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Notes on emerging technologies of optical fiber access networks

There are many things worth learning about the optical fiber access network. Here we will mainly introduce notes on emerging technologies of optical fiber access networks. At present, the world's optical fiber copper withdrawal has become a trend in the Construction of optical fiber access networks. The FTTx Access Network Based on PON technology not only needs to carry businesses with higher bandwidth, but

Introduction to two emerging broadband access technologies

Broadband access technology is still quite common, so I have studied the two new broadband access technologies that are currently emerging. I would like to share them with you here and hope they will be useful to you. In the past decade, two new modulation and demodulation technologies, Cable Modem and ADSL Asymmetric Digital user line, have emerged. Cable Modem

Emerging technologies of application routers that parse and integrate business data

Application routers are emerging technologies that replace expensive custom software to implement data integration. Assume the role of switching between the two systems. The following article gives a detailed introduction. The goal of data integration is simple: to allow one system to exchange information with another system. For IT managers, the reality is much more complicated than the principle. Data int

Application Perspective: understanding emerging technologies in layer-3 switches

Layer-3 switches are quite common, so I have studied new technologies in layer-3 switches. Here I will share them with you and hope they will be useful to you. CrossBar (CrossPoint) is called a cross-switch matrix or a horizontal-exchange matrix. It can well make up for some shortcomings of the shared memory mode. Its advantages are shown in the following aspects: first, the implementation of CrossBar is relatively simple. The physical connection from

Key Java Technologies (21) Characteristics of parametric types of generics (cont.)

1.1. characteristics of parameterized types 2There are two parameterized types with different type parameters but there is an inheritance relationship, and still cannot be mixed. The inheritance relationship of a type parameter cannot deduce that the parameterized type has an inheritance relationship. Public classGenericParameterTest2 {Static classBase {}Static classDerivedextendsBase {}Static classGeneric{

Four session tracking technologies, four types of JSP range

represented by a compiled Java servlet class (which can have any include directives, but no include actions). This includes both Servlets and JSP pages that are compiled into Servlets request is an object and property that represents a request that is made to a WEB client. A request may span multiple pages, involving multiple WEB components (due to the relationship of the forward directive and the include action)A session is a representation of the objects and properties associated with a user

Java Key Technologies (24) using reflection to access parameterized types of generics

1.1.accessing parameterized types with reflectionUse the reflection mechanism to get information about a subset of parameterized types. Public classGENERICPARAMETERTEST5 {Static classbase{}Static classGenericextendsBase>{ PublicT Work (listlist) {returnList.get (0);} Publict work (t obj) {returnobj;}} Public Static voidMain (string[] args) {Try { //Public T-work (listMethod method1= Generic.class. GetM

Key Java Technologies (20) characteristics of parametric types of generics

1.1.characteristics of parameterized typesParameterized types have the following characteristics:(1) There is no essential difference between a parameterized type and an original type without a type parameter after compilation. (2) There are two parameterized types with different type parameters and cannot be mixed. Public classGenericparametertest {//parameterized type T, which can be a reference type suc

Four types of data persistence technologies commonly used in iOS

numberwithint:i] forkey:@ "LineNum"]; Set the property of this object, CoreData will automatically write it to SQLite[Theline setValue:theField.text forkey:@ "Linetext"];[Request release];}}The following is the process of fetching data: Core_data_persistenceappdelegate *appdelegate = [[UIApplication sharedapplication] delegate]; Nsmanagedobjectcontext *context = [Appdelegate managedobjectcontext]; Nsentitydescription *entitydescription = [nsentitydescription entityforname:@ "line" Inmanaged

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