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View CHM electronic documents in Ubuntu

Operating System: Ubuntu7.10CHM electronic documentation has always been an indispensable tool for us to learn Ubuntu knowledge. We recommend a CHM reader for use in Ubuntu. First install the CHM reader: Open the Ubuntu terminal, run the following

Ubuntu CHM document Reading

Four ways to view CHM files under UbuntuSource: http://os.51cto.com/art/201108/287748.htmUbuntu is a desktop application-based Linux operating system, users who have just started to use Ubuntu system may have a lot of features will not be used,

In Ubuntu, you only need to convert chm to pdf in three steps.

The most painful thing about e-books is to go down to chm and convert chm to pdf under Ubuntu in three steps: 1. open the refrigerator door. 2. put the elephant in 3. close the refrigerator door to joke, but it is indeed three steps 1. extract the

Open CHM file under Ubuntu

The CHM file format is an HTML file-based Help file system introduced by Microsoft in 1998 to replace the previous WinHelp Help system, which referred to the CHM type file as a "compiled HTML Help file" in Windows 98.CHM files are widely used in the

Chm and PDF Reader in Ubuntu

The chm and PDF readers provided by Ubuntu are not very easy to use, have limited functions, and are very slow. Later, chm changed to chmsee, which is good to use, but does not have the search function. There is nothing to do if you look at common

Chm e-book reader is successfully installed in Xubuntu7.10.

First, try gnochm in gutsy and open the Chinese chm File in XUbuntu7.10, and find that the contents can be normally displayed, and the others are messy. Uninstall. Then, try chmsee and check the version 1.0 on the official chmsee SF site. Search for

View PDF, CHM, Doc, Excel, and pptfiles in Ubuntu

I recently downloaded some e-books online (My downloads are much larger than the amount of digestion). I encountered a long-time Chinese Garbled text issue when I was reading CHM. The Chinese Garbled text problem encountered when I used to view PDF

Comparison of four CHM viewers common under Linux [reprint + Pro Test available]

Reading a CHM-formatted ebook in a Linux system is a hassle. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the CHM viewer in several Linu systems to facilitate readers ' reading.First, ChmseeChmsee is developed by the Chinese, the program is based on

Use chmsee to view chm e-books in Ubuntu

Because the Ubuntu system does not have its own chm browser, you can only install the corresponding viewing tool on your own. Previously, the xchm browser was installed, which was difficult to use and simple to install. It was installed in less than

Summary: view the CHM File in Ubuntu

    We have summarized four methods for Ubuntu users to conveniently view the CHM File: gnochm; kchmviewer; xchm; chmreader   1. gnochm Written in Python, It is a gnome-based CHM viewer. Open the terminal and run the following command to

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