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Free from the bondage of innovation--by TriZ theory, analyzing the source and method of innovation

In life and work, we often lock a focus on words "innovation" Often hear people talking about the importance of innovation, how to innovate. In order to innovate we are also in the design process to brainstorm, thinking about how to get more dazzling, cooler and more unexpected design, so as to achieve innovative purposes. At the same time, we also feel that such innov

Innovation Capability 2: Innovation Path of apple, Samsung, and Google

From Lei Feng Network: http://www.leiphone.com/apple-samsung-google-to-innovation.html Many people think of "innovation" together with a startup company and an innovative technology, they think a self-driving car or a pair of glasses with Ar enhancement technology sounds cooler than a scaled-out iPad. But in fact, Booz Co.'s research report also pointed out that technological innovation is only a small cat

Some Opinions on Interaction Design Innovation: innovation or lack of improvement?

Everyone is shouting for innovation. I am afraid I will never die if I want to question innovation. So I am not going to question it. I want to ask: Question 1: What is innovation? Is innovation different from the previous one? Question 2: How to create? If there is no target to try various changes, after a change has

Some insights on interactive design innovation: innovation or lack of improvement?

Everyone shouted innovation, I would like to challenge innovation, I am afraid will not be good to die. So, I'm not going to question, I want to ask: Question one: What is innovation? What is different from the previous one is innovation? Question two: How to create? No goal to try all kinds of changes, when a change

Half-level innovation: the way practitioners make innovation

Half-level innovation: the way practitioners make innovationAuthor of basic information: Zhou Hongqiao Press: Machinery Industry Press ISBN: 9787111420705 mounting Date: April 2013 publication date: 16 open pages: 320 versions: 1-1 category: economic Management> inspirational/successful> Successful Learning> Successful code More about "half-level innovation: ways of making innovations by practitioners" Intr

Internet finance should adhere to the principles of moderate supervision, coordination and supervision, innovation and supervision, and space for market innovation and development.

in product design and business innovation, the banking institutions have more security requirements, but the efficiency, especially the customer experience is not enough, the payment organization background is mostly it, so more take into account the efficiency requirements, But there are also deficiencies in safety and technical reliability. Differences in design concepts lead to differences in the speed of design

On Internet Product Innovation: Website product innovation to meet the user

Article Description: Talk about product innovation. Why should we talk about. Actually began to use the Internet, I did not stop the exploration of its function. With the growth of these years, the demand for the internet has changed a lot. I had wanted to sum up all the ideas I had put forward, and then to indicate when and where I had tried it, or to indicate when and by whom I had achieved my ideas. I just want to say that since 2001 I h

Five acquisitions Cisco intensive integration for self-redemption (innovation comes from small and beautiful companies, Cisco does not want to stifle this innovation)

service providers."Not only have these five acquisitions, Cisco's many acquisitions in recent years around the cloud computing, big data and other software and services in the area of Cisco Cloud computing and digital services insiders pointed out that with the hardware more standardized, software to the hardware to the soul, the IT industry innovation more and more in the software sector. Cisco, which relies on hardware such as routers and switches,

Do the best innovation (Li Kaifu)

Best Innovation (13:48:49) (From)Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_475b3d560100dnjy.html Category: Other articles I have mentioned in my book "Be the best myself" that "innovation is important, but useful innovation is more important ". In this age of rapid technological development, everyone is talking about i

The feeling of innovation in IT industry

First, what is innovationInnovation is a conceptualization process characterized by new thinking, new inventions and new descriptions. It is intended to have three meanings, first, update; second, create something new; third, change. Innovation is the unique cognitive ability and practical ability of human being, is the high-level manifestation of human initiative, and is the inexhaustible motive force to promote national progress and social developme

Lu shouqun: adheres to the path of open-source software innovation _ MySQL

Lu shouqun, chairman of the China Open-source software Promotion Alliance, is a pioneer in the development of the global IT industry in China. we shoulder the historical responsibilities of fighting for the survival, development, and improvement of the IT industry in China. Taking the path of independent innovation will be the key to winning the competition. Integrated circuits and software are two pillars of the IT industry. In recent years, domestic

PHP7 Innovation and performance optimization

development language)(Note: This article contains many from the bird brother ppt, the picture copyright belongs to the bird elder brother all)Let's take a look at two exciting performance test result graphs:Benchmark comparison (image from PPT):PHP7 performance Test results, performance pressure measurement results, time-consuming from 2.991 to 1.186, a significant decrease of 60%.WordPress's QPS pressure test (image from PPT):In the WordPress project, PHP7 contrast php5.6,qps 2.77 times times.

Benefits-driven innovation

Innovation is the rule of survival for contemporary IT enterprises. There are many examples in the industry. For example, if Apple is turning over from innovation, IBM is turning over from innovation. Nokia is not innovative enough to start to go downhill, 9 City company is not thinking about innovation and has encount

Hardware innovation, software upgrade washing machine industry change way

machine industry clues need to changeLooking at the current washing machine advertising and industrial research and Development Report, it is not difficult to see that the current market of washing machine products and products in the past few decades, in addition to the basic functions and other aspects of a slight change in the product principles and models have no essential changes.For consumers, the lack of innovation and breakthroughs in both fu

Let's talk about micro-innovation on the Web

Micro-Innovation "Micro" has been popular in recent years. such as what micro-movies Ah, micro-bo Ah, micro-letter Ah ... Also from a certain point of view, to do a good job is easy to get the user's favor. Recently The Big tyrants Apple released their new products 5S and 5C, the people are not reflected in the design and there is no obvious difference, mainly in small details, small things on the optimization. There is little subversive change in th

The ape group won the Grand Global Innovation Award 2016top100 with the strength to pay tribute to entrepreneurship

June 17, the spectacular Global Innovation Awards ceremony was held in Beijing, the Ape Group technology in the conference won the "Grand Global Innovation Award 2016top100" award, once again set a brilliant record.The GIA Global Innovation Awards is currently the highest-level innovation and Entrepreneurship Competiti

Launch ceremony for Climate Change Innovation Forum and Climate Change Chain Action Alliance launched

March 27, 2018, Beijing small green Carbon Chain Technology Co., Ltd. launched the "Climate Change Innovation Forum" in Shanghai Waitan Hotel was successfully held. This forum, with the theme of "Innovation Drive emission Reduction", organizes the keynote speeches of National Climate Center experts and senior industry experts, and launches the "Climate Change Chain Action Alliance" to promote industry colla

Software user analysis and it innovation

the assessment of the needs of users5. User Log Research: Allow users to record their daily and software behavior, for the software team analysis6. Anthropological Surveys7. Eye Movement Tracking Research8. Rapid Prototyping Research9.a/b test: Let the user choose in both, the fittestAnd the software team to make the user trust and choose, you need to do the following points NABCD:1.need: How many user needs does the software idea meet?2.approach: Software team's special approach to software3.b

On the visual language innovation of mobile devices

When you first saw the Windows Phone 7 interface Vision, what was your first feeling? The simplicity that never made your eyes shine? Or is it just a stack of flat color blocks that you can't help but disappoint? Of course, there is praise, there must be criticism, but, these are not the focus, in the face of the Metro named the new visual language, I would like to say that the birth of this new language to bring us enlightenment. In the WP7, we don't see the vista transparent glass texture, al

The VC market, the team, the innovation theory, you are misleading the entrepreneur

The sky was so bright that I couldn't sleep. How does a start-up go from 0 to 1? In many media, we often see VC talk, summed up the view of the winners: Market, Team, innovation, that is to measure whether an enterprise can be worth the investment of the three elements, or to measure whether one can move to the three elements of success. This is wrong, is misleading the entrepreneur, To do one thing successfully is to need three elements, but not mark

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