ubuntu 16 04 package manager

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How to install Git "go" in Ubuntu 16.04

Transferred from: https://www.howtoing.com/how-to-install-git-on-ubuntu-16-04/IntroducedThe indispensable tool in modern software development is some kind of version control system. The version control system allows you to track your software at the

Installing ubuntu12.04/ubuntu14.04 virtual machines in VirtualBox

Note: The Ubuntu12.04, which was first installed, was later reinstalled by 14.04. The basic use of the installation of 12.04, and later installed 14.04 added several. The installation process is applicable to both Ubuntu12.04 and 14.04.1. Choose the

Linux downloads for each version of the resource

Linux System release image download (continuous update)==Linux System release image download (October 2014 update), if not directly download, please use thunder download . And notice, mine, in the Thunder only works.Linux systems include: Ubuntu,

Linux Delete non-empty directory

the question was basic, but it bothered me for a while. (The main discussion here is the command-line mode)I thought I should use the command rmdir .However, it found that it could not delete a non-empty directory.It was discovered that you should

An incorrect description of the source code Scene Analysis in Android

With the support and encouragement of everyone, the book "scenario analysis of the source code of Android system" was published. Lao Luo thanked everyone first. The content of this book comes from blog articles. After more than half a year of

Use Ubuntu Linux GitHub & git

  GitHub user guide! (For Linux systems, UBUNTU systems) Step 1: download and install git. Use Synaptic Package Manager to install the latest version of git. We recommend that you install Git-core, Git-Gui, and git-Doc. Step 2: Set SSH keys GitHub

Ubuntu8.04 Series II-system optimization article reproduced in: Jia Junyuan http://luckiss.blogcn.com

Ubuntu8.04 improved the performance by 1 after the following optimization steps. As mentioned in system installation after selecting the appropriate Ubuntu version, 32-bit CPU users install the 32-bit version of ubuntu, and 64-bit CPU users install

Basics of getting Started with Linux and introduction to simple commands

Introduction to Linux Primer basics1. Introduction of computer hardware compositionThe computer is mainly composed of CPU (calculator, controller), memory, I/O, external storage and so on.CPU is mainly used for binary data operation, it extracts

Analysis of STARTX start-up process

analysis of startx start-up process 1 Xinit before I explain startx, I think we should get to know Xinit first. Because StartX is the start of X by calling Xinit. 1.1 function When we install Ubuntu, Xinit is installed by default, which is

Rt73 Nic cracking wifi password (WEP)

For the sake of interest, if you want to connect to a wireless wi-fi network in multiple places, the key is required. So it took me a few days to try the attack on the Internet. The process was as follows: 1. My Nic model is rt73 USB wireless LAN

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