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How to hide your Linux command line history __linux

If you are a user of the Linux command line, sometimes you may not want certain commands to be recorded in your command line history. There may be many reasons, for example, when you hold a position in a company, you have some privileges that you do

The Ubuntu history command displays the operation time, user, and logon IP address.

0x01 backgroundDuring Ubuntu system maintenance, the history command is often used.However, considering the misoperations and accountability of colleagues and the clues after intrusion, the default history command in Ubuntu is difficult to meet our

Teach you to hide Linux command line history _unix Linux

The Linux operating system defaults to the historical command of user actions, and if you are a user of the Linux command line, sometimes you may not want certain commands to be recorded in your command line history. There may be many reasons, for

Teaches you to hide the command line history of Linux

If you are Linux command-line users, sometimes you may not want certain commands to be recorded in your command-line history. There may be many reasons, for example, you have a position in a company where you have some privileges that you do not

Linux History Security Issue "save records Prevent deletion" + Perfect Linux/unix audit log each shell command

2011-09-27 22:11:51| Category: rhel5_033| Report | Font size Subscription Linux uses Prompt_command to realize audit functionThis system audits, records what the user, at what time, did what operation. The information is then recorded in a

Tutorial: Ubuntu and windows

The most popular article on this website is undoubtedly "how to install Ubuntu and Windows 8 dual systems through 10 Simple Steps?", For details, see here. The operation instructions help readers install Ubuntu since version 12.04. However, Ubuntu

Ubuntu Learning History 1

1.: View version information of Ubuntu systemCat/proc/versionUname-aSb_release-a2. Modify the IP addresscat/etc/network/interfaces# Interfaces (5) file used by Ifup (8) and Ifdown (8) Auto loiface lo inet loopbackauto enp0s8 IFA Ce enp0s8 inet

Ubuntu frequently used command summary

1.df Command# df-haShow the use of all files and partitions# df-h/DEV/SDA1Show SDA1 disk usage# df-tDisplays the file system name belonging to each partition. The format type of the zone (for example, ext3)Note: The H-parameter representation is

[SVN (Ubuntu)] SVN View history Details

Reprint: http://lee2013.iteye.com/blog/1074457The following content is useful for viewing code changes in the Ubuntu command line.SVN view historical Information The SVN command allows you to remove past versions, or specific changes made by a

Customize Ubuntu command line prompt

If you do not use the command line to learn Ubuntu, the difference between Ubuntu and Windows is not very big. 2. If you want to perform complicated configurations, you must use command line 3 or miss something amazing. The Ubuntu command line can

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