typename vbscript

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VBS TUTORIAL: function-typename function _vbs

TypeName function Returns a string that provides variant subtype information about a variable. TypeName(varname) The varname parameter of the required option, which can be any variable. return value The TypeName function returns the following values:

Vbs Tutorial: function-typename Function

Typename Function Returns a string that providesVariantChild type information. Typename (Varname) MandatoryVarnameParameter, which can be any variable. Return Value TypenameThe function return value is as follows: Value

VBScript Learning Notes

Because we're going to test a Web project with QTP next week, it took some time tonight to re-learn the VBScript syntax. Just know that VBScript only supports IE browser and is not supported for other browsers.The following is a brief introduction

VBScript string functions

VBScript string function 1. Split (expression, delimiter, Count, compare) Returns a zero-dimensional array containing a specified number of substrings. Expression: required. A string expression that contains a substring and a separator. If

VBScript code formatting tool written with VBS VBSBEAUTIFIER_VBS

Yesterday in the VBS bar to see a essence of the "VBS code format Tool", is written in C + +, a district of the VBS code format, do not Labor C + + to the bar, with the VBS implementation of the VBS code format tool is not more natural? The

Move VBScript's function to C#.net

The original: The function of VBScript is migrated to C#.net VBScript 5.6 Functions C # code Abs System.Math.Abs Array New Object () {} ASC, AscB, AscW Microsoft.VisualBasic.

Migrate the functions of VBScript to C#.net

vbscript| function VBScript 5.6 Functions C # code Abs System.Math.Abs Array New Object () {} ASC, AscB, AscW Microsoft.VisualBasic.Strings.Asc Atn System.Math.Atan

Quick query of VBScript syntax and instance description

VBScript Functions Function DescriptionExampleAbs (numerical value) absolute value. The absolute value of a number is its positive value. The absolute value of a null string. The uninitialized variable is definitely 0. Example: ABS (-2000)Result: 200

Quick query of ASP VBScript Functions

VBScript Functions Function Description Example ABS (numerical value) Absolute value. The absolute value of a number is its positive value. The absolute value of a null string. Uninitialized variable, which is absolutely 0

Default parameters for implementing user-defined functions in ASP (VBScript)

All functions in modern languages can have default parameters. Functions built in VBScript systems can have optional values (such as common split () and so on ), however, this function is not available in our own defined functions. The following

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