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MongoDB master-slave replication experiment master/slave

MongoDB deployment experiment series of articles, MongoDB as a NoSQL Database, has continued to heat up in recent years, more and more enterprises are trying to replace the original Database with MongoDB MongoDB deployment experiment series of

How to monitor MongoDB replica set using Prometheu

How to monitor MongoDB replica set using PrometheusThere are many ways to monitor MongoDB replica set: Using Zabbix template to view MongoDB data (Zabbix+grafana) MongoDB official own but now charge for Prometheus collects data

Deploy an ApacheSpark cluster in Ubuntu

1. software environment This article describes how to deploy ApacheSpark StandaloneCluster on Ubuntu. The required software is as follows: Ubuntu15.10x64ApacheSpark1.5.12. everything required for installation # sudoapt-getinstallgit-y #

Deploy an Apache Spark cluster in Ubuntu

Deploy an Apache Spark cluster in Ubuntu1. Software Environment This article describes how to deploy an Apache Spark Standalone Cluster on Ubuntu. The required software is as follows: Ubuntu 15.10x64 Apache Spark 1.5.1 2. everything required for

OpenStack Environment Prep (Ubuntu)

Network 1: The physical machine is connected to the virtual machine. Host-only for managing the network. DHCP offNetwork 2:openvswitch occupy the Internet. Host-only.Network 3: Data communication network. Host-only. Refers to large-scale data that

Linux command finishing-basic operations

Linux has been used for some time, to tidy up the common Linux commandsRELATED links:Linux command finishing-basic operationsLinux Command collation-user management1.ls Directory Enumeration (dir)Generally we write this:Linux Code Ls

Install and use Elasticsearch on Ubuntu Server

We create a website or application and add a search function, which makes it difficult to search. We hope that our search solution will be faster. We hope to have a zero configuration and a completely free search mode. We hope that we can simply use

Golang in Ubuntu

1. Environment for GoWe don ' t need to set goroot, see http://dave.cheney.net/2013/06/14/you-dont-need-to-set-goroot-reallyJust Add the following lines to ~/.BASHRC and this would persist.export GOPATH=$HOME/go##export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin2.

ubuntu14.04 installation Openvirtex

Website Link: http://ovx.onlab.us/getting-started/installation/Step1:You'll need to install the following packages:* Git,* Oracle Java, version 7 (version 8 is unsupported-now),* Apache Maven,* Python, version 2.7 or higher, and* MongoDB is optional,

How to install the ElasticSearch search tool and configure the Python driver

This article describes how to install the ElasticSearch search tool and configure the Python driver. It also describes how to use it with the Kibana data display client, for more information, see ElasticSearch as a Lucene-based search server. It

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