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The process of C # Programmers ' understanding of typescript

This article shows you the process of learning typescript from the C # Programmer's point of view, mainly aimed at the similarities and differences between the two languages to carry out a simple contrastive study, I hope to be able to help you. Brief introduction Typescript has been developing well, our company in the development of new features, taking into a

C # Programmers ' understanding of typescript process _javascript skills

Brief introduction Typescript has been developing well, our company in the development of new features, taking into account the maintainability of the program, using the typescript to write the browser program, we are starting from the zero use of typescript, and even I even JavaScript is half a jar, This article describes a

Transfer to become a reference manual for Typescript programmers (iv)

Generic typeFor C # Programmers, Typescript generics are familiar, basically consistent design.Type constraintsC # uses the WHERE keyword to mark type constraints, and typescript uses the extends keyword within angle brackets for the same effect.In the following example, Iexample constrains the generics to be imyinterf

Transfer to become a reference manual for Typescript Programmers (iii)

design, these typescript are somewhat special, and you need to understand them in case you can understand them.The design of the optional parameters is basically consistent with C #, symbols used? Represents an optional parameter, and an optional parameter must appear after the required parameter.The default parameter as long as the definition of the value is attached to the line, and unlike

"Discard" JavaScript and hug typescript--for all JavaScript programmers!

Long time not to blog Park, today occasionally to stroll, found that there are many articles written JavaScript, such as Object-oriented, code organization and management of what, after seeing a sentence throat, do not spit unpleasant-"abandon" javascript, embrace typescript bar, Don't waste your youth, your life! This is a piece of advice I give to all JavaScript front-end programmers. Do not explain, can

C # programmer's understanding of TypeScript

C # programmer's understanding of TypeScript This article shows you in detail the process of learning TypeScript from the perspective of C # programmers. It mainly compares the similarities and differences between the two languages and hopes to help you. Introduction

From C # to Typescript-function

From C # to Typescript-functionAlthough there are classes in typescript, JavaScript is function still there, which is also different from C #.C # functions do not work out of class, but Typescript function , like JavaScript, can w

From C # to typescript-Advanced types

C # vs TypeScript-Advanced typeThe previous article said the basic type, basically with the basic type enough to develop, but if you want to develop more efficiently, or to look at the high-level type, this and C # have little in common, just use this topic.Union typeCan literally be understood: is actually multiple types of union together, | separated by symbols

Typescript Study Notes (c): Class

ClassIn typescript, a structure similar to C #, where multiple classes can exist in a file, and the filenames can be arbitrarily taken, let's look at a simple example of a class.1 class Person {2 private name:string;3 private age:number;4 5 Public Constructor (name:string, Age:number) {6 This. Name =name;7 This. Age =Age ;8 }9 Ten Public talk () { OneAlert ("Hi, my name is" + This. Nam

Serial Tutorial series:learning How to write a 3D soft engine from scratch in C #, TypeScript or javascript[|

A blog post in MSDN link : Tutorial series:learning How to write a 3D soft engine from scratch in C #, TypeScript or JAVASC RiptThis tutorial are part of the following series:1–writing the core logic for camera, mesh Device Object (this article)2–drawing lines and triangles to obtain a wireframe rendering3–loading meshes exported from Blender in a JSON format4–filling the triangle with rasterization and us

From C # to Typescript-promise

From C # to typescript-promise backgroundsI believe that friends who have used JavaScript before have encountered asynchronous callback Hell (callback Hell), n multiple callback nesting not only makes the code read very difficult, maintenance is also very inconvenient.In fact, C # Task before the advent of a similar scenario, the Async Programming mode era, with

Do VB programmers envy C/C ++/VC/Java programmers? Envy Assembly programmers?

After reading crazy programmers, I thought about this topic and thought about it. The entire article reveals the advantages and superiority of compilation, C, and C ++ programmers. It is undeniable that this is indeed a reality, and it is also reflected in the salary level. Therefore, as a VB programmer, I cannot help

The 10 most common mistakes that C # programmers make are http://www.oschina.net/translate/top-10-mistakes-that-c-sharp-programmers-make__.net

Source: Http://www.oschina.net/translate/top-10-mistakes-that-c-sharp-programmers-make about C #C # is one of the few languages that reach the Microsoft Common Language Runtime (CLR). The language of the CLR can benefit from the features it brings, such as cross-language integration, exception handling, security enhanc

The meaning of volatile in C Language (originally this is the most basic problem for distinguishing C programmers and embedded system programmers)

The following is an analysis of the volatile keyword that I searched from the Internet ...... A variable defined as volatile means that this variable may be unexpectedly changed, so that the compiler will not assume the value of this variable. Precisely, the optimizer must carefully re-read the value of this variable every time when using this variable, rather than using the backup stored in the register. The following are examples of volatile variables: 1). Hardware registers of parallel de

Interview tips for C and C ++ programmers and interview tips for programmers

Interview tips for C and C ++ programmers and interview tips for programmers Many advanced languages use C/C ++ for reference. Therefore, the C/C

C ++ programmers and VC programmers

VC is a very easy-to-use C ++ programming tool of Microsoft. Its biggest advantage is that it is a very practical MFC (Microsoft basic class library) for programmers ), understanding and using MFC will bring a very high development efficiency to C ++ programming. Therefore, most C ++

Ordinary C ++ programmers vs literary C ++ programmers

The original post was originally posted in the QQ space:Ordinary C ++ programmers vs literary C ++ programmers,Http://user.qzone.qq.com/31731705/blog/1323153107I saw a C ++ post on BBS, C ++ has gone astray?It reminds me of ordina

Survey Analysis: Java programmers most sad, C + + programmers the oldest

. And whether the most prolific contributor's popular code warehouse can accurately reflect a community is unclear. In addition, this is a small sample. ”Here's the result:Programmer's Age:   It turns out that Java programmers are the youngest, and C + + programmers are the oldest.Programmer's Gender:   This is sad if you talk about the gender of the

Typical questions for c ++ programmers (2): Questions for programmers

Typical questions for c ++ programmers (2): Questions for programmers 1. What is the output result of the following program? # Include Main (){ Int B = 3; Int arr [] = {6, 7, 8, 9, 10 }; Int * ptr = arr; * (Ptr ++) + = 123; Printf ("% d, % d \ n", * ptr, * (++ ptr )); } Answer: 8, 8 In c, printf calculates the paramet

10 C # errors easily made by C + + programmers

C++| Programming | error We know that C # 's syntax is very similar to C + +, and the transition from C + + to C # is not the language itself, but the familiarity. NET's manageable environment and understanding of the. NET Framework. Although

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