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Limitless furniture The implementation analysis of PHP set_time_limit0 long connection

Each PHP script limits the execution time, so we need to set a script to execute indefinitely with Set_time_limit, and then use Flush () and Ob_flush () to clear the server buffer and output the return value of the script at any time. As in the following script: Copy the Code code as follows: Header ("Content-type:text/plain");Set_time_limit (0);$infoString = "Hello World". "\ n";while (Isset ($infoString)){Echo $infoString;Flush ();Ob_flush ();Sleep (5);}?> When we do, every 5 seconds, w

Keymob: The potential of mobile converged ads is limitless

-up company or many network advertising companies are eyeing the platform. And for developers, choosing the right platform is just as important.From 2013 to 2014 of the high-speed development, we also see Mobile advertising converged platform to become the "big fat" competition, keymob in charge of the director told small, Keymob for capital cooperation is open, and Keymob team has accumulated a lot of internet experience, He says the success of the entry must be the result of accumulation.Keymo

IE 8 compatibility: Explanation of X-UA-Compatible, iex-ua-compatible

IE 8 compatibility: Explanation of X-UA-Compatible, iex-ua-compatible Source: From StackOverFlow Problem description: 1: 1. What does this mean? 2. Some examples use "," to separate IE versions, while some use ";", which is correct? 3. I want to knowIE = 9; IE = 8; IE = 7; IE = EDGE. Used in the document Reply: For IE8 and later versions, for example: 1: Force the br

IE 8 compatibility: Explanation of X-UA-Compatible, iex-ua-compatible

IE 8 compatibility: Explanation of X-UA-Compatible, iex-ua-compatible Source: From StackOverFlow Problem description: 1: 1. What does this mean? 2. Some examples use "," to separate IE versions, while some use ";", which is correct? 3. I want to knowIE = 9; IE = 8; IE = 7; IE = EDGE. Used in the document Reply: For IE8 and later versions, for example: 1: Force the b

IE 8 compatible: <meta http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" content= "Ie=edge"/> x-ua-compatible explanation

=edge 1: This means that the browser is forced to render according to the latest standards. Just as Google's CDN uses the latest version of jquery, this is the latest version, but it may also ruin your layout due to the lack of a fixed version.Finally, consider the following 1: Adding "chrome=1" will allow the site to render to clients using the Google Chrome frame, which is not used, without any effect.For more information, there are plenty to read here, and if you want to learn about Chrom

Mobile phone QQ Browser UA logo How to modify?

mobile phone QQ browser UA logo Where to modify? What are the steps to modify? UA identification Do you know what that means? In a mobile phone, UA is a way for users to determine how a device is accessed, and UA in the mobile browser says it can access the computer-side page. UA

Get Mobile UA

Get Mobile UAPublic String getuseragent (){String user_agent = productproperties.get (Productproperties.user_agent_key, NULL);return user_agent;UA: User agent. UA is a logical entity in the SIP protocol, SIP is a signaling protocol, the meaning of the proxy is to replace the user to deal with the signaling protocol, simply to send and receive signaling information for users. Its physical entity can be SIP t

What is the role of adding x-ua-compatible and ie=edge,chrome=1 in HTML meta?

X-ua-compatible is a setting that has been added since IE8 and is not recognized for browsers below IE8.You can specify the compatibility mode setting for a Web page by setting the value of x-ua-compatible in Meta.The mode precedence specified in the Web page is higher than the mode specified in the server (via HTTP Header).Compatibility Mode Setting Priority: 1 Meta tag > http header

Mobile UC Browser How to modify UA logo

Mobile UC Browser How to modify the UA logo? for many people, it may not be possible to understand what a cell phone UC Browser UA logo is. However, some users are asking, mobile UC Browser How to modify the UA logo? Next, and small weave together to see the cell Phone UC Browser Modify UA identity tutorial. 1: Open t

< meta HTTP-EQUIV = "x-ua-compatible" content = Meaning of "ie=edge,chrome=1"/>

x-ua-compatible is God horse? X-ua-compatible is a proprietary Why do you use x-ua-compatible?When IE8 just launched, many web pages due to the problem of refactoring, unable to adapt to the higher level of the browser, so use the x-ua-compatible tag force IE8 to be rendered in a low-version manner.Using this code, dev

"Go" http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" setting IE browser compatibility mode

highest level of support for industry standards, includingcascading Style Sheets Level 2.1 specificationAndSelectors API, and limited support forcascading Style Sheets Level 3 specification (working Draft)。edge mode instructs IE to display content in the highest mode currently available. When using IE8, it is equivalent to IE8 mode. if (assuming) future releases of IE that support a higher compatibility mode, pages using edge mode will display content using the highest mode supported by that ve

Browser setting the UA value

The Optionmenu in the SWE browser is displayed by the controller through onkeydown monitoring keycode_menu. public boolean OnKeyDown (int KeyCode, KeyEvent event) { if (keycode = = KeyEvent. keycode_menu Event.getrepeatcount () = = 0 // Hardware Menu key Mappmenuhandl Er. showappmenu (Mactivity.findviewbyid (, true , false   ); return true ; } New This;View "about" menu processing, engine.getdefaultuseragent () to get

"IE compatibility issue" once the compatibility problem solution due to the different jquery versions x-ua-compatible

Recently debugging a jquery plugin manifestThe test process found that IE has been unable to fully display this plugin, only display a TextBox text boxThe bug under IEOther browsers are normalTracking reasons, ie under the jquery version is incompatible, there are errorsSCRIPT3: Member not found.What the hell, can't find any relationship with me, MDCan not find, you do not hurry to find, SB IE, is let me go to find AHFinally, use the following solutionThe META tag that was added in front of the

Jump based on browser UA information (mobile and PC)

How to use PHP to determine whether a client is a mobile phone or a computer? In fact, developers know that when visiting a website through a browser , the browser sends a UA to the server, the user agent. UA for different browsers, different versions of the same browser, mobile browsers, and computer-side browsers are not the same. We just need to write the procedure to get the

Precise and high-speed UA identification in PHP

PHP accurately and quickly identifies UA: user-agent, which can be obtained in the server variables provided by PHP. What is the purpose of user-agent identification? 1. what browser is it? This is no longer required. The HACK of CSS can help you correctly render the image in a browser. 2. browser type: this is definitely required for precise and fast UA identification in PHP

< meta HTTP-EQUIV = "x-ua-compatible" content = Role of "ie=edge,chrome=1"/>

Introduced:This is a special tag for IE8, used to specify IE8 browser to simulate the rendering of a particular version of IE (such as people annoying IE6), to solve some of the compatibility problems, such as the specific way to simulate IE7 as follows: = "x-ua-compatible" = "Ie=emulateie7"/>But what makes me curious is that there is a value like chrome behind this tag, ie can also simulate chrome?A quick search, only to understand that the original

Nginx anti-theft chain based on UA shielding malicious user agent request (anti-Spider) _nginx

Compared with the Apache,nginx occupies less system resources, more suitable for VPS use. Malicious hotlinking user Agent everywhere, blog replacement to WordPress not a few days, was SPAM (spam message) stare, and was violently cracked backstage username password. Apache has previously introduced the use of the. htaccess Mask malicious user agent, today to introduce Nginx shielding malicious user agent request method. First Rules Comments #禁用未初始化变量警告 Uninitialized_variable_warn off; #

Nginx prohibits specific UA access

First, what is UA?The user agent is referred to as UA, which is the proxy. Usually we use a browser to access the site, in the site's log, our browser is a kind of UA.Ii. prohibition of specific UA accessRecently, there is a website ( Plagiarism of the company's main station ( content, in addition to different domain names, content, pictures,

Get the UA of WAP with PHP

UA class for WAP acquisition with PHP /** * Class Name: Mobile * Description: Mobile phone information class Other */ Class Mobile { /** * Function Name: Getphonenumber * Function function: Take phone number * Input Parameters: None * Function return Value: Successful return number, failed return false * Other Instructions: description */ function Getphonenumber () { if (Isset ($_server[' http_x_network_info ')) { $str 1 = $_server[' http_x_network_

The UA and Urlschema of JavaScript

We first get the browser UA:1 var ua = navigator.useragent;1 if (Ua.indexof ("Micromessenger") >-1) {2 alert ("browser"); 3 1 if (Ua.indexof ("iphone") >-1) {2 alert ("iphone"); 3 }Other browsers and mobile browsers have their own UA, we can find it in the middle of a keyword to judge it, do not list down, on the internet can be checked,

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