types of cursors in db2

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How to get the best performance for DB2 enterprise applications

Brief introductionWhen it comes to ensuring that enterprise applications built with IBM DB2 (DB2 certified DB2 Training) ®universal Database "(DB2 UDB) and borland® tools (such as Delphi, C++builder, or Kylix) have the best performance, programmers

Explain some new features worthy of DBA attention in DB2 9.7

BKJIA exclusive Article: First of all, this article is not a detailed list of new features of DB2 9.7. I only list a list that is very important to DBAs or developers. Online solution Modification Please refer to Burt's article on online solution

Simple operation of DB2

TurnRecently in see DB2, read while writing some, write down, although write a mess. For later use.These are all very simple to write. I think it is some simple operation, and some are excerpted from other people's blog specific is to cite which is

DB2 9 Stored Procedure planning and implementation skills

With the development of the host DB2 technology, DB2 products have more and more functions, and DB2 products have enhanced their distributed access functions. Therefore, it is increasingly important to correctly configure the stored procedures

Basic tutorial for SQL coding Optimization for IBM DB2 database: classic edition!

The following articles mainly introduce the basic tutorial of SQL coding optimization for the IBM DB2 database. The importance of such a specific query is that the more important the query is, you may need to optimize indexes by creating indexes. If

DB2 stored procedure development best practices)

Http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/data/library/techarticles/dm-0604changhp/ The powerful functions provided by DB2 allow developers to create highly efficient and stable stored procedures. But for beginnersProgramIt is not easy. This article

Performance of operations and benefits of DB2 9.7 SQL compatibility

This article mainly describes the actual operation steps of DB2 9.7 SQL compatibility and the benefits of DB2 9.7 SQL compatibility. At the same time, this article also describes the SQL features, the following is a detailed description of the main

DB2 tuning tips for OLTP applications

Brief introduction DB2 Universal database® (UDB) is the first relational database management system to support multimedia and the Web, which is powerful enough to meet the needs of large companies and is flexible enough to meet the requirements of

DB2 bind on z/OS

BIND and REBIND options for packages and plansThere is several options you can use for binding or rebinding plans and packages. Some of the options is common for both bind and rebind, and for both plans and packages.Defaults:ThedefaultFor a option

DB2 Stored Procedures

I. Benefits of using Stored procedures1. Reduce the network usage between the client and the server, and the time the database lock is heldApplications typically execute every SQL statement across the network two times, and stored procedures can

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