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How to turn off the screen rotation under Windows 10 system (off gravity sensor)

Failure phenomenon: The plate rotates automatically when rotating, which affects use, and the following is the way to turn off the system's gravitational induction, which is to lock the screen. Solution: 1, in the lower right corner of the desktop click on the new notice, open the Notification center, in the notification center can see the rotation lock button, the default is the gray state, that is

To turn off McAfee correct steps

Some McAfee users say McAfee is completely different from the rest of the software on the computer, and users have been unable to find a way to shut down McAfee's antivirus software. So, is McAfee really going to shut down? Or do you need the right steps? Next, let's take a look at the antivirus software off

10 practical ways to turn off Windows 8 systems

and reboot shortcuts are dragged to the taskbar 3. Use shortcut keys to shut down or reboot You can customize the hotkey for the shortcuts above, so that you can quickly turn off or reboot with just one click. 4, the Use of Shutdown dialog box ALT+F4 This shortcut key combination is also true in Windows 8. Shutdown, restart, sleep here, in desktop mode using

Turn off wireless features under Windows 10

1. We found the wireless connection icon in the Windows 10 system taskbar, then we clicked on the WLAN button and then opened the Wireless list interface: Then we'll see that there are two modes, and we click on it to open the 2, of course, one way is to click the Network Settings button, on the pop-up page, the wireless function will be opened as shown in the following image: It is very

How does Windows 10 turn off push notifications?

1, Windows 10 upgrade notification that someone has a program patch to judge, this patch is: KB3035583, we just delete it on it, open the Start menu, and then find the control Panel-programs and features-view installed updates, as shown in the following illustration: 2, in the program management we find KB3035583 Update, click Uninstall can (need to restart), as shown: 3, Note: KB3035583 is th

How does the Windows 10 firewall function close? Turn off the WIN10 firewall settings method

Cause analysis I need to turn off the carbon paper because the firewall problem is causing the other person to be unable to access my shared and file printer. Turn off the WIN10 firewall tutorial First, find "Computer" on the desktop then right-click it, click "Properties" in the pop-up menu, option. Second,

Windows 10 system turn on or off Full screen Start Menu tutorial

Close the Full screen Start menu interface as shown in the figure: Solution: 1, this setting desktop personalization, we right click on the "desktop" blank, in the menu click the "personalized" option, details as shown in the following figure: 2, in the open personalized interface We click "Start" and then on the right "use full screen Start Menu" set to open (off), the following figure: 3, using the Full Screen Start menu settin

Windows 7 Automatic Update How to turn off Win7 turn off Automatic Updates tutorial

1, we open the beginning of the computer in the following "Control Panel" and then click Open to enter 2, in the Control Panel, we click on "System and security" to open access 3, then we click on "Windows Update" open access, details are as follows 4, then click on the interface "Change Settings" and then click Enter. 5, then we click on "Never check the update" after opening the details below 6, the

Turn off win 10 upgrade tips

Download never 10, link http://down.51cto.com/data/2234966Run as Administrator:650) this.width=650; "title=" QQ picture 20160818115218.png "style=" float:left; "alt=" wkiol1e1mvpz4k33aac1xx_ Vqme216.png-wh_50 "src=" http://s5.51cto.com/wyfs02/m02/86/1c/wkiol1e1mvpz4k33aac1xx_vqme216.png-wh_500x0-wm_3- Wmp_4-s_186263770.png "/>650) this.width=650; "title=" QQ picture 20160818115342.png "style=" float:left; "alt=" Wkiom1e1mvpq8cj9aacapbklkcq353.png-wh_5

Turn off Windows 7 unwanted services to speed up your system

Understanding these system processes, you can turn off the unused services, in order to reduce the memory occupancy rate, improve the system running speed, very practical! Add: Some netizens asked, how to open these system services, altar friends @kayy509 has answered, in the "Run" input services.msc enter can be opened, as shown Right-click to start or stop a service. In the

Turn off some system services to improve Windows XP security

host: That is, the "Universal Plug-ins host" service, although many users installed the service in the system, is not very practical. 10.Windows Messenger Service: Messenger, which provides the function of "network send" and "alarm". It is independent of the instant Messaging client and can therefore be disabled. On your system, these services may not be all turned on or installed. Whether a particular s

How to turn off the Windows 8 system

and reboot shortcuts are dragged to the taskbar 3. Use shortcut keys to shut down or reboot You can customize the hotkey for the shortcuts above, so that you can quickly turn off or reboot with just one click. 4, the Use of Shutdown dialog box ALT+F4 This shortcut key combination is also true in Windows 8. Shutdown, restart, sleep here, in desktop mode using

Windows 7 Turn off sleep (hibernate) mode and delete hibernation files

Original address: https://www.192ly.com/pc/win7/gb-sm.htmlHow do I turn off the Sleep (Hibernate) feature of Windows 7? How do I delete a hibernation file from a Windows 7 system? Windows 7 is enabled by default sleep and sleep function, the main function of sleep function i

Enable or turn off IE Enhanced Security configuration on Windows

When you open IE Explorer in Windows Sever 2012, IE10 prompts you with the "enabled Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration" message. is set to "high security" in the security level, and if I want to turn off Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration, how do I set it? The cause of the problem In

Turn off Windows Server 2003&2008 IE Enhanced Security Configuration

When you use the Windows Server 2003/2008 operating system, when you open IE browse the Web page, you find that the browser always prompts "Whether you need to add the currently visited site to your trusted site", if you do not trust, you can not open the specified Web page, if you trust, you must click "Add" button to add the page to the list of trusted sites. A fair acceptance but every time you visit a webpage, you have to go through this step, it

Turn off the WiFi currently connected to the Windows system and determine the physical \ Virtual network card, wired \ Wireless network card

% '"); stringGUID =""; foreach(ManagementObject moinchSearcher. Get ()) {GUID= mo["GUID"]. ToString (). Trim (); Console.WriteLine (GUID); varRegistryKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey (@"system\currentcontrolset\control\network\{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\"+ GUID +"\\Connection",false); if(RegistryKey! =NULL) { varMediasubtypevalue = RegistryKey.GetValue ("Mediasubtype"); if(Mediasubtypevalue! =NULL)

Use Windows Remote Terminal to turn off the Linux host

Turn off the Linux host-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information on the remote end of Windows. The following is a detailed description. This is a requirement of my own company. We need to shut down all the machines in the data center safely before the UPS is insufficient during power failure. Let's talk about how the company solved the

How to turn system rating on and off under Windows 7

Failure Phenomenon: How to turn on and off the system rating feature under Windows 7.   Solution: The system rating is a computer performance detection tool with the Windows 7 operating system, which measures the functionality of the computer's hardware and software configuration, and represents this

Win10 How does the system turn off the "Enable virus protection" "Enable Windows Firewall" prompt?

Win10 How the system turns off Enable virus protection " enable Windows Firewall " tips? There are many users who have upgraded to theWin10the official version of the system, but there are some original win7/win8.1the user indicates that after the upgrade,Win10The system always prompts"Enable virus protection""enabledWindowsFirewall", because most users shut down the firewall and the system before the u

How to turn off the Windows 7 Aero shake feature

For this function, including the author in, many users are basically not. Still accustomed to using the "window key +d" and other key combinations to minimize and restore the window. Since it is not used, why not completely block it? Some netizens believe that shielding this function can also save system resources. Run the Group Policy Editor, turn on user Configuration → admin module → desktop, and then double-click the "

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