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Content marketing is not the outside chain construction

The theme of search engine optimization has been changing, because search engine algorithm has been upgraded, but there is a discussion of the theme has not changed, that is, outside the chain of construction. The chain is still to tell the search engine content and site The importance of one of the strongest signals, if you are trying to do search engine optimization, then the construction of the chain should be the first consideration. However, as t

Content for the king, design for the post, marketing is the little prince

Your site is also full of interesting content, but the traffic is miserable? Indeed, the content is king, but there are other factors that affect the development of the site. So, with rich content, you also need good design and accurate marketing to maximize your content. B

Zhang Yi: Seven trends in content marketing in 2016, you know?

Content marketing to the image, text, animation and other media to communicate about the enterprise or product related content to attract user attention, to the user with confidence, so as to achieve a marketing approach to promote sales. Content

Promoting the content marketing of the website with three main goals as the guide

Many friends talk about site content are original, because this is a good site internal optimization of the fundamental, Baidu in webmaster guidelines also repeatedly stressed that the site content of the original, and some more with the sex of friends may tell you not too concerned about the original, it is important that your site content to meet the needs of u

Web Content Description: Let the idea of floating red enhance the marketing effect

In all meta tags, the site title and site keyword settings because of the site rankings, more likely to attract attention. and similar website copyright ownership, the author and the website content description and so on is neglected. The reason is very simple, when the user login site content description is not directly to see, and search engines have repeatedly said that the site

Scenario application: Five steps to differentiate your marketing content

Today, more and more companies are opting to promote their brands on social media, resulting in countless content marketing. However, their content is convergent and the effect is mediocre. How to achieve a differentiated content marketing, and can not simply rely on the "ma

How does the Internet of things change content marketing?

The popularization of the Internet of things not only optimizes hard equipment, but also makes huge changes in the form of content and marketing strategy, in addition to creating rich content, the use of different marketing methods, accurate analysis of data will also make brand ma

Content marketing, not to be belittled

Always wanted to write a "content marketing" related articles, see Small white in micro-blog Marvel, decided to start pen. or according to past practice, start with the basic concept of the topic (content Marketing) discussed today. First, the concept of content

Seo-optimized original content for awesome marketing

Thought 1: Why stick to originalityIn a broad sense, websites only need content, and many websites do this now. Looking at the websites of many small and medium-sized companies, the design is shoddy, and only a few articles are copied and copied. You need to know that the content is not only the flesh and blood of the website, but also the soul of the website. A website with no soul will naturally not produ

Content Marketing 11 gold rules

Content Marketing 11 gold rules It may be a good time to explain and describe a very important point of view: creating powerful content is critical, but it is not enough. You must also propose materials that meet a large number of other goals. These materials comply with the conventions of awesome content, or (You kno

Do SEO optimization must do content marketing

Baidu algorithm rules change, focus on the user experience, this author Dan the original chain to the main content. Straightforward summary, the current SEO optimization is closer to content marketing. Of course, content marketing here is not an outer pen, but a combination

The demand for content headlines is far more valuable than a marketing attraction click

We know that Baidu has the principle of click, click is to promote keyword ranking, so many people in the title of a big fuss. Whether it is the title of the homepage of the website or the title of the long tail keyword of the content page is same, so in this kind of background it is easy to degenerate into the title party, the user looks at you this title is very interesting. So expect very high to click on your title into your site, did not expect

Content marketing is better than link building for seven reasons

Content marketing and link building play an important role in the field of search engine marketing, and all have the desirable place. However, the content marketing relative link construction has its unique advantage. Here are seven reasons.   One: It's easier to measure v

Content-type_PHP tutorial for setting content-type and common file types with headers in php

Use the header in php to set the content-type and common file types. In php, you can use the header function to set content-type and common file types in content-typephp. in PHP, you can use the header function to set content-type

Use header in php to set content-type and content-type of common file types

Use header in php to set content-type and content-type of common file types Use header in php to set content-type and content-type of common file types In PHP, you can use the header function to send header information and se

2013 Road to SEO: Combining with content marketing is imperative

means of optimization. Later, site operators tested the importance of deployment and updates to improve the readability of content, but were built on other standards, while using the Internet for content dissemination (link building strategies), and the construction of Web content, along with the popularity of this approach, as well as the prevalence of Interne

content-type_php tutorial on using headers to set Content-type and common file types in PHP

PHP uses headers to set Content-type and common file types Content-type PHP uses headers to set Content-type and common file types Content-type In PHP, you can send header information through the header function, you

Consider website content from Network Marketing

the current content summary, this summary can contain keywords. Key words highlighted. Add bold, italic, or H1 to the keyword. Some people say H1 is very difficult to see, you can of course use CSS to control the style of H1. Keywords in the Web page to appear in the top part of the copy, you can select a key link to the current page. Page content pages are connected to each other through the form of ancho

If you send a marketing email to a customer, can you find out when the customer opens the email and view the content? Is this reasonable? What is the principle? -

specific format. If the recipient clicks this link in the email, the corresponding log record is generated on the server. The actual url of the image contained in the following email contains the encoded sender, recipient, email ID, subject, and other information (this image is displayed as red X to facilitate image tagging ). This is not privacy. Now gmail will help users cache images to the server, which is ineffective. Done .. It is a small image. "To track when the customer opened the emai

Use the header in php to set the content-type and the content-type of common file types,

Use the header in php to set the content-type and the content-type of common file types, Use header in php to set content-type and content-type of common file types In PHP, you can use the header function to send header infor

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