"); var name = Obj.name; Access public field OBJ.PUBFN (); Call public method The abo

In JavaScript $ (function () {}); What's the difference between writing and not writing _javascript tips

in JavaScript $ (function () {...}) Is the classic use of jQuery, equivalent to $ (document). Ready (function () {...}), that is, after the page has finished loading to execute a function, if you want to manipulate the DOM in the function, it will be more secure after the page load is completed. So this is a common way to use JQuery. $ (document). The code in Ready () is executed when the content of the page is loaded, and if the code is written directly into the script tag, when the page loads

Several PHP code writing and tips to improve the running efficiency, php writing _ PHP Tutorial

Several PHP code writing methods, skills sharing, and php writing methods can improve the running efficiency. In PHP, there are several code writing methods and tips that can improve the running efficiency. php writing is not nonsense and you can directly look at the code example. I. traverse the array. in the traversa

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