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Ubuntu will launch the "Five bugs every day" program

Microsoft has a series of testing and evaluation mechanisms and software error return mechanisms. Ubuntu will also launch the crowd's power to catch bugs in the 5-A-Day program, of course, no one gives five Ubuntu bugs every day. It seems that the

Comparative philosophy between Debian and Ubuntu father and child

Comparing Ubuntu with Debian is a matter of course. As we all know, Ubuntu is a branch of Debian. In addition, many development tasks of Ubuntu are completed on Debian. More importantly, we often hear that Linux Beginners should try Ubuntu. When

Linux has successfully fixed many bugs.

Linux is still quite common, So I studied the Linux system and shared it with you here. I hope it will be useful to you. When the Linux system crashes, what people see is not the classic "blue screen" Phenomenon of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Install Ubuntu touch simulator on Ubuntu

Canonical has released a UbuntuTouch simulator running Unity8 and Mir. Although there are some bugs, such as 64-bit system crash, we believe these will be fixed one by one. This article will teach you how to execute Ubuntu, install the UbuntuTouch

15 things to be configured after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

15 things to be configured after installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS After reading this article, you have upgraded from the old version to Ubuntu 16.04 or made a new installation. After installing Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, we recommend that you do the following 15

Ubuntu Install Docker (Official document translator)

Translated from Docker official documentshttps://docs.docker.com/engine/installation/linux/ubuntulinux/The card cannot be installed at a certain step because it cannot read the official documentation. Translation of the installation section, give

20 commonly used Ubuntu Software

20 commonly used Ubuntu software (i368) 1. In aptoncd and Ubuntu, back up the software for the downloaded software package. (The tutorial has been written. You can find it in this blog) This version is a private correction version. The

Ibmlotus symphony, a new member of the Ubuntu community

Introduction: This article describes the authentication process of ibmlotus symphony1.3 In the Ubuntu community, how to install Ubuntu applications, and how to install ibmlotus symphony through the installation source of the Ubuntu community. It

Install Ubuntu Touch Simulator on Ubuntu

Canonical Company has released an Ubuntu touch simulator running Unity8 and Mir . Although there are some bugs, such as a system crash on a 64-bit system, we believe these will be repaired by one by one and this article will teach you how to install

Debian and Ubuntu source list sharing

Re: http://forum.ubuntu.org.cn/viewtopic.php? Overview of t0000506: the main file in the source list is/etc/apt/sources. list, and the/etc/apt/sources. list. d/* file. The final result is Union. The source list file is in the unit of action. each

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