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Turn off the flashlight on Android (milestone 2.1)

Different mobile phones use different methods to enable Flash. Here, the Motorola milestone mobile phone is used as an example main. xml: [HTML] View plaincopy Android: layout_width = "fill_parent" Android: layout_height = "fill_parent" Android: Orientation = "vertical"> Android: Id = "@ + ID/Open"

Android flashlight Principle

Android flashlight Principle I. Principles Currently, the android app store has many flashlight applications. Its core principle is very simple. In fact, it is to use the Camera in android to control the flashing. Now, Let's explain how

Turn Flashlight on/off

Code is relatively simple, just a few lines, no nonsense, also do not explain, directly on the code bar.1. import Header File1 #import 2, click the button to achieve:1-(Ibaction) Torchontouchbutton: (UIButton *) sender{2Class Capturedeviceclass = nsclassfromstring (@"Avcapturedevice");//Equipment Class3 if(Capturedeviceclass! =Nil) {4Avcapturedevice *device = [Avcapturedevice defaultdevicewithmediatype:

Android development ----------- improved flashlight version, android -----------

Android development ----------- improved flashlight version, android ----------- Based on the previous Add a drawable/local_me.xml file under the res folder. Localme_cmc Main Program: Package com. example. handlightactivity; import android. app. activity; import android

Implementation of flashlight for Android

There are two main steps: 1. Enable and disable the flashlight. Camera camera = Camera. open (); Parameters mParameters = camera. getParameters (); mParameters. setFlashMode (Camera. parameters. FLASH_MODE_TORCH); // open Camera. parameters. FLASH_MODE_OFF indicates that camera is disabled. setParameters (mParameters) 2. Customize the flashlight button. The custom control mainly sets the size of the view.

How to enable flashlight for Android

supportBoolean getFlashlightEnabled ();Void setFlashlightEnabled (boolean on );} Then introduceCopy codeThe Code is as follows: import android. OS. IHardwareService; /*** Enable and disable the flashlight.* @ Param isEnable* @ Author linc* @ Date 2012-3-18*/Private void setFlashlightEnabled (boolean isEnable){Try{Method method = Class. forName ("

Android --- eye lamp and high compatibility flashlight

Android --- eye lamp and high compatibility flashlight The program has two main functions: Eye lamp and flashlight. However, the solution to the flashlight compatibility is to add exception control to avoid various abnormal occupation and startup failure.The main interface of the program, without beautification, only i

Android Flashlight principle

I. Introduction of the principleNow the Android App Store has a lot of flashlight apps. The core principle is very simple, in fact, using the camera-type cameras in Android control the flash lights. OK, next, step-by-step tutorial on how Android controls the Flash.Second, add permissionsWhen using the

The flashlight light developed on Android platform

The flashlight light developed on Android platform1. Demand Analysis:In modern society, the function of mobile phones is more and more perfect, flashlight is an essential one of these functions. When walking on the Dark Road, when you are in a dark place to find items, when you are in a power outage at home, if your phone has a

Android Combat Simple Tutorial-the 57th gun (share millet flashlight Source)

(parameters.flash_mode_torch);//Open Camera.setparameters ( parameters); Camera.startpreview ();//Turn on islight = false;} else {lightbtn.setbackgroundresource (r.drawable.shou_off);p Arameters.setflashmode (Parameters.flash_mode_off);// Close camera.setparameters (parameters); Camera.stoppreview (); islight = True;camera.release ();}}} @Overrideprotected void OnDestroy () {camera.release (); Super.ondestroy ();} @Overridepublic boolean onKeyDown (i

Add flashlight for Android Zxing

I recently developed a QR code parsing module. Google's open-source project Zxing The Flash function added to Zxing is as follows: In the CameraManager class under the com. xxx. xxx. Zxing. camera package Add code: // OpenLight enables the flashlight. // OffLight is to turn off the

How to enable flashlight for Android

1. Use ihardwareservice for direct control Android1.5 previously provided this interface directly. Later, we need to do it ourselves. Create a new Android. OS package in your project and create an ihardwareservice. aidl file. The content is as follows: [Java] View plaincopy /** {@ Hide }*/ Interface ihardwareservice { // Obsolete flashlight support Boolean getflashlightenabled (); Void setflash

Android Flashlight Source

Flashlight source code, but also to solve some of the model is not suitable to ask, I wrote a flashlight demo, just started on individual phones can open the flashlight, Baidu has been many times or did not solve, finally anti-compiled a flashlight

Android Camera Development Flashlight function _android

= Camera.getparameters (); Params.setflashmode (Parameters.flash_mode_torch); Camera.setparameters (params); Camera.startpreview (); Start light isopent = true; else {Toast.maketext (Getapplicationcontext (), "Turn off Flashlight", Toast.length_short). Show (); Camera.stoppreview (); Turn off the light camera.release ();

IOS Flashlight Code and understanding

:@" The current device does not have a flash and cannot provide a flashlight function "Delegate:nil cancelbuttontitle:@ "Cancel" otherbuttontitles:nil, nil];[Alter show];[Alter release];}Islighton = NO;}-(void) btnclicked{Islighton = 1-islighton;if (Islighton) {[Self turnonled:yes];}else{[Self turnoffled:yes];}}Turn on the flashlight-(void) turnonled: (BOOL) upda

Android simple flashlight Production

Here is a simple source code for making a flashlight: 1. xml layout: 2. actity code: Package COM. diecolor; import android. app. activity; import android. hardware. camera; import android. hardware. camera. parameters; import

WP8 Flashlight Application Source code example

Perhaps a lot of people think, can use mobile phone on camera flash flashlight, of course, beneficial will be harmful, each time use not too long, a few minutes generally will not have any problems, if the time is too long, it will be damaged.The previous scheme was to call the video recording function to start recording the video, and at the same time turn on the camera light to make a flashlight.In fact,

Android Flash Flashlight To do the detailed _android

Ihardwareservice { Obsolete Flashlight Support Boolean getflashlightenabled (); void Setflashlightenabled (Boolean on); } and then introduce it into your program. Copy Code code as follows: Import Android.os.IHardwareService; /** * Set up and close the flash * @param isenable * @author Linc * @date 2012-3-18 */ private void

"Turn" Android phone client about QR Code Scan source code--Good

to obtain the image, using Zbar to parse the scanned data, eventually forming the current project.Third, the development processFirst Peel zxing Camera control Code, get the original scanned data, zxing Viewfindview personal feeling is not very good, simply I took it off,Directly through the XML file layout, multi-screen adaptation instantly solved. And for the scanning laser line animation effect, the control of the screen is only a slight transform

Turn: Some of the better open source code projects for Android

/libgdx/Android photo Small software photostream Http://code.google.com/p/apps-for-android/Alien3d logo Android 3D game engine alien3d http://code.google.com/p/alien3d/Winamp Remote Android Server http://sourceforge.net/projects/winampdroidAndroid's Facebook client Andrico http://code.google.com/p/andrico/

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