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How the ipad Downloads music/games (ipad mini,ipad Air)

1. Two ways to add, The first of these methods If it's a music file, we connect the ipad directly to the computer, then we open the itunes software, just drag the music from the computer to the itunes Music channel, and then sync it to the ipad. The second method: 1. Click "Files" in the upper-right corner and select "Add Files to Database" or "Add folders to the database" as required. ”。 2. When y

How can I enable the ipad air2/ipad anti-theft function? Steps to enable anti-theft for ipad

1. On the ipad air2/ipad desktop, find the "Settings" icon and open the button (this icon is available for ios devices)2. We can find "iCloud" under "Settings" and then open it, as shown in the following figure.3. Now, enter the Apple ID and password of the device and click "log on". If you have logged on, click our appleid name.4. wait for the system to verify the co

What about the ipad Air screen? ipad Air-yin Screen solution

Line, Hong Kong version, the United States version of the "Yin and yang screen" A user reflects, they just bought the ipad Air has a "yin-yang screen" problem, that is, the left side of the screen color yellow on the dark, the right temperature normal. And before the "Quality Gate", the emergence of the "Yin-yang screen" problem is not limited to the national line version, the Hong Kong version, the United States version of the same can not be exempt

Ipad/ipad air cannot be turned on. What should I do? ipad cannot be turned on? Summary

According to the experience of the small series iOS device can not open the problem is likely to be the case of electricity, the card has crashed, the system crashes, the following small series on these issues to give you introduce different solutions. One, system crashes If none of the above solutions work, and you see an itunes connection on your Ipad/ipad air screen, the phone is now in recovery mode.

Beauty camera ipad How to download install ipad Beauty Camera Download method

How to download and install beauty camera ipad 1. First open the App Store on the ipad we searched for the "beauty Camera" and found that it was right because the beauty camera had no ipad version, so how to install the beauty camera on the ipad. 2. Now we are looking at the beauty camera interface to see that ther

Ipad/ipad2/ipad air/ipad min tablet iOS8.1.1 downgrade iOS8.1 tutorial

Method One: Official restoration   Downgrade Description: This method is useful for operations when the latest iOS8.1 system validation is not closed    Operation Steps: 1, the iphone ipad ITouch and other devices connected to the computer to open iTunes. 2, hold down the keyboard shift (up button) the left mouse button click on the recovery of ITunes. 3, ITunes will pop up the dialogue

IPad Mini2 Upgrade iOS7.1.2 During the course of the death card? The Mini2 solution in the IPad upgrade iOS7.1.2 process

Cloud Habitat Community Small tip: This workaround can be used for ipod touch5 ipad mini2 ipad Mini ipad Air,iphone4,iphone5,iphone4s/5s,ipad series. Failure phenomenon My ipad mini2 upgraded iOS7.1.2, but how long does it take to get ahead? Solutions Later in Baidu sear

What about the IPad air power consumption? ipad Air power Fast Solution

Introduction to the problem My family has 2 ipad:1 is iPad1 generation, iOS5 system, 1 is the ipad air,ios7 system. The last time the ipad Air's iOS7 system opened the App Store, it sometimes went well, sometimes it was very serious and sometimes even hung out. It is now found that the ipad Air power consumption is mu

How to recover after the ipad escape? How to solve the ipad mini jailbreak white Apple?

Prepare to prepare the software 1. Jailbreak white Apple on behalf of the escape failed, we just from the recovery system on it, we go to the official download a latest version of the itunes software, installed in the computer. 2. After installing itunes, we connect the ipad Mini with the USB port on the computer. Restore the IPAD system First, we have to turn off the machine, we long press the top po

Six big guesses analysis IPad Air Plus/ipad Pro What is

In addition to exposing the more details of Apple Watch and the new MacBook, we did not see the ipad Pro, which was rumored to have been reported before the press conference, and how much it was disappointing to see the ipad's new Apple powder. However, the inaccurate news is that Apple has postponed the launch of the ipad Pro to this September. But since Apple has launched a new 12-inch MacBook, will the

How to make a phone call with an ipad? How to use the ipad video phone (1/2)

1. FaceTime can be used for video telephony via a wireless network. Use a frontal camera for face-to-face conversation, or use a back camera to share people or things around you. To use FaceTime, you need to connect the ipad 2 to the wireless network. The contact you are calling must also have an IOS device or computer that can use FaceTime and is networked. Second Step 2. Open the FaceTime application. Th

How ipad Air upgrades ios8?ipad Air fast Upgrade iOS8 tutorial

Method I, OTA updateFind and upgrade directly in the ipad Air: "Settings"-"General"-"Software Updates" Method II, use itunes to update equipment  When the computer needs to surf the internet and then connect the ipad Air to the computer, click "Version" in the ipad Air "Digest" in itunes, and select "Check for Updates" If there is a new version that will automat

How does the ipad Air install the IME? The ipad Air Input Method Installation Tutorial

Specific steps 1. Find Cydia in your jailbreak ipad and click on "admin-Software Source-click Edit in upper right corner" 2. Here we enter cydia.sogou.com, click Add Source, wait for loading source data as shown in the following figure. 3. After successful, return to the Software source list, select Sogou Input method, according to the ipad's firmware to select the corresponding Sogou input method 4. Click to install, wait for the installa

What about the ipad explosion? ipad Sound Solution

Problem status IPad Mini before the rise iOS7 no problem, the results of the upgrade today ios7.0.2, everywhere is a sonic ah, microblogging refresh, News prompts, the game is a sound, harsh dead. Solutions First, most of this is reflected in the ipad The mini upgrades the ios7.0.2, and then on a variety of voice issues: normal broadcast is very harsh, headphones inserted, the left ear silent, the right

How does the ipad close the background program? ipad Shutdown Daemon Method

1. On the ipad, we Press "home Screen" button continuously 2. At this time, the following figure all the backstage program is here, and IOS6 has a big difference 3. So now how to close the background program, in fact, it is very simple we just slide up the background specified program can be closed. 4. If you want to close two simultaneously can be synchronized sliding two to shut down. 5. Press the "Home screen" key again after closing, o

IPad replacement laptop: iPad mobile office software recommendation

Can I replace my laptop with my laptop? Based on my actual usage requirements and experience, if you use a notebook to record meetings or perform general document processing, this kind of work can be completely replaced by iPad. The biggest advantage of using iPad as a portable computer for office is its high portable performance. For example, one hand holds the iPad

What about the ipad Air auto shutdown? ipad Air automatic shutdown solution

Problem status ipad Air in the case of 90% power, a sudden shutdown, and then after the boot has been unable to enter the system. Solutions First, the home key + power-on key together hold about 10 seconds! Until you see the Apple logo. Second, if the problem remains! You can only recover your device via itunes! Connecting to itunes prompts you to have a device that needs to be recovered. You have to follow the itunes prompts to recover. A

Compatible processing of retina new iPad and general resolution iPad pages

I finally understood what the retina is like a normal screen. That is to say, the resolution is twice the size of other screens, but the size is still the same. An image is 200*200, and the image style is set to 200*200. The image is blurred in the retina. If the image size is 400*400, it will not be blurred, but it will be in high definition. The rounded corner, gradient, and shadow depicted using css3 are the same. I. Experience Sharing Even if it is not fruit powder, you should know that one

Can I upgrade ios8.2 to iPad 2/3/4? Upgrade ios8.2 card for iPad 2/3/4 or not?

Can I upgrade ios8.2 to iPad 2/3/4?The ios8.2 system supports the upgrade of ios8.2 for ipad 2 for iPad 3 for iPad miniiPad 4. The details are as follows:IPad 4IPad 4 (generation model A1458) WIFI (iPad3, 4)IPad 4 (generation model A1459) GSM (iPad3, 5)

Compatible processing of retina New iPad and general resolution iPad page, newipad

Compatible processing of retina New iPad and general resolution iPad page, newipadI. Experience Sharing Even if it is not fruit powder, you should know that one of the major differences between iPad2 and the new iPad is the display resolution. The new iPad display is called the retina display. Its device resolution ra

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