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Python reads data from a text file in the GZ compressed file directly by line __python

Previously wrote a log file (TXT file) to extract a specific log, written to the MySQL database script, because the log is too large, maintenance staff to pack the log compressed into the tar.gz format. TXT file before a single file of more than 2G,

Java extracting. gz files

1.//creating gzip compressed file input stream2. Create a gzip decompression workflowNew FileInputStream (FilePath + fileName); // Defrost able New Gzipinputstream (FileInputStream); New File (FilePath);

8th: Shell script Archiving and compression

Tag: One put BSP compresses rect permissions. GZ mnt gzip8th: Shell script Archiving and compressionRegular backups are not trivial, and we can automate backup through shell scripting. Where data backup is generally used to archive and compression,

Linux file Packaging, decompression instructions--TAR,BZIP2

This article is to Uncle Bird's Linux private cuisine (basic study) of the third edition of the study notes, the original text can refer to the original book Chinese website Bird uncle's Linux private dishes.In the Linux environment, the operation

PHP+APACHE2 deployment-can access TXT but fastcgi PHP is 403 inaccessible? Solutions

PHP+APACHE2 deployment--access to TXT but fastcgi PHP is 403 inaccessible?? Java is familiar, PHP written HelloWorld only, deployment is weak!!! (Help others to modify the project, the Code is PHP) HTTPD Test said the configuration is normal!! Httpd.

Introduction to the zip and tar compression packaging tools for Linux

Zip compression tool:1. Install the zip command tool Yum install-y zip2, zip compression tool can be compressed files can also compress the directory, and compression will not be deleted source files, examples are as follows:[[email protected] d6z]# 

File packaging and decompression under Linux

Package compression of filesgzip (suffix. GZ cannot compress the directory, the source file disappears after the compression is finished)How to use:Gzip-1 1.txt (compressed 1.txt file compression ratio minimum compression speed fastest)Gzip-9 1.txt (

Linux gzip, bzip2, XZ three ways to compress usage tool introduction

Compression Packaging Introduction:Commonly used compressed file types:1, windows:.rar/.zip/.7z2, Linux:.zip/.gz/.bz2/.xz/.tar/.gz/.tar/.bz2/.tar/.xzGzip Compression Tool:1, experiment, CD to/tmp directory, use MKDI to create a directory d6z, in the

Network most comprehensive Linux compression and decompression commands Daquan __linux

Network most comprehensive Linux compression and decompression commands DaquanDirectory Technology Article July 28, 2016 Compression and decompression commands, Linux is more commonly used in the command. Before the use of compression and

Linux commands-linux File and permission management commands-linux permission management

Linux commands-linux File and permission management commands-linux permission management 1. ubuntu tips: In ubuntu, you can press ctrl + alt + t to open the terminal, and press ctrl + shift + t to open the second terminal. Adjust the font in ubuntu

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