ubuntu check folder size

Want to know ubuntu check folder size? we have a huge selection of ubuntu check folder size information on alibabacloud.com

Install Ubuntu TV step by step in ubuntu11.10

Ubuntu TV installation Directory Chapter 2 target platform... 2 Chapter 2 install Ubuntu TV... 2.1 Download Ubuntu TV source code... 2 2.2 compile Ubuntu TV source code... 2 2.3 download, compile, and install the unity video system... 2 2.4 download

Ubuntu dual system installation tutorial and troubleshooting, ubuntu Dual System

Ubuntu dual system installation tutorial and troubleshooting, ubuntu Dual SystemPreparations for dual-system installation At least two USB flash drives are required. One is used as the ubuntu boot disk and the other is used as the windows 7 boot

Ubuntu boot recovery after Windows corruption

I downloaded and installed Ubuntu in Windows XP. Under normal circumstances, I will provide the option to enter two systems after the startup. Recently, due to the installation of shared software, Windows cannot be restarted, and even a blue screen

Install GTK in Ubuntu

Sudo apt-Get install build-essential # This will install basic programming tools such as gcc/g ++/GDB/makeSudo apt-Get install gnome-core-devel gnome-Dev-doc # This will install libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-Dev and other development-related library

Run Ubuntu 12.04 with a USB flash drive.

At first, I thought it was a very simple installation process. As in the past, I used unetbootin-windows to write the ISO to the USB flash disk. The result showed that there was no such installation process. If you use ultraliso to write data

Install Ubuntu 13.04

Http://geek100.com/2390 Today, UBUNTU 13.04 is installed in the notebook.I used to use Windows and Ubuntu again. The most obvious feeling is that the Ubuntu font looks better. There are a bunch of online tutorials on Ubuntu dual-system hard disk

MacBook Pro Install Ubuntu

Https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookProDetermine your hardware revisionTo determine which version/generation of the MacBook Pro you have multiple options:From the GUI in OS XClick on the Apple in the top left > ' about this Mac ' > ' more Info .

Windows 7 under HDD install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

1.ubuntu system image,: Http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop choose 64 bit bar, compatibility is better.2. First or partition, right-click on the computer-manage-Disk ManagementThe size of the hard disk that can be allocated by Ubuntu is better (20

Exclusive 2-First lesson Ubuntu system installation and configuration

1.1 Installing Ubuntu using VMware1.1.1 Preparatory work1) VMware's installation packageVMware will use at least 10.0, this article with the latest version of VMware12, this version of USB3.0 support is more stable, if the installation of more than 1

How to upgrade Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 by making a USB drive boot disk

1 introduction in the afternoon of Saturday, I decided to take a quick look at the books [1] and see what the Bible on Ubuntu is talking about. It feels good to say that when I see the introduction of document Markup Language-tex and Latex, the

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