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Channel coding for the physical layer of LTE--Data information coding: Turbo coded __lte

The Turbo code skillfully constructs the long code with pseudo random character by the parallel cascade of two simple component codes through pseudo random interleaving, and realizes pseudo random decoding by multiple iterations between two

Serial Communication (MSComm) development process records (including a relatively BASIC program version that can communicate)

What I want to do is a serial port tool similar to a Super Terminal for AT command applications. The option card interface sends at commands to communicate with the data card, facilitating R & D personnel to read and write data cards and testers to

12th Chapter-Exception Handling and program debugging (III.) (2) Watch Expression The Watch List window (Watch list windows) Displays the value of the current watch expression in the program's run. Select view| Watches can open the Watch List window. The most convenient way to add a watch expression

Linux netfilter framework-comparison with Cisco ACL-

In front 0. 1. This article does not involve specific implementation, source code, or code profiling. . This article does not argue the implementation details between Linux or Cisco IOS versions. 0. 3. Please note that this article is

Linux Learning Basics _unix Linux

1, what is Linux? To be exact, the Linux kernel (the core program of the system), whose kernel copyright belongs to Linus Torvalds, is issued under the GPL (GNU general public License) Copyright Agreement, and anyone can copy (copy) and modify (

Step by step install Turbo Linux

TurboLinux is a Linux Release Developed by pacpacific HiTech. It is now released by Beijing Trina Solar software Co., Ltd. to Release the official TurboLinux Simplified Chinese version. The version is 3.0.2 Pre Release 1 FTP, you can download this

JVM log output description

Post address: http://www.iteye.com/topic/603347 In large-scale Java applications, it is essential to optimize the program and specify a suitable garbage collection mechanism. How can we determine whether a GC optimizes the program? We can view the

Impact of traffic shaping, latency, and ACK loss on timing of TCP sends

TCP is a continuous trickle or rolling of the Yangtze River, but this is just the ideal situation! After a lot of intermediary network devices, eventually a TCP stream arrives at the receiving end, it will probably no longer maintain a stream form,

Programming tool download Index

[Visual Studio] Quote: CD-key: Fill in 1 Visualstudio2005.team. EditionHttp://ejia.tust.edu.cn/soft/show.asp? Id = 927 Msdn library forvisualstudio2005Http://ejia.tust.edu.cn/soft/show.asp? Id = 928 Microsoft Visual Studio. NET 2005

Pascal type, variables, and constants

The original PASCAL Language was built on some simple concepts that are now widely used inProgramming Language. The most important concept is the data type. The data type determines the valid values of the variable and the operations that can be

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