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The function and discussion of blog in Information education

IntroductionInformation-based education is a new form of education, which has the characteristics of globalization of resources, learning autonomy, cooperative activities and environmental virtualization, which requires the renewal of teachers '

Top 10 methods to increase blog popularity

Blog writing (blogs) has become a common entertainment for network users all over the world.Blogging is an activity that spans all ages and occupations. There are personal blogs, Community blogs, and blog websites related to professional knowledge.

How to create a personal blog?

I seldom write the title of this article. once this kind of things are benevolent, wise, wise, and wise, everyone can sum up one, two, three, and three, and it is difficult to write new ideas. Second, this title is too high-end and top-level, I

Ten blog earning methods for blog marketing

Blogs make money. There are many profit models for blogs, and there are also many discussions about making money on blogs on the Internet. Blog marketing columns will also be written using blogs to make moneyArticle. This article is an induction and

2007 blog will be how to integrate elements of other types of site

Site due to many recent blogs in its site to join forum elements (Translator Note: for example MyBlogLog), Chris asked 2007 is not a blog community year. I really can't guarantee that 2007 is a blog community year-but I definitely think that this

How to earn money through blog?

How to earn money through blog? -Excerpt from blog crazy:Blog experts reveal how to generate revenue ...... In my previous content, I mentioned blogs three times over five times.I can earn money, but I have never explained what this is. Now let's

Independent Blog Building Tutorials

Blogs, also translated into blog posts, blogs or tribal pavilions, are Web sites that are usually managed by individuals and are not regularly posted on new articles. Articles on blogs are usually arranged in reverse order from new to old according

MetaWeblog-based blog information capturing-C ++ blog migration

  Author: deercoder  Recently, I am preparing to migrate my blog to GitHub. However, this blog has a lot of content, so I want to find a way to migrate it. However, although the C ++ blog provides the backup function, however, the saved XML file is

Possible profit direction of a blog in the future

Possible profit direction of a blog in the future HOST: Just now, Zhang dongwei also talked about the possible changes, describing an elite. I don't think our editors are elites, but all of you here are elites. As mentioned earlier, the 3G era

Free Chinese Blog Space Service

This article introduced the domestic and foreign main free blog Service Providers (BSP) personal evaluation, in order to carry out related testing, each blog I have applied for a site to test, speed test to the southern China Telecom line

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