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Application of DVBS/S2 in digital TV system VIII (now popular dual tuner application)

Application of DVBS/S2 in digital TV system VIII (now popular dual tuner application) Lao Xie in the field of digital television has been mixed for some years, "dvbs/s2 in the application of digital television system" series of articles, a brief introduction of a number of satellite receiving relevant knowledge points. Today Lao Xie continues to play waste heat, and wants to chat with friends about the

Android TV Development Note two: Create your first Android TV App

One: Create New Project1, 2, 3, 4,After creating the results, we found that you have created some demo pages and the data is already bound.Two: Resolve error 1, after the creation of the success, build found an error, as follows:This error is due to a workaround for the version issue, which modifies the version number to the following:And then you get an error:As a programmer, this small mistake to believe that it is difficult for you to solve yourself, it is headeritem use of the constructor is

Android TV Development (10) online video streaming of Smart TV development

Reprint Annotated Source: Android TV (eight) mobile intelligent terminal Multimedia Online loading web video source > I summed up how to parse a Web page, get the data inside the display, how to play video, today will give you a simple introduction of the common video open source framework Vitamio, Project SDK address:

What is an Android TV?

Is Android going into the television business? What is the Android TV? What is the role of the following to the small series to introduce you. Google is ready to go through the Android TV-led bedroom gaming market, the device is an Amazon-like Fire

Introduction and creation of Android TV APPs

Recently began to contact Andorid TV programming, found that the current convenient information and comparison is relatively small, but now with the product and user upgrade, involving Android TV and Android watch programming closer to us, this blog began, The process of recording my

My views on Android and digital TV

This article will discuss the following topics with you: 1. Current situation and future of digital TV 2. Challenges for porting to digital TV Status Quo and future of digital TV Digital TVs use different operating systems, middleware, CA, and applications, making the entire software architecture significantly different. In the face of the constantly evolving n

Android Xiaomi box uses TV feature tags, android Xiaomi

Android Xiaomi box uses TV feature tags, android Xiaomi Android Xiaomi box uses TV feature labels Beautiful Life of the sun and fire god ( This article follows the "signature-non-commercial use-consistency" creation public agreement Reprinted

Design of ZigBee Intelligent Home system based on Android TV

design is based on ZigBee Wireless Module technology, because ZigBee Digital Transmission Module Low power consumption, low cost, easy to network and maintenance, the use of cluster network at the same time will have a unique advantage of self-healing, can overcome the malpractice of network paralysis caused by accident. 1 Structure of the system The intelligent Home system designed in this paper mainly divides the smart home into three large parts, with the

Use Vitamio to create your Android universal player (9)-Online playback (online TV)

PrefaceIf you don't want to watch videos on your own, you can watch TV in the traditional way, such as CCTV and Hunan TV. This chapter collects the addresses of hundreds of TV stations on the Internet and presents them in multi-level classification mode, greatly enriching the content of online playback. StatementWelcome to repost, but please keep the original so

Life Entertainment How to install custom software on Android Smart TV

My is Skyworth's TV, model for 42E750A, with the Android system is not good to use, but also can not install their own software, can only install software mall software. You want to install custom software (like pea pods, pea pods, whatever software you can find in pea pods)Seems to be a very good TV skyworth, in fact, very chicken.?1 with your

Android event delivery and focus processing (TV)

1. OverviewThe previous section describes the differences between the Android TV app and some of the Android mobile app's representations. There is a lot of focus processing in actual programming, and focus processing is often handled within the event transfer function. So this section does a summary of the Android eve

"Turn" Android TV CTS 4.0.3_r1 test

Original URL: testing has been more than a month, through constant groping, now experience, and share with you.a .Download CTS1.1 Open the browser input connection: Select the CDD document corresponding to the Android version (introduction of CTS test), CTS Test package download (test package will be updated continuously),

Differences between Android TV app and mobile app: androidapp

Differences between Android TV app and mobile app: androidappOne of the company's projects is for android TV. Thanks to the daily report, summary: android TV app presents the difference between the ui and mobile app.The main diffe

Android uses Vitamio to build its own universal player (9)--online playback (online TV) _android

Objective If you do not want to find the video, the traditional way to watch TV is also good, such as CCTV, Hunan TV and so on. This chapter collects hundreds of television stations from the network address, uses the multi-level classification method to present, greatly enriches the on-line broadcast part the content. Series 1. Android uses Vitamio to build it

Wall Street Journal: Android TV applications will be released on Google I/O

According to Gu AO, Google plans to present its Android-based TV software to more than May 19 developers at the Google I/O conference in 3000.The technology aims to enable set-top boxes, TVs, and other devices to access content from the Internet. It has attracted partners such as Sony, Intel, and Logitech who will provide product support for the software. Internet giants want developers to compete for their

Android Xiaomi box using TV Features tab

Android Xiaomi box using TV Features tabThe beautiful Life of the Sun Vulcan ( article follows "Attribution-non-commercial use-consistent" authoring public agreementReprint Please keep this sentence: Sun Vulcan's Beautiful Life-this blog focuses on Agile development and mobile and IoT device research: IOS, Android, HTML5, Arduin

Help!!! About the fail problem with the Android CTS TV test ...

============ Problem Description ============Android test items are basically written for Android phone, but I do now is the Android 4.0.3 TV CTS test, test cases inside many for the phone, SMS, GPS, camera and other fail items, how to solve it??? There is no way to let the test when the

Android TV Box Development Focus Control

The biggest difference between Android TV app development and general Android development is focus control, where users use the Android TV device primarily to operate the app via the remote control. CSDN Blog platform to see Daniel summed up the 2 sets of practical foc

Android Mimic TV off interface

Tween Animation1. When the TV is turned off, there is a white bar in the middle of the TV to close instantly.To achieve this effect is to use the tween animation to achieve.The XML file for the animation is:   Android:startoffset= "" Use this property to achieve the order of animation execution1 XML version= "1.0" encoding= "Utf-8"?>2 Setxmlns:android= "Http://

Android TV focus effect implementation analysis and androidtv Focus Analysis

Android TV focus effect implementation analysis and androidtv Focus Analysis The focus on Android TV highlights the special effects that everyone has seen. Let's implement it first. First, let's talk about the implementation principle. We mainly rewrite RelativeLayout to implement the item, and then add the scalanima

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